Mark Levin to Karl Rove: “Get the Hell Off the Stage”

On his Monday radio program, talk show host Mark Levin, author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” rejected the notion that the Republican Party should become more moderate to win over voters and blasted several commentators who suggested otherwise.

Levin added that the so-called Republican “consultant class” — including MSNBC analyst and former John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt — should be required to disclose how much they’re being paid before they’re allowed to try to steer the party.

“This consultant class, ladies and gentlemen, is very, very dangerous,” Levin said. “And all this money you contribute to the campaigns — they’re pocketing a fortune. And the Republican Party, they’re not only pulling the Republican Party in the wrong direction, they’re losing campaigns.”…

“And I hear Rove today going on, ‘We got to do this better,’ ‘I got to do this,’ ‘Got to this,’” Levin continued. “Get the hell off the stage already, will you pal? You’re a hanger-on. I don’t say this with any personal contempt. It’s just, enough is enough. We need fresh faces in politicians. We talk about them all the time — Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Mike Lee and Marco Rubio, and so forth. Well, we need fresh faces who are advising these people too. And I’ll be honest, some fresh faces on Fox wouldn’t hurt. It’s time for Rove to go. I can’t take it anymore.”

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  • Guest

    Levin to tell this to his buddy Hannity! Seems like the leprechaun always go back to Rove for advice and opinions.

    • keepersleeper

      Yes, Hannity needs to bring in some really strong conservative types. There are several women who are top-notch prognosticators (can’t think of their names), but you can’t miss them because they’re always dead on!

  • Ihatelibs

    Levin is dead on!

  • meemato7

    I agree. Rove and others seem to be hanging on to the ‘signifance’ they once had in the party. He might have been good for the party at one time but those days are over. Move over Mr Rove….you’ve outlived your usefulness. You have become a hindrance.

  • ginger

    The GOP needs to let go and let conservatives take over and get back on track…we have the message of smaller gov’t and personal responsibility and forget all the social issues that belong to the states…CONSTITUTION people…and one has to spell it out for those who don’t have any idea of just what that is. 50% of the people have no idea of the proper role of our government.

    • don

      We need to dump the rinos. Boehner, cantor, mcconnell, mccain, graham, etc are compromising losers. The RNC did not back the conservatives running for office. The head of the rnc is a lyer when he was on Mark’s program, and said he would back Bauchmann, and other conservatives with money, but he did not. Mark said to replace these losers with conservatives for the House leadership. To take out a president with blood on his hands, and his democrat minions, we will need leadership in the House.

      • keepersleeper

        OK! We’ve talked enough! Let’s get it done! Start making the calls tomorrow!

      • ginger

        Amen…exactly so.

    • keepersleeper

      Listen: The GOP is COMFORTABLE with the status quo! They will NEVER let go, but WE can cut them loose! Had it not been for the Tea Party, the republicans would have sustained even GREATER defeat in both 2010 and 2012!

      • ginger

        exactly..guess it is up to us to let them know that since they are unable to do the job, time to get out of our way.

  • obiwan2112

    Quite simply, the Republicans win when they nominate a well-grounded conservative for the presidency. They lose when they nominate a moderate. Any questions?

    • Papa_D

      Its just a dog and pony show. You fell for it again. They’ve both sold us out to foreigners. Tell me why they would take $20 billion of our tax dollars to move Cadillac production to Brazil, etc. Its not because they want to create more jobs here, now is it? Its because the elites like Cadillacs and if they don’t move the production elsewhere, when they trash our country, they wouldn’t have them to purchase. I find this disingenuous on their part. Don’t you? You’re not in Kansas anymore folks.

  • Until the Republican Party is willing to follow its own platform and rules, standing on principles of rule of law and the Constitution, it will continue to slide in to obscurity and irrelevance. Karl Rove and his ilk who continue to force the likes of Romney on American Conservatives will ultimately lose to the likes of Obama.

    • SirCrashton

      What does it say about “establishment” Republicans who couldn’t field a candidate capable of defeating the worst president in the history of the Republic; an incumbent who could not run on his failed policies; who heads a gangster administration rife with scandals? An exit poll indicated that a majority of voters share conservative values but don’t trust Republicans to follow through, Could this be the reason why millions stayed home on Election Day? The Republican Party clearly demonstrated its irrelevance in this election.

    • don

      Other compromising “republican” commentators: george will, bill krystal, o’reilly, gretta, sam youngman, crapheimer, etc,

      • don

        I still like Morris.

        • keepersleeper

          …So do I and I honestly believe he was right in his assessments. It was the FRAUD at the polls that threw the election! That MUST be addressed and corrected before the 2014 midterms…I’m sure we have the technology to foolproof the process.

      • keepersleeper

        I’m sick of every last one of them…always bending and swaying in all directions, just to appear “fair & balanced!” Makes me want to gag and vomit all over them! All of us need to wean ourselves off FOX, as well as the other alphabet networks…they only antagonize us with their sanctimonious drivel! Hannity is about the only one who’s tolerable…and HE better be careful!

  • rcorley

    I totally agree this bunch have around to long, they are all RINOs anyway, definitely not conservative.

  • And all the rest of the so called GOP “leadership” should be run out of the party!

  • vaquerobob

    Rove is EPIC FAILURE personified and must be immediately shunned by ALL genuine conservatives. RINOs have poisened the GOP and it is now effectively DEAD. Let the “US Constitution Party” arise!

  • VioletLoganGirl

    Yes Levin is dead on, as always.

    • Peoriaboy

      No matter how you toss the dice obumer never ever qualified to be the president as the FBI never vetted him as they should of or went after his records and now they can go confiscate this lady’s hard drive that was involved with General Petraus .

  • bobmann101

    Well folks if we could not stop Obama before the election it is too late to do anything now. Obama has the money and power behind him to remain in office for a long time. There will come a time when blood will flow in the streets of America!!!

  • thejerkstore

    2008Oh this is rich, 2 Neo-Cons eating each other. Is this not the same Mark Levin who personally vowed to campaign against Rand Paul if his father ran as a independent? The same one who wouldn’t even mention Rands name as he didn’t exist during the 2010. election? The same one who ridiculed Ron Paul supporters and referred to the elder Paul as “Ru Paul” all the while supporting a known liberal in Mitt Romney?

    Levin is w/o a doubt an intellectual heavyweight but you will never hear him talk about the FED, the TSA, our unsustainable foreign policy, internet control, NDAA, Patriot Act etc. He’s only slightly better than the Republican water boy Sean Hannity.

    No Mark you’re not gonna spit in my face, ridicule my candidate, mock my ideals (which are Constitutional btw) and expect my vote. 9 million fewer voters this yr than 2008 make my point. You got Obama reelected, wallow in your filth.

  • Dean

    I am disappointed in Fox News: Dick Morris and Karl Rove. They all built Romney up to win and showed us how it could be done, only to be let down when the votes were counted. It has brought me to a place after 12 years watching Fox and trusting their coverage that I am now discouraged with their reporting. They report all the things that should bring a down-fall to the Obama Administration, but nothing becomes of it. It is like pouring water on a duck’s back; nothing happens. When Romney should of been exposing these things about Obama, he remained silent just like John McCain did four years ago. It appeared to me that both Romney and McCain were scared of Obama. What was it that scared them? Were they afraid of him? If so, what? Has anyone got an answer?

    • keepersleeper

      We need the likes of Allen West to whip our opponents with shear intellect, cool, strong convictions and faith in the Constitution! …And it would NOT BE ABOUT COLOR!

  • Big Manuger

    Never did like this Rove clown. He’s a behind the sceens manipulative and corrupt gambler with the countries serious matters. The only thing I can think of that he ever did that was halfway good was post up signs. He posted up signs that read” Free Beer and Hot Dogs” and gave the address of the headquarters of a democrate his guy was running against. He made sure the flyers went out to every homeless no good bum in the county. Results were pretty funny I guess when all these bums showed up for their free beer and hotdogs and there wasnt any. He should stick to that kind of tactic as the demos can understand it and it works.

  • keepersleeper

    Mark Levin makes my day! We, the voters, MUST be objective, not subjective, about who we place our confidence in. We need to “Clean House” and Rove would be a great place to start! He turned me off when he pounced on the woman from Delaware who ran for the US Senate in 2008…he made it quite clear that no money or support from the GOP would come her way!

  • nobodysfool

    Agreed!! Rove wants the party to move “to the center”. Excuse me, but if you are on the right and you move toward the center, isn’t that a move toward the LEFT??? Karl, none of us want to be LEFTISTS!! We are true conservatives, and if you are not (and you are not!!) then please, find another party to advise. You’d do well with the democRATS!!!

  • Chipper

    Thank you, Mr. Levin. I could not have stated it any clearer. I have been wanting Karl Rove to get off the stage ever since he started denouncing conservatives in the Senate Race of 2010! I can’t stand it when Hannity has him on his show as if he is credible.

  • I agree with Levin. There definately needs to be a whole lot of new faces in the conservative political circle…..and fire everybody on FOX and start all over again….

  • DEW

    What the hell is wrong with this country. A bunch of yackers that’s all. TALK, TALK, TALK .. No body got guts to do anything. This skinny, halfrican fag is destroying our America and nobody does anything but WHINE,WHINE,WHINE like a bunch sissies!! If these idiocy Americans don’t WAKE UP & STAND UP against this tyranny in washington and I mean SOON we will be having beheadings right here daily !!!!!!!!