University Bans ‘Needlessly Provocative’ Ann Coulter, Welcomes Advocate of Bestiality, Euthenasia and Infanticide

photo credit: gage skidmoreAfter effectively barring conservative columnist Ann Coulter from speaking on campus last week, the Jesuit college Fordham University welcomed infanticide and bestiality advocate Peter Singer for a panel discussion on Friday.

According to Fordham’s media relations website, Singer, a tenured Princeton bioethics professor, spoke from 4 to 6 p.m. in a panel the university promised “will provoke Christians to think about other animals in new ways.”

Singer has long lamented the societal stigma against having sex with animals.

“Not so long ago,” Singer wrote in one essay, “any form of sexuality not leading to the conception of children was seen as, at best, wanton lust, or worse, a perversion. One by one, the taboos have fallen. But … not every taboo has crumbled.”

In the essay, titled “Heavy Petting,” Singer concluded that “sex across the species barrier,” while not normal, “ceases to be an offence [sic] to our status and dignity as human beings.”

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  • currituck

    That feller, Peter Singer, is one sick puppy…As is that so-called learning institute..

  • stealth101

    Well, since the 50’s, our major learning institutions have been over-run with those PURPOSELY thwarting decency and let me dare say the word, ‘NORMALITY!!’.. And the results are showing the past 25 years and you know what?? It is TOO LATE to turn the tide. They have fully half or MORE of our nation brain-washed. Don’t be surprided one day to see the old 70’s sci-fi movie ‘Logans Run’ come true- especially for the idiot/fools who voted for the continued destruction of our once great country..

  • terijo

    A so-called Christian University. Christians are so afraid of losing their constituents that they are moving into the sphere of the ‘other side’, where there is no right or wrong. The problem is, right and wrong are what makes them. Without right and wrong, they are more nothing than the ‘nothing’ believers they want to recruit. What’s amusing is they are also losing adherents to Islam where the right/wrong demarcation is extreme, to say the least.

    • Maybe it was to woo islamists, who think there is nothing wrong with beatiality, back to the university with Singer.

  • mrbp

    They are looking to enroll more islamists. When the muslims found out they keep animals in the basment for sexual favors, they couldn’t wait to dump their donkeys and camels and show up for a quickee with a lamb or the head dean of the school.

  • sweets7554

    Have any of them even read the bible?

  • Why go to places like Fordham U? Have any of the inhabitants of that place read the Bible cover to cover? The average University is populated with children who are so easily brainwashed that they dress alike, talk alike, fear to be individuals, and they rigidly conform in attitudes and morality. A speaker who represents moral clarity and spiritual courage terrifies them worse than the Hamas.

  • John

    Take it one more step, – I used to think it was devolution, as opposed to evolution. Now after the start of this year, I see the devolving nation of U.S.A. Where even in our schools are being forced to teach that homosexuality is normal. Be aware! The end is near!


  • And that’s why I spent lots of money to cancel my testimentory endowment to a large University..These college Profs and adminstrators never made it in a competative market place and flock to the safe Communist P.C. campus.I made my money the hard way.. I earned it in a very competative market. I shall share it with some sane place of learning..Not with perverts.

    • Mathematical certainty

      Jim, it is said “Those who can do, those who can’t teach”.

    • CSN

      The College Professors should be rounded up and shipped out of the country on an Island, and then nuked. It is beyond belief that they’ve come into our Colleges and promoted this absolute TRASH!

  • Patty

    Typical of a lot of the higher education facilities: liberal, liberal, liberal….anything goes !!!!!

  • rrg

    what planet am I on ?

  • CSN

    Just goes to show how low people can become when they ride the tide of heresy (Vatican II Destruction). Fordham used to be a wonderful College many years ago, but now is obviously on the bottom of the barrel of filth.