Husband of Wife That Had Affair With CIA Chief May Have Written the New York Times About It

Did the cuckolded husband of Paula Broadwell send a letter to a New York Times advice column back in July that revealed he knew of her affair with David Petraeus?

That intriguing possibility has been raised after canny observers dug out the July 13th edition of Chuck Klosterman’s ‘The Ethicist’ and pointed to extraordinary coincidences between one readers letter and the now scandalous love tryst.

Writing about a deepening relationship he knew his wife was having with a ‘government executive’ whose job ‘is seen worldwide as a demonstration of American leadership’ the anonymous man offers up what could be considered in hindsight as striking information.

The letter writer explains that ‘exposing the affair will create a major distraction that would adversely impact the success of an important effort,’ and asks ‘The Ethicist’ whether it is OK for him to ‘suffer in silence for the next year or two for a project’. Indeed, he seems pained to make it clear he believes the mission ‘must succeed’ and wants to know if he should confront his wife in some way and ‘finally force closure’ or if he should ‘suffer in silence for the next year or two.’

The reader tells ‘The Ethicist’ that has ‘watched the affair intensify over the last year’ – which matches the timeline of the affair from August 2011 until around several months ago.

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  • David in MA

    Hard to believe this but anything is possible.
    However, in my opinion, the slimy tentacales of the islamic marxist obozo will do anything to impose his/their sick idea of socialism in America.
    General, I feel bad for you, but, this shows obozo will run his bus over anyone and anybody. Now obozo has the chance to put another of his marxist b a s t a r d s in a crucial position in America’s defense system.
    And we all can thank the obama-phone idiots for it.
    May they all enjoy what they are about to receive, keeping in mind that the news media and the other useful idiots are usually the first to be illiminated after a coup…as did hitler, stalin, Moa and a host of others, obozo is no different, obozo is HNIC and obozo will rule like all black rulers, if he cannot buy it with other peoples money (taxes) he will use the old stand-by’s, fear, torture, death and ruthfulness..
    The FEMA Camps are about to fill up, ane folks, the Holocast is about to come to America, in spades.(no pun intended)

  • JaniceSix

    Surely, not one person, even the most Kool-Aid drenched liberal, believes that this man resigned because of an extra-marital affair. He knows too much and Obama and his scummy minions are trying to keep him from testifying about Benghazi and Obama’s treasonous acts.

  • Carl

    Even this cynical jaded jerk (me), might have fallen for this if not for the most propititious of timing…not a chance! Pretty girl like that, who knows, she may have been an Obama plant