Video: ‘Investigative Journalist’ Warns Banksters: ‘Tonight We Will Pay, But Tomorrow We Will Slay’

(TheBlaze) Self-proclaimed “progressive investigative journalist” Greg Palast on Thursday night warned “banksters” on behalf of Occupy supporters, “tonight we will pay, but tomorrow we will slay.” He delivered his remarks at an event dubbed “The People’s Bailout,” a variety show and telethon to benefit the “99 percent.”

In addition to his very clever and thinly veiled threat, Palast explained that Republicans tried to “steal” the election this time around. Apparently, they did a very poor job of it.

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  • BenDoubleCrossed

    If the FED is really trying to stimulate the economy, citizens,
    as well as banks, should receive low interest rate loans. The standard retail
    markup is 3 to 4 times the price of goods. If banks are borrowing money from
    the FED at ¼ of a percent shouldn’t’ credit card rates be 1% at the most?

    I refer you to the Tampa Bay Times story below:

    October 1, 2012

    If you’re a bank or credit card company, it’s a great time
    to borrow money. As the nation struggles to work its way out of the lingering
    recession, the effective rate that the banks can borrow is under 1 percent.
    That’s largely because the Federal Reserve for four years has striven to keep
    borrowing rates down as a way to promote lending and economic recovery.

  • mike hester

    Why are we even playing this Game of allowing a small segment of the population, having the privilege of passing off Monopoly money as U.S.Currency! As it states on the Note “for payment of Debt” That’s it folks,it is not secured by gold or silver,so that these people can charge interest on monopoly money and through the use of deceptive monetary practices convince you it’s worth something while they use it to buy real worth,Real estate,Businesses, Oil and Gas Leases.The Federal reserve also manipulates the Markets, Crashes the Economy through the use of inflated interest rates. This is a Ponsi Scheme.Nothing more Nothing Less

  • Robert Hauser

    Isn’t this fascinating, my, my ,my…..back in 1933 when Hitler took power in Germany, the first thing he did was “stomp on the leeches” that were sucking the economic life’s blood out of Germany and the German people. Now after having gotten themselves continuously sodomized bow-legged for a whole century by the outright HOAX and LIE calling itself the ‘federal reserve bank”, the chairman of whose board is jew-boy Buttface Benjamin SHALOM Bernanke, at least some of the drooling masses of America are finally getting it through their thick skulls how they have been shafted by a Rothschild credit cartel calling itself a “bank”., One way to squash a leech underfoot is to stage a massive national income tax revolt because now ALL of the income tax you surrender at gunpoint every April, if you are lucky enough to have a job worthy of the name in this fecal economy, goes straight to the “federal reserve” to pay off the totally fraudulent debt on the “loan” of our own counterfeit bogus “money to ourselves. Think about it—then ACT.

  • Robert Hauser

    As I have said before….I will believe that America maybe stands the chance of being a free nation once again the day I see a jubilant crowd of American working class citizens engaged in a friendly neighborhood rugby game….with Bernanke’s skull.