On Election Eve, Catholics Unite to Protect Religious Freedom

[The] last Sunday before Election Day [found] Catholics across the nation, and beyond, uniting in both prayer and advocacy to protect freedom of religion as provided in the Constitution. Interestingly, the emphasis on Catholic values and teachings, as a result of the recent defense of freedom of religion, may also end up strengthening religious faith among Catholics in general.

Since the announcement of what is now familiarly termed, “the HHS mandate,” Catholics and Christians of other denominations have denounced the ObamaCare provision that demands that most employers, including those associated with churches, grant free contraception, sterilization procedures, and abortion-inducing drugs to their employees through their health insurance plans.

This coercion to violate faith beliefs in order to satisfy government requirements has led to a veritable onslaught of litigation by Catholic dioceses and institutions, the institutions of other Christian denominations, and individual business owners. As Barack Obama attempts to be elected to a second term, he is faced with 38 lawsuits and over 110 individuals from around the country who represent those whose religious liberty is being challenged by the mandate.

In the swing state of Colorado, a group of lay Catholics has placed a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of the Denver Post to drive home the significance of religious liberty in Tuesday’s election. Regarding the ad, J.D. Flynn, chancellor of the Denver archdiocese, said, “I think the folks who organized getting the ad together want to ensure everybody understands what’s at stake not only for the Church, but for the country, when religious liberty is compromised.”

The ad features the full text of a letter written by Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila about religious freedom and the election. “I just think it speaks to the quality and commitment of the lay people in the Archdiocese of Denver that they want to support the archbishop in this way,” Flynn commented. “Our country is the product of religious liberty. When we undermine that for something as short-sighted as free contraception, everybody is in serious trouble.”

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  • frank J. 629

    Obama has no respect for Catholics and shows it with his views. Time for all catholics to reverse how they voted in 2008 and vote this antiChrist out.

    • LarryZ

      Frank, the only problem to your thought is the fact that Catholic union retirees are sent a letter from their union and told how to vote (for Obama). I know for a fact that two families who are active as Catholics have already voted for Obama. It is just unbelievable to me that they vote that way and one even stated “I think I will vote for Obama because I know where he stands!”. The obvious question should be: “WHY?????”.

  • ddt

    how can anybody vote against these principles when the were put into
    practice over 200 plus yrs and withstood the test of time
    vote vote
    bo has to go

  • reggiec

    Besides Obama’s attack on the religious principles of Catholics; he has also turned many black preachers against his regime. His direction to Eric Holder and the DOJ not to defend the Defence of Marraige Act and his open support of same sex marriage has many black Christians feeling they have been betrayed.

  • We need to join the Catholic’s in prayer to ask God to deliver us from this evil that has invaded our Government, In God all things are possible, without God we will fail. Pray like you have never prayed before, only God can help us. VOTE OBAMA OUT!!!

  • CSN

    I hope that the 64 Million Catholics in America will vote their consciences, and vote Romney/Ryan….we have voted Romney/Ryan and we pray for a Romney/Ryan landslide or at least a WIN! PRAY PEOPLE PRAY! CATHOLICS PRAY THE ROSARY NOW AND UNTIL THE ELECTION IS OVER, AND EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR PEACE AND FOR OUR COUNTRY.