Filmmaker Declines to Sell Footage of ‘Firenado’ to Al Gore Because ‘Science Isn’t Settled’ (+video)

(The Blaze) Filmmaker Chris Tangey was surprised when he was contacted by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project as the organization hoped to use his footage of a fire tornado — or “firenado” — shot in the Australian Outback in September. Tangey explained to NT News that they would need to convince him such an event was caused by man-made global warming before selling them the rights to it.

TheBlaze brought you both the story of Tangey’s “firenado” footage and also his refusal to grant rights to the Climate Reality Project. Now we’ve talked with Tangey directly about his thoughts on the use of nature footage and the context of man-made global warming, as well as why he rebuffed Gore.

Tangey, owner of Alice Springs Film and Television, in an email interview with TheBlaze explained that the first time he was contacted by Gore’s team, they were seeking rights to the footage for five years to be used in PowerPoint presentations. The second time the Climate Reality Project crew reached out, which was last week, it was for a 24-hour webcast taking place this Nov. 14 through 15.

After this initial request, Tangey said he researched climate change for himself.

“I came to the conclusion there is climate change,” he wrote. “But I am yet to see definitive evidence on its severity; how much of it is human induced; how long it has been going for and how long it is likely to go for; how much is due to the solar cycle; how much is due to the all sorts of variables in oceans which cover 71 percent of the planet’s surface and for which there is no all-encompassing historical data, nor can there be, or how capable the planet is of self-correction (which seems to be the big surprise among scientists, although they seem to be constantly ‘surprised,’ yet can be so definitive on climate change…).”

See video below. Full footage begins at 3:15:

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  • cmdorsey

    Chris made a great point, it’s the same argument we’ve tried to tell the helium bloated algore plastic people parade. The earth heals very well without algore’s help. He’s an athiest who thinks the Erff belongs to him. Algore thinks if he buys a few thousand phantom ‘carbon credits’ he will be able to fly his huge private jets to and fro from his 25 mansions. He tells us we need to start riding bikes. These people are so sick and dangerous. God handles things on earth just fine. CO2 is NOT a poison gas. Without it, none of us could survive nor could trees and plants flourish. But that’s what their plan is. Deplete and rob us of what we need. They all should take a slow rubber raft with a slow leak to China. And they can use the worthless, bird killing airfans for a motor.

  • Jominan

    Al Gore is deranged. Ask any of us from Nashville (where he’s from). The earth has been heating and cooling for billions of years just fine without ol’ Gore jumping in the middle of it.