Radical US Muslim Group Applauds the Defeat of Republicans, Especially Allen West

In a press release, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) welcomed what it called “the rejection of Islamophobic candidates by voters nationwide.” This followed the re-election of President Barack Obama, a professing Christian, who has long been rumored to be a Muslim in secret. CAIR focused on the electoral defeat of Rep. Allen West (R), who the group quoted as saying that Islam is not a religion but is instead a “totalitarian theocratic political ideology” that is a “very vile and very vicious enemy,” was defeated by a narrow margin.

Also in Florida, State Representative Adam Hasner (R) was defeated in his bid for Congress. Hasner once co-hosted an event featuring Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders that was also sponsored by the person CAIR characterized as an “Anti-Muslim hate group leader” Pamela Geller – blogger who frequently writes about terrorism and the persecution of Christians in Muslim lands. CAIR criticized Hasner for blocking “Florida Muslim Capitol Day” in 2009.

CAIR also applauded the defeat of Florida man, Terry Kemple, who lost his campaign for the Hillsborough County School Board. The CAIR release stated, “Kemple’s main issue in the race was seeking to keep Muslim speakers out of local schools.”

In Illinois, Rep. Joe Walsh (R) was defeated in his re-election bid. CAIR claims that during the campaign this year, when a town hall meeting attendee told him that he was “looking for some godly men and women in the Senate, in the Congress, who will stand in the face of the danger of Islam,” Walsh supposedly “left the door open for suspicion of every Muslim living in Illinois” when he said that Islamism is more of a threat “now that it was right after 9/11” and “It’s here. It’s in Elk Grove. It’s in Addison. It’s in Elgin. It’s here.”

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  • noel kasper

    I hope Allen West moves to a safe district and runs again. We need him badly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Not only did Allen West lose (because of redistricting), but to add insult to injury, Bill Nelson got re-elected.

  • Da

    Allah blesses the new President for exposing the unclean women and the homosexuals.Our plan is working.
    Is it possible?

    • No it’s not possible….Not as long as there are American’s with guns….It will never be possible….

  • So it was the muslims who did voter fraud this election.