Video: Outrage Over Diver Who “Strangles,” Eats Huge Octupus For Art Project

By James Nye. A rising tide of outrage is forming after pictures emerged of a 20-year-old diver who dragged a giant Pacific octopus from its watery home and then killed and ate it for his friends art project.

Angry fellow divers from the shore of Seattle took photographs of Dylan Mayer proudly standing with the large octopus and then watched in disbelief as he and his friend tossed the still live 30 pound female onto the bed of his truck before driving off.

Their shock turned to horror as a grinning Mayer posted images of himself measuring the now dead octopus onto his Facebook account and now is in the position of having to justify to the diving community why he hunted the gentle and intelligent animal.

‘As they were coming in you could tell the octopus was alive. It was writhing around and they were wrestling with it,’ said Bob Bailey who witnessed Mayer bring the octopus to shore.

‘Its just not done. It’s bad form. Even if you can do it, you shouldn’t do it.’ Read more from this story HERE.

  • CTPM

    Obama is about to get another term and then destroy the USA and all these losers find time to worry about an octopus.

  • sandraleesmith46

    “Just because you CAN does not mean that you SHOULD!” There are MANY things that are legal or possible, but that DOESN’T make it “right” to do them!

  • If it is legal to catch the octopus and the diver bagged it legally, then where is the problem? If these panty-waisted liberals wanted them protected, why did they wait until now to say something? The divers act as though they own the water and what is in the bay. Funny they show a guy fishing off the pier in the same article. He could have possibly hooked an octopus on his line. Are they going to outlaw fishing as well? I believe these liberal cry babies need a dose of reality.

  • Paul

    Meet the next serial killer, remember his name we’ll be hearing from this psychopath again!