It Grows: Protesters from Forty-seven States Now Petitioning White House to ‘Secede’

Conservatives have voted more than 375,000 times since Election Day to pick up their marbles and go home. That’s how many virtual signatures appeared Monday night, as clocks in Washington, D.C. chimed midnight, on petitions asking President Barack Obama’s administration to allow 47 of the 50 U.S. states to secede from the country.

A petition from an Arlington, Texas man, launched Nov. 9 via the Obama White House website’s “We the People” tool, had more than 58,000 signatures. That’s more than twice the 25,000 it had Monday morning, a number required to trigger an automatic White House review, according to the administration’s own published rules.

A similar petition from a Louisiana native crossed the 25,000 threshold as Monday drew to a close on the East Coast.

Launched Nov. 7, the day after Obama won re-election, the Pelican State’s spark set off an Internet-driven cascade of disaffected tea partiers and other conservatives looking — as one petition organizer told The Daily Caller via a “direct message” on Twitter — “just to do something, anything, to show we’re not going away quietly.”

It’s not clear whether, or to what extent, individuals are signing more than one petition. The White House’s online rules do not prohibit Americans from signing a petition that would not affect states where they live.

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  • Barry_Suxx

    With SO many States across this Country ALL wanting to GET OUT of the USSA, wouldn’t it be allot simpler if our Usurper-n-Chief would just Go-Away, so we could replace this worthless arrogant inept dumbbutt with a REAL Leader, who can actually begin to turn this mess of his around, and bring Us and The Constitution BACK to the USA…?..?..?
    Or do we actually NEED to go through another Civil War over States Rights yet again?

    (let’s see: 47 Confederate States vs barry’s 10-States = He Looses BIG)

    • CSN


    • The PEOPLE must rise! WE must TAKE this country back to her CONSTITUTIONAL roots!


        AMEN! GOD ALMIGHTY Bless All Patriots!

    • sandraleesmith46

      Those other “7 states” are because he went to school in a Muslim nation, and there are 57 Muslim states; 47 from 50 in the US is kind of an overwhelming majority, none the less. And you’re right; that should tell him he SHOULD step aside; but you’re forgetting just how narcissistic this man is! It’s beyond his capacity to comprehend how anyone could POSSIBLY NOT want what he wants; he believes the stolen election was a “mandate” from the people. Obviously, it WASN’T, but for Obama to get that, might take a bunker buster dropped on his head.

  • deb54

    This just puts more speculation into this election potentially being rigged. The fact that so many American’s were angry makes you wonder how so many stayed home “because Romney was the other choice” becomes a question in itself.

    • Robert Hauser

      I would not have even wasted time registering had it not been for two things: Merlin Miller was running for prez and Prop 37 in Cally—Merlin Miller could have lead this country back to what the Founders gave us—Rob-me was not even an excuse for a “leader’—in fact he, like Oblahblah was a bleeder not a “leader”.

  • CSN

    I’ll sign, I’ll sign…..where is the petition….unfortunately I live in Oregon…blah!

    • JaniceSix

      I beleve Oregon has a petition in progress. . .

      • pamela7554

        I have seen that Oregon is one of the states listed.

      • exactly..and remember if you read the fine print on the wh page…they have the rights to YOUR computer!

    • Papa_D

      Remember who made this signing possible? The WH. What better way to collect the names of your enemies, and get them to do it willingly. I see just more deception. Your not in Kansas anymore folks.

      • Robert Hauser

        Oh very good—-Obama actually knows the names of the hundreds of millions of his enemies who will physically sweep his sorry hide out of the Blight House and straight into the gutter where it belongs. Now he can recite them to himself as he lies there next to the curb.

      • Monica Turner

        I agree with you. Watch your back and your pocketbooks, WH just might take everything away from us to redistribute it.One way to get the names of those who want him to leave the White House. I think, he still is Impeachable, he is the deceptive one. We have his name so lets go after him.

  • pamela7554

    I am signing today! Everyone that has had enough and has seen that we can not get a fair election should sign!

  • sandraleesmith46

    I just signed the AZ petition and there were signatures of people from other states; they display first name, last initial, and home town, including state, as part of the rules of signing such petitions. If NOTHING else, this should indicate to Obama that stealing an election is NOT a “mandate” from the people!

  • This is beginning to get interesting. What happens when BO treats the petitions like a joke?

  • lash

    It’s not over. Last Tuesday’s election was just the beginning. Mr. Obama
    and his leftist cabinet (and union bosses) must be challenged and held
    accountable for their poor performance and lawless behavior. “We the
    people” must take a stand and work together to turn our country around.


    Obummer has fomented a civil war as part of his campaign. He has signed the EO’s necessary to suspend the Constitution, built the FEMA camps and needs very little to declare Martial Law. The sheeple keep looking at the sky for rain, when the water at their feet is rising.



  • reggiec

    Just think how much the federal government would shrink if they were again required to only be involved in the “specific” areas that were originally “delegated” to them in The Constitution and the Tenth Amendment was enforced.

  • I think all the states should secede from washington!!! They are the biggest leach of all and don`t think we can survive without them there…

    • Actually, the simpler answer for all of these states would simply to pass fully legal ‘nullification” laws, obviating Obamacare, which would cause it to collapse. Also, after doing that, make it clear that they will nullify any illegal Federal law, such as drilling for oil or natural gas. LA alone has over SIXTY TRILLION CUBIC FEET of natural gas beneath it and its offshore waters. Just drill and tell the government that any agents they send to stop the drilling will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly. Nulliification is protected in the Constitution (see the 10th Article of Amendment); it is NOT treason.

  • I love my country

    I am fully in. Tired of a dictator, epa,the rev. jackson controlling all that we do, a cheating senate leader changing the rules and giving us O-care. As a child, a favorite disney movie, “Song of the South” pulled fromt he USA, because of Jackson. does he not remember black egyptians enslaved about 2 million jewish non- black persons, with hard labor? All we have now is division from this administration with their ANII-BIBLE policies and ANTI-CONSTITUTION power grab.

  • CSN

    Does anyone know the exact person who started this petition, because I have a big worry….what if it was started by the enemy, to seek out those who are against this administration and want Obama out, and what if they go down the lists and take us out? Just a thought…anyone?

  • TommyGunner

    A lot of internet NOISE about nothing. I don’t care if all 50 states get
    petition signatures of 25,000. It’s up to the individual legislatures
    of those states to draft the actual secession documents to be present in
    the federal houses. AND they have to be voted on and passed in those
    states – atleast in the legislatures – maybe publicly ! NOW, seriously,
    does anyone think this will come about !??!

    YES, all
    conservatives would love to see this happen – me included, but it WILL
    NOT HAPPEN ! We are more likely to see a massive revolt – civil war –
    than to see states seceed !!!

    Just my humble opinion.

  • A State is a SOVEREIGN entity, ABOVE the Federal Government. Other than giving them notice as a courtesy, the States do not have to “petition” the Admininstration to secede; that’s like asking the fox to guard the henhousel. If serious, they just need to secede. This is not 1861; it is hard to imagine a war between the states, especially when the states are so numerous. There are rough ~800,000 LEOs, local, state, and Federal; they cannot possibly be tasked without stopping such things. That would require combat training, and only a smally portion (SWAT teams, etc) have that. In small communities, the cops themselves are likely to be hunters and gun owners; are they really going to go after friends or even relatives who own guns? Hardly likely. Also, millions of us are veterans with far more training and experience than LEOs; they couldn’t possibly take us all in a fight if it comes to that.