Video: ‘Obama is telling kids, f–k your parents’

photo credit: jglsongsA newly compiled video exposes the chief “anti-bullying” activist endorsed by the Obama administration spewing an obscenity-laced, startling message to “gay” kids in America.

The White House website, under its “Civil Rights” section, includes links and videos recorded by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and others, supporting the mission of “gay” activist Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, an effort to help homosexual teens survive bullying during their teenage years.

But a recent video produced by the Faith Family Freedom Fund reveals Savage has touted the White House’s support as proof the president is backing his shocking message:

“That meant,” Savage says of Obama’s participation in his It Gets Better Project, “the president of the United States was telling queer kids, ‘There’s something wrong with your parents, there’s something wrong with your preachers, there’s something wrong with your teachers, and f— those people!’”

The video reveals Savage further blasting those who believe in Jesus as “spiritually abused,” wishing Republicans would die and referring to politically conservative Christians as “pieces of s—.” Read more from this story HERE.

  • wandamurline

    An angry little man who must be very uncomfortable with his gay lifestyle and this is the reason that he wants to push it on others. It is not easy being different, especially when you choose to be different. Poor man.

  • This man is truly sick. I’m just glad that God will have the last word. I know he doesn’t believe in God, but that doesn’t make it so!

  • There’s a name for this. It’s called Sedition

  • Barry_Suxx

    WOW,,,, you can definitely tell by the kind of hate-filled rhetoric that they’re foaming from their mouths with, that the Extreme-Leftist-Libs are getting really DESPERATE now. You suppose they ‘know’ that hopes for their false-messiah is in Deep CaCa?

  • Homer

    You KNOW…I couldn’t care less what this man thinks about Jesus Christ or not! I will NOT speak w/a man who is reprobate, and he surely is: However this man “WILL” have to stand in front of The One True and Holy God who is Jesus Christ The Lord and God of the whole Universe…NO matter what dan savage says…I KNOW who I have believed and I am Pesuaded IN HIM!!! Take that or leave…there is a Jufgement for all of us!!!

  • jb80538

    There is something wrong with queers for sure. Not the parents, preachers or teachers,

  • Obama and his followers are morally bankrupt, Parents need to be aware of what this President and his followers are teaching your kids. Obama has created a lot of division in our country, now he is turning children against their parents. Be aware, your child may be next.


  • Bob

    This repulsive blob of protoplasm needs to get himself forcefully grabbed at both ends and wrung out into a slop bucket….it’s time to savage this savage.

  • Actually, Obama is the chief gay bully. First, he sends Biden out to test the waters, then he comes out for gay marriage. I have heard that BO is going to divorce MO and then come out whether he wins or not. That’s the plan I have heard. We will see.

  • CSN

    His name fits his character.

  • star

    Obama is an evil man and promotes evil in whatever he does. This evil man is a disgrace to the Black man and all other men. He is not in their corner any more than he is in mine or yours. Just wants to make them think so. He will have us all in chains to his dictatorship. Biden is included. Biden is just plain dumb and Obama is using him. I want to see Biden’s face when Obama turns his back on him,

  • v steve

    Dan Savage is striking out because he is mad at himself.

    If suddenly everyone on earth were to turn gay, there would be no one left on the earth to procreate and within 100 years everyone on the planet would be dead and humanity would cease to exist. A society that cannot bring fourth a new generation through procreation is a society doomed to eternal extinction. How then can homosexuality be right when it clearly leads us down the path of destruction and annihilation.

    If the homosexual is born homosexual, then why is the homosexual born with reproductive system which is no use to the homosexual ?

    Sodomy is defined in the dictionary as unnatural, sodomy is a homosexual act by supporting the homosexual agenda you will be supporting an unnatural act.

    The American Psychological Association rightfully defines anyone who thinks they are a different gender than their biology as mentally ill.

    Socialist, Communist and Marxist support the homosexual agenda because of their belief in population control.

  • Robert Alexander

    Leviticus 20:
    13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    And all the Saint’s said AMEN

  • CSN

    Obama is Gay…enough said.