Video: Economist – Dow Should Be Down 50% on Obama’s Reelection; Buy Machine Guns

Contrarian Investor Marc Faber, also known as “Doctor Doom,” was born and educated in Switzerland, where he raced for the Swiss National Ski Team. At age 24, he earned a Phd at the University of Zurich in Economics where he graducated magna cum laude.

Faber says he’s very surprised as he believes the market on Obama’s reelection “should be down 50%.” He contends that Obama is “a disaster for business, a disaster for the U.S.”

He adds that Romney “wouldn’t be much better.” However, he believes that the GOP has a better grip on what the nation needs to get back on track.

His advice for investors is typically “Doctor Doom” contrarian: buy a machine gun if you can.

  • James Vetzel

    The only problem with his advice of “buy a Machine gun” is that from the time you plunk your money down at the gun store, it takes on average about six months till you can actually take ownership of the weapon (allowed to take it home). My best advice, Buy long term storage food, fuel, Rifle, handgun, Gold/Silver. Paper money is going to be worth just so much toilet paper (after taxes) and don’t let anybody know that your stocking up. Also, Machineguns are not practable or cheap/or cheap to feed. The most inexpnsive MG is the StEn Mk2 (WWII era 9mm sub-machinegun) at about $4000.

    • The economist was Swiss. They have no such requirement. He also recommended a Tank.

      • Stan Williams

        Shiieeet ! Lets just Load Up on Dynamite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Semper Fidelis

      • Carol-Christian Soldier

        Is it time to move to Switzerland!

    • James Vetzel

      Moving is not the answer. How about taking our country back. When the 47% arrives at 50%, then Obama’s house of cards will fall. The FEMA handbook has already said that if you live in the countryside, there will be little to NO law enforcement or medical care (for the coming riots).

  • CSN

    I like the idea of states seceding from the Union better….it will prevent the Fiscal Cliff…End the Fed Bankrupters, prevent Obamacare, and we could base our economic stability on Gold Standard or Silver Standard, print our own money. Go back to the Constitution, block Courts from issuing Laws which are contrary to Ten Commandments and Constitution (see Constitution Party of Oregon and remarks by James Madison).

  • jon roberts

    secede in texas,and let the kenyan kiss arse !