Video: You Can’t Vote for Obama After Seeing This

This is one of the exceptional videos of this election season, with hundreds of thousands of views over the last week.

The first half of the clip very effectively uses Obama’s own 2008 campaign rhetoric against him, something that would have been very effective in the debates.

It then describes the nations’s debt crisis, providing definition to the enormous numbers burdening our nation.

Finally, it gives a brief history on conservatism and conservative ideals.

It’s a catchy, fast-paced, and otherwise well done video. If you don’t have time for the whole clip, you should watch at least the first half.

  • When Obama came on the scene..the man scared me, he made me wonder how in the world anyone could actually believe he had any intent to be a pres when he had NO idea what he was doing and he had no idea who Americans where. the very fact that he sealed his records and would not speak about his past etc and because he always talked around the issues and told people what they wanted to hear…made me say to myself…this man is trouble! I defend your right to vote for the choice you choose, but once you have had one to many drinks, you can’t control that vehicle and it will crash!! That is the course we haed today…and when all is said and done…who will pay for stupidity/Igrorance…we ALLLLLLLLL pay!!

    • ConcernedPatriotMom

      Amen, brother. Save our Union. Vote Romney-Ryan 2012


  • concession

    Obama made a lot of promises during his 2008 campaign, He has broken those promises just as he will break all of the promises that he is making in this campaign. Obama is incompetent, and is a puppet on a string for George Soros and the Muslim extremist. He has lied about everything, how can anyone even consider voting for him. Obama intends to do America great harm after the election, He will do everything that he wants to, with nothing to stop him except WE THE PEOPLE! Our Government is broken, Our Congress and Senate are spineless,with very few exceptions. Valarie Jarrett has stated that after the election that there will be hell to pay, those who are with them will be rewarded, those that are not will pay. THE NAACP ARE INSIDE POLING PLACES AND GIVING OUT FREE WATER, ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR OBAMA, AND MOVING THEM TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE AHEAD OF OTHER VOTERS, WHEN REPORTED, NOTHING WAS DONE, EXCEPT SOMEONE FROM DOWNTOWN CALLING THE POLL WATCHER WHO REPORTED IT TO STAND DOWN. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! This is America under Obama, WE MUST DEFEAT HIM NOW!

  • Sam

    Obama never tells the truth, does not like the USA, wants to put us under UN control. tramples the Constitution, ignores the Congress, trying to kill the coal industry, and is in way over his hean on the economy. He refused t protect U.S. citizens in harms way in Libya and then lied about what had happened. He is a disgrace to the country.

    • Avspatti

      Benghazi. That’s it.

  • Billie

    The last leader that was so charismatic and all about himself as Obama was Hitler

  • Liberty girl

    Best video I’ve seen showing cause and effect of a govt. heading towards Statism!! I just wish every Democrat would watch this! The Private Sector keeps us choosing our personal destiny….thank you for producing this video! It MUST GO VIRAL!

  • Bill

    Joe, you seem to have forgotten the comparison of all the dead American soldiers that were a direct and indirect cause of Bush going into Iraq. How high would those bodies reach if they were stacked up? How about the innocent civilian casualties? How high? All those bodies plus trillions of dollars, because of one man wanting to knock off someone who tried to kill his daddy. The Afghan war, which was absolutely justified, in my opinion, surely would have been over years earlier saving thousands and thousands of lives had Bush not decided to risk the support of the world, which the US had after 911, for a personal vendetta. The only fitting reference to Reagan should be that “He (Bush) counted on the Middle East to be passive. He was wrong.”

    If you want to compare dollars only, you really need to subtract the amount of military spending related to the wars Bush caused or prolonged from the Obama deficits and add them on to the previous administration. That’s where they rightfully belong.

  • Rationality

    I’m undecided at the moment, but these videos and propaganda like this definitely sway my vote the other way.

    I normally go somewhere on the middle but this fanatical stance that “conservatives” take is getting ridiculous.

    Obama is not the Anti-Christ, the debt was built from previous years AFTER the Clinton administration, and while less government is better, what Obama did for healthcare to allow people with pre-existing conditions to receive healthcare such as cancer.

    And I look forward to defend my country for the fourth time since 2004. Stop with the ads and do your research yourself. Don’t rely on a YouTube video clip to make your decision.

  • searcher0