Study: U.S. Faces 52K Doctor Shortage by 2025; Obamacare, Immigration* Contributing Factors

photo credit: jillk61

. . . Research published in the Annals of Family Medicine estimated that most of the doctor shortage will be caused by the rising U.S. population.

Aging adults and the expansion of healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act will contribute to a lesser extent, the study found.

Researchers predicted that the U.S. population will increase 15.2 percent by 2025, necessitating about 33,000 more physicians.

Aging adults will create the need for an additional 10,000 physicians in that period, while the Affordable Care Act will require about 8,000 more.

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*Immigration is inferred. The birth rate for the United State was 1.89 children per woman in 2011, which is well below the replacement rate of 2.1.