State Forcibly Takes Disabled Child From Mother, Child Dies Next Day

For 14 years, Marie Freye, who is severely disabled, was lovingly cared for by her mother at home living a happy life, despite her disabilities.

On April 26, 2011, the state ordered the 14-year-old, who suffers from cerebral palsy and seizures, be taken into care. She died screaming 24 hours later at a $506-per-day nursing home. Records show that on the evening Marie arrived, nurses did not give her life-sustaining medications, fed her only applesauce and neglected to tell a doctor she wasn’t breathing, it emerged today.

Florida social workers ordered that Marie be taken into the Florida Club Care Center against her mother’s wishes, insisting that it was the safest place for her because of her disabilities, according to the Miami Herald.

Marie’s mother Doris pleaded with the ambulance men not to take her daughter away, which was done despite a judge’s order that she remain under the care of her family. ‘When they took Marie out of my hands, it destroyed our family forever,’ Doris said.

But records show that on the evening Marie arrived nurses did not give her life-sustaining medications and allegedly fed her only applesauce, according to the Miami Herald. She arrived screaming on a stretcher at 5:30 pm, records show. At 9 pm she was given apple sauce and ‘comfort measures’. At 11 pm and 2 am it was recorded that she was screaming again. At 5:40 am, Marie’s breathing was described as labored. Five minutes later she was ‘unresponsive’. At 6:54 am, the 14-year-old died of a heart attack at the Jackson North Medical Center.

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  • jon

    my kids are all grown,but if someone was going to take them away, and they were disabled, i would shoot them dead

  • CSN

    They probably euthanized her. I feel great pity for the family. God rest her dear soul.

    • This was my first thought as well. The first in the modern day holocaust otherwise known as Obamacare.

  • Holding all of those responsible for this tragic travesty must be a top priority. All of those involved should be charged and tried for negligent homicide if not manslaughter. Plus, it appears that this was contrary to a judicial order, so those that decided to go ahead with this action should be held in contempt of court. It’s all good for long stretches of time in prison.

    • Sam

      Amen, Jerry.

  • Robert Hauser

    “the state ordered”….”states” don’t order anything…people do. Somebody signed that order. I want to know who signed that “order” so he, she or it can be dragged into the streets bodily and beaten and pounded into school lunch special for power line buzzards.

  • GBSS

    What ever happened to getting together with your town neighbors and hunting them down? you know that we have the same arrest powers that police do. find, detain, and arrest them yourselves!!

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    Thomas More Law-
    The family must sue-
    I’ll give another donation to TML – just to help w/ the case!

  • liberty76

    I certainly hope all those who took part in stripping this child from her loving mother will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is just another example of the STATE thinking they know what is best for everyone. Lord knows they seldom get it right. May God be with them.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    …….but, I thought that it was in the child’s best interest that she be ripped from her loving mother’s bossom. Look at the great health care she recieved from the state of Florida in the final 24 hours of her life. Health care to die from, or is that, for? What a senseless tragedy.

  • I am so sad for this child’s family. Since the judge said the mother should keep the child, why did anyone even attempt to take her away? I would sue the socks off of those social workers! By the way, I was conceived by gang rape as described in my book, Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate Conceived by Gang Rape, Husband Murdered, Son Committed Suicide; Can God Really Work All Things Out for Good? Available at Every life is important.

  • cb

    I cried for this family and little girl… I will not allow anyone take my handicapped daughter… this poor families horrific tragedy has prepared me for a war if someone comes to my door.