Meghan McCain Wants GOP to Go Left or She’ll Leave

Meghan McCain wants Republicans to wake up or else she just might leave the party.

The Republican daughter of Sen John McCain, who famously blogged from her father’s presidential campaign bus about fashion on the campaign trail, is saying the GOP’s positions on social issues are outdated and irrelevant.’I don’t fit into the traditional Republican box that the ‘wingnuts who have hijacked my party think all Republicans should,’ she wrote in an opinion piece.

In an opinion piece penned for the Daily Beast, McCain notes that if the Republican Party does not adapt and start showing signs of social tolerance the GOP will not survive and that if she does not see signs of moderation on social issues she ‘will consider registering as an Independent in 2016.’ The realization hit her election night as she was choking back tears over the Mitt Romney’s campaign loss to President Barack Obama.

‘It’s not like he’s a close friend,’ she wrote. ‘Looking back to last week, I think that I was mourning something else. For the last four years, writing on this website, I’ve been calling for the Republican Party to come to terms with reality and modernize. Last Tuesday, Mitt Romney lost—and he lost big. As Republicans, we lost again. I felt sad, exhausted, beaten down, and heartbroken. It was the first time that I considered that the Republican Party, which I love so much, might die.’

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  • Charles

    BYE< BYE Megan!

    • Freedom Agnes

      I agree…Bye. I am also adding I am not sorry to see you go. If you think all the wingnuts Republicans, you are deaf and dumb. They are democraps so be careful when you enter their domain.

  • Delores109

    Become a Demon. You act like one.,,,and lose weight.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • Rocknrobyn

    Meghan, you are not now, or have you ever been a Republican, much less a Conservative. You have never tried to help any Republican, not even your father who is mostly RINO anyway. So see ya sweetie, we hardly even knew ya.

  • frawgeyz

    Oh my! Good bye and please take your dear daddy with you!
    Miserable wretch!

  • KVB

    See you later goofball and is there any chance you could take your old man with you

  • Diane L Kearny

    Megan, is your father the RINO, going to leave with you. I would hope he would choose to do so before we have to listen to any more of his ‘evaluations’ as if from someone knowledgeable.

  • judyanne

    Goodbye Hey Hey Goodbye

  • wandamurline

    I think Meghan is gay. Hey, if you don’t like the party, feel free to leave and you can even go live in another country if you like. And don’t let the door hit you in the @zz on your way out. Bye, bye.

  • DonRo

    Megan is nothing but a yammering left-wing, liberal lesbian who along with her father, the Kennedy arse kisser, should gather up and join the Democrats where they will feel more at home and be able to do less damage to the conservative Republican Party.

  • Barry_Suxx

    I just don’t know if We Conservatives could POSSIBLY survive without Wishy-Washy Flip-Floppering RINOS like the McCains “Helping” us and our causes anymore….

  • nevergiveup

    Well goodbye and good luck. please take the rest of you’re family with you as you never were conservative to begin with.

  • seeitcoming

    She is just another pretender. Enough already.

    • kathy

      don’t let the door hit you in the A—-!

  • gwedem5995

    Then let her leave. She must be a RINO anyway. The GOP should take a stand on what their people want and stick to it.

    • gwedem5995 the gop has got to where they and the dems. are there for the perks. that’s all a good retirement meds. and the like they don’t care about this country just what they can get from us so they can live on easy street when they retire

  • Bob

    We can only hope “Little John” the RINO will follow.

    • JaniceSix


  • DITTO! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!

  • nexgenesis

    Your free to leave any time you want to, you can even take dad with you.

  • Barry_Suxx

    Hasta La Vista Bimbette

  • copakeman

    bye bye meghan, please take rino john with you. i will not miss you or john.

  • Bryan

    Dont let the door hit you in the butt on your way out- and take the other RINOS with you- If you do not stand for anything you may as well be a democrat- I for one am sick of these reach arounds the left insists upon and never giving an inch- there are supposed to be differences and if the RINOS let the Election be stolen then THEY are a part of the problem not the solution

    • kathy

      could her and daddy take boehner with them!!!!

  • Bryan







  • let me hold the door for you!

    • laboop2u

      Thank you for being a gentleman! Be sure you close it fast so she can’t get back in!

  • CSN

    Bye Meghan…..don’t go away mad, just go away.

  • Good Riddance!!!!!

  • m123s

    Exit , stage, left.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    So Meghan, you want the Republican Party to be a second DNC? Come to think of it, that may not be a bad idea considering that they already function like Democrat Party Lite. That would give us the opportunity to form a legitimate Conservative Party.

  • henryknox

    The Republican party should stay away from social issues on a national level anyway. The mores of communities across the country are diverse and the customs and rules should remain local. The national elections should focus on Constitutional Federal issues. The problem is that the Republicans let their opponents define their position. When asked about opinion on issues that are settled law Murdoch should simply respond by stating what the laws of the land say and not expound on his personal opinions.

    • When is everyone going to face the fact, that in America, with it’s contitution, stating that liberty comes from a Creator and with the founders assuming the future existance of an overall moral society, that you cannot separate social and economical. You cannot separate politics and religion. You cannot remove God from the public square. Henryknox is right in that there will never be a collective national conscience again – too many divergent beliefs. (When everyone does belong to the left, and it will happen, and we are really mindless robots, civilization will be literally over.) IMHO, we arrived at the homestreach two weeks ago. Most are going to take the wide road and a few will opt for the right one, which will be the one that is narrow. It will seem as though evil has won the day. But, we know that is not the end of the story. That’s the only solace I can find. There will never be another conservative president. We haven’t had one since the eighties! The gradual errosion just slapped us in the face on November 6. We passed through another portal. Conservatives are shell shocked. America was the last force for good on the planet and the only nation with some semblance of a collective moral compass. Well, we crossed over and on the geopolitical scene, I think we are on the way to irrelavence. That doesn’t mean giving up. You haven’t lost your relevance as a person. As henryknox above says, local- Stand up for right in your corner and I mean with fervor! You’re going to see how many are going to cop out, like Ms. McCain and go the easy way. It’s peer pressure folks. We are getting ready to go through the fire and I want to go down knowing that I didn’t get burned.

  • con_c_kwense

    I wonder what on which “social issues” she wants to see signs of moderation?
    I would suggest that it was “moderation” on the part of her father that helped set in motion the events that will ultimately destroy the country…namely the “election” of bho.
    And how much more moderate could Mitt Romney have been anyway?
    If little Miss M. were really concerned about America she would be using her name to insist that demotwats moderate THEIR party.

  • Ragpicker

    In a way, she’s right!… We shouldn’t have to be Christian or adhere to every Christian value to be welcomed into the Republican party. We should just want to be fiscally responsible.

  • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Some people give pleasure by coming and some by leaving. Time to clean house in the Republican Party and start supporting the strongest conservative platform there is—yea you know, the Republican party platform that no one follows. The one that puts faith in GOD ALMIGHTY, protects our unalienable right to Life, supports traditional marriage between one man and one woman. The one that takes care of our veterans and their families, and all our armed forces. The one that stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel against their enemies because an enemy of Israel is an enemy of the USA! The one that believes the Constitution is more than just an old paper, but is the supreme law of the land!
    Don’t remember it? It is time to get leadership and candidates into office who do and will work to uphold it for the sake of our nation!

    • Jim Chambers

      You sound like you have had enough of RINO politicians getting elected espousing those things you mentioned and then turning around and sticking a knife in your back. When the republicrats had control of both houses they spent like democrats on steroids.

      The home you are looking for is the Tea Party. They believe in most of those things you say you pine for and would welcome you with open arms.

      The Tea Party is the wave of the future anyway. They will be the home of business people who are sick of the ham handed regulations thrust upon them by a government that disrespects sovereignty and the rule of law under Holder, the conservatives who truly believe in conservatism instead of just mouthing the words like Romney and people who want this nation to return to its constitutional roots established by the founding fathers. You might want to think about looking into it.

      God bless the USA.

  • mike hester

    All i gotta say Megan is don’t let the Door nob hit you in your brain on the way out and take the Great White RINO with you!!!

  • Martin in Texas

    what happened to the concept of a “big tent?” For years, conservatives have been lectured about it. Apparently it isn’t big enough for conservatives once the so-called moderates are included. Another example how “tolerance” is a one-way street.

    • yak_disqus

      The party Meghan suggests is something of little or no substance. Mr. Romney tried to carefully straddle this line. Sorry, but if you’re going to get votes, you need to take a stand and be forthright with it — and be more aggressive. Reagan knew that, but his audience actually had some sort of education, and they had a Soviet Union as their foe. Americans today live in la-la land.

    • Jim Chambers

      To the devil with a big tent and to the devil with moderates. Moderates are just those without the testiculos to take a stand. Every person of voting age knows right from wrong and the difference between utilitarianism and hedonism. The hedonists are in charge now but sooner or later that will change. They will run out of other people’s money and you moderates will have to either stand up for right over wrong or be run over.
      God bless the USA.

  • goodbye and take your old man with you…

  • The republican party is supposed to be conservative….not like Meagan Mccain….progressive to the hilt..

  • catman

    Megan, people like you in the Party are the PROBLEM!!!

  • Andy


  • suz

    Megan is a rino just like her dad , bye bye.

  • Don’t let the door hit your behind on the way out.

    Of course, if the Party goes the way you want, you can stay put. I’LL be heading out the door, and I won’t be the only one!

  • Hank

    Good riddance to a simple-minded twit. OMG! Can’t she just tell us about fashion and her BFF’s and leave the thinking to those who have some semblance of a brain?

  • soapman

    So poor Megan wants us all to get down in the moral cesspool of the Democratic/Communist party and waller in their crappy moral universe. Like all losers she wants to take the easy way out. Without her fathers name she wouldn’t even be known.

  • stealth101

    Good riddance you self-centered Obumma-Bot!!!

  • Don’t let the “door” hit you on the way out. You and your father are part of the problem.

  • farrightextreme

    I couldn’t have heard better news this morning. Goodbye RINO.

  • lethrneck

    Please Megan, do the Republicans a favor and GO LEFT where your head jis; and take your ‘old man’ with you.

  • I hope she does not let the door slam her in the ass. We do not need rinos like her, that is all we have anymore

  • laboop2u

    Please oh please and take your RINO daddy!


  • pegasus

    Just my opinion here, but it seems to me that what we have is primarily a three party system; the Dems, the Reps, and the Tea Party Reps – now, why is that? The Democrats, who seem to be for just about anything and everything that is profane and vile, are all cozy in their acceptance of things that are disgusting and offensive to people who are actually in to thinking. The Republicans have already tried to act more like the Dems in order to lure the vote – look at how liberal Romney is, but Obama gives away more stuff and essentially buys votes from people who have social agendas, like many Hispanics who think the US should have an open door policy so their friends and family can just come on in.

    A true conservative like Dr. Paul wasn’t supported by the party and had no real shot. That brings us to the fractured part of the Republicans (and some Democrats, Libertarians, and others) who understand the US was formed as a Constitutional Republic. These people are desperately trying to defend the Constitutional rights of every American, yet they are labeled by the Dems as being ‘wingnuts’ or ‘unpatriotic’ or other things that sadly, many people just blindly accept as reality without researching or validating.

    It’s like they can’t wait to give up their rights and protections against abuse from an ever-increasingly emboldened and intrusive government. And instead of standing up against things that they should know are wrong, they fall into group-think mentality so they look ‘accepting’ and ‘diverse’.

    In a conversation with a Dem friend this weekend, we were talking about all 50 states having petitions to the White House asking for peaceful secession. I told him that it may be the only way because neither liberals nor conservatives seem to like each other, so perhaps we need a liberal US and a conservative US – and let people pick where they want to live. Meghan might have a tough time choosing whether to be “where anything goes” or “where freedom reigns”.

  • CK

    Bye Bye and take your Dad with you.

  • Richard Brophy

    Good riddance.

  • Gram

    Don’t let the door hit your fanny as you LEAVE

  • Good riddance!!!!! Just another darned RINO

  • Terry

    By all means Meghan, leave the party, and take your Dad with you, it is you and those like you that have dragged the party down into the mud as it is, and it will survive without you.

  • Goodby Megan, You can be sure that you will NOT be missed. You are part of the problem, not a part of the solution, I hope that the Democrats will give you exactly what you deserve. Please don’t change your mind.

  • bs7sden

    Don’t let the door hit you in the (ass) – head on the way our!!

  • Barry

    Don’t let the door hit you on the a– on the way out RINO.

  • Barry

    It was the Tea Party responsible for the takeover of the House. Don’t let the door hit you and your father in the a– on the way out RINO’S

  • Phil Evans

    Meghan is an example of why Repulicans have lost ground by going in the drection she is headed. From GHWB who essentailly denounced Reagan to Romney, Republicans choose to act like the left. 2010 was an example of how to win. Then the elite bought out the weak. Romney ran as McCain and lost as McCain.

  • Lizelot

    Megan seems a rather superficial, self-important youngster who needs to grow up. She seems to think that being a McCain is enough, nothing else matters except the economy and all those truly important material things that can be bought. Well, dear, if and when you grow up you may realize there are issues that matter more, s.a. morals, values, and principles. Ever thought even for a minute about those subjects? No? It shows.

  • cawizewoman

    Megan, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Loved your dad and supported him. You will not be missed.

  • I dont think Meghan has been much of a factor. Her dad is a RINO anyway. She just wants attention. See ya!

  • granny3

    I would like her mailing address so that I can send her a letter. I can’t find it on the internet yet! Help!

  • Imfrzn

    Somebody show this bratty little princess the damn door!

  • yak_disqus


  • pearl87

    I personally feel that if McCain is a Republican, then I don’t want to be either. What I don’t understand is why these people who agree with Democrats on every issue, want to determine the platform for the Republican party. Do they think that there should be no opposition voice, nor any representation for those with other opinions on important matters? It fits in perfectly with the Communist ideal, which is to have only ONE party. However it is profoundly UN-American.

  • knowsit

    Why didn’t someone throw that loudmouth out a long time ago

  • John waters

    Take Dada wif you. Brewer would be a great senator, and J.C. Hay would be a sharp guv. Don’t let the cactus prick your bum on the way out, you dumb broad

  • Dee

    Megan McCain is a spoiled little twit. It is the Republicans like her and her father that shame the GOP. Why don’t all of those like-minded people switch to the Democrat party and let us get the GOP back on it’s feet. Megan is an intellectual midget and very shallow.

  • Jim

    So long, Meghan. Don’t let the doorknob hit yah where the Creator split yah. When you leave, we’ll replace you with someone who knows what is going on.

  • Harold

    Good riddance, glad to see another rino go.

  • White House landlord

    Just. Go. Away.

  • Harold

    Goodby Meggie poo., have fun with your girlfriend.

  • mrbp

    Please leave, and take your old man with you. Your both ultra left Rinos. Get out and disappear.

  • simpletony1

    So, go join your wacko dad

  • jcbjr

    bye bye, Meg. We won’t miss you.