Restoring Liberty’s Viral “Witty Otter” Video: The Rest of the Story and New Footage-Page 2

Several times, the whales attempted to bump the baby off and by exhaling underneath her. The mother otter grew increasingly panicked. The exhaling seemed to disorient her.

Finally, a smaller whale swam straight toward the mother otter near the surface of the water and then dove underneath her. It exhaled and then, as you can see just a few seconds into the second video that we just posted today, the killer whale hit her with its tale, flipping her and the baby. This separated the baby from the mother. Presumably, the orca then ate the baby otter under the water.

Here’s the newly uploaded footage of the moment the killer whale’s tail hits the mother otter splitting her from her baby:

After looking briefly for her baby while killer whales were swimming around her, the mother otter, swam rapidly to the boat and climbed on the back as seen in the first video we posted.

The orcas followed the otter to the boat swimming next to the boat and, as can be seen in one video, exhaling and surfacing right beside her.

The mother otter was initially quite nervous about being on the boat and would slide back into the water after making eye contact with Dusty and his friend. But the killer whales kept approaching her and eventually, after going on and off the boat four or five times, she decided that it was safer to stay on the boat with Dusty than to jump back in the water with the orcas.

While sitting on the boat, she would dip her head into the water and look for the killer whales. When they’d come close to the boat, she’d get completely out of the water and back on to the boat.

Eventually, the boat began to drift into the rocks near the shore so Dusty had to start the motor and move back out to open water. The otter stayed on the boat and, this time, the killer whales didn’t follow. Once the boat was to the approximate location of where the otter lost her baby, she slid back into the water and began to look around and cried.

  • sweetandsalty1

    That was so sad , her calling out to her baby and looking for her.