Video: 82 Year Old Sentenced to Three Years in Prison Because His Dog Killed Neighbor’s Cat

An elderly man has been sentenced to three years in prison for allowing his dog to kill another family’s pet cat.

Hume Hamilton, 82, was caught on surveillance camera taking his dog for a walk near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in June.

He walked up a driveway to where a cat was apparently resting, and the dog was filmed suddenly attacking the cat.

Hamilton can be seen in the footage trying to separate the two animals by stepping on the cat, but he was unsuccessful.

He left the scene with his dog, and the cat later died of the injuries it had sustained in the assault.

The cat’s owner, Wayne Spath, told WSVN the pet was ‘part of our family’, adding: ‘My daughter found that cat as a kitten, had it for 12 years.’ Read more from this story HERE.

See the surveillance video here:

  • Charles

    I feel for the cat and the family, but that is not reason enough to put an 82 Y/O in jail for 3 years. Mr. Spath has about as much sympathy for Mr Hamilton, as Mr. Hamilton had for the cat.

  • chris scott

    whose property was the cat? But what kind of dog is it a pit bull? Because pit bulls are killers. Don’t say it’s nurture, you can tell Mr. Hamilton is a responsible dog owner. Dog on leash and he was right there trying to break up the skirmish.

    • He’s a trespasser. He entered onto someone else’s property. Are you aware that the pit bull was originally bred to babysit? The breed has the muscle and power to do damage IF he’s encouraged to exhibit that behavior. Otherwise, just a heavy, powerful, lovable dog.

  • OH that punishment fits the crime…why noy have it really fit the crime…let him clean cages at the SPCA..etc but jail time…But rob bamk and all you get is a couple of years…HMMMMMMM

  • gwedem5995

    And to think people who maliciously kill people may only get l0 years. Or the person who drinks and drives kills people and they only get a minimum sentence. He could have been put on probation or the dog could have been put to sleep.

  • Your cat belongs indoors or confined to your backyard.

  • vietnamvet1971

    He should be made to help in the Abortion Murder Mills and help them get Rid of all those Stray babies, surely there is Justice for that Cat.

  • You two below me are missing the point! You don;t sentence a man to prison for such an accident! THIS IS THE STORY – DUH. Like I have been saying: we are living in a totalitarian= communist society and the nation had better come to grip with this reality and start uniting and tell these Godless communists enough is enough! THAT IS THE STORY! Damn, how dumb can you be?

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Owning a dangerous dog is not an accident. There is probably more to this story than shown in the video. The dog probably has a history of attacking other animals, or even attacking people, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten that sentence. For what it’s worth, a three years sentence means he’ll be out in one year or less.

      • DG

        YOU don’t know that! The dog didn’t look or act dangerous to me — What was the cat doing out anyway -looking for trouble I’ll bet –Cat are supposed to be sleeping all day–like Teenagers–and then go out all night –And yet like grace wrote- Killing babies is OK –Pre-birth abortion are OK–Throwing pre-birth abortion survivors in a Store room to die is OK –Does this make any sense??

        • Looking for trouble you bet? Who walked onto whose property? The man trespassed onto property other than his own. Take up your abortion issue with Obama. He likes it!

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      A dog attacking a sleeping cat isn’t an accident? I don’t know any more of what that video shows than you do, but I have spent a lot of years in criminal courtrooms to know that somebody isn’t going to be sent to prison simply because their dog attacked a cat.

  • copakeman

    i am sure the neighbors who put up with that cat urinating and other stuff in their front and back yards for 11 years were not sad to hear that loose cat was killed by a dog on a leash.

  • gracentruth

    Man goes to jail because his dog killed a cat. We, the USA, have paid for and legally murdered over 55 million innocent babies and who went to jail for that? So now a cat is worth more than a human baby. Peace,

  • suz

    You are all missing the point . The cat was on it’s owners porch. The man with the dog walked on the owner of the cat’s property with the intent of allowng his dog to kill the cat. If a child or another person was there they couldn’t have been attacked. It’s clearly that the owner of the dog couldn’t handle his own dog as you can see him almost go down after getting his do to release the cat. If this was my cat this man would be pusing up daisey’s 6 ft. under.

    • Dubiousmack

      just more reasons why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote

  • The man comes in my driveway with his dog and it attacks my cat sitting in my driveway, I’ll shoot the man and the dog.

    • Dubiousmack

      Just one more reason why a woman shouldn’t be allowed to vote

  • blogengeezer

    New Mexico has an inordinate number of Pit Bull owners, due to the inordinate number of heavy Drug Dealers/Users (their preferable ‘Pet’). Hardly a month passes without a headline depicting a vicious blood spewing attack. From relatively minor killing (‘Pits’ tear ‘the Victim’ to shreds) of other people’s pets on leashes, to actual attacks killing innocent walkers, bystanders and even several Owners. NO ONE Ever is punished for the ‘crime’ in Blue State New Mexico. The obsessed ‘Dog Lovers’, Pack like, flock en-mass to the defense of…The Dogs. .

  • CSN

    A cat, which is an animal, dies in an altercation with a dog, which couldn’t be stopped because animals are animals, and an elderly man is locked in jail, while abortionists and people who kill their unborn babies walk free with complete protection under the law. Bassackwards.

  • Dubiousmack

    The declaration of independence commands us to overthrow the government when it has become despotic and tyrannical. I think we passed that point sometime ago. The government is trying to start a war, they believe their power is imperial. They hate the reality of their lives as parasites

  • Dubiousmack

    A cat is not a person, it is a civil case and should have had a monetary outcome, period.