War Looms Over Gaza as Israel Mobilizes Troops Near Border (+video)

photo credit: stringsofasoulJERUSALEM – Both the Israeli military and militants in the Gaza strip continued relentless air strikes Friday as Israeli troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers massed near the Palestinian territory, signaling a ground invasion might be growing near.

Hopes of even a brief cease-fire were dashed after both sides accused the other of violating a proposed cease-fire during a visit by the prime minister of Egypt to Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had told Egypt that Israel was prepared to suspend its military offensive in the Gaza Strip during Prime Minister Hisham Kandil’s three-hour visit there Friday.

However, Israel later said Hamas did not honor the deal, saying rockets fired from Gaza had hit several sites in southern Israel as Kandil was in the enclave.

Israel strongly denied it had carried out any attacks from the time Kandil entered Gaza, though Gaza militants claimed Israel had continued strikes during the visit.

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  • MY Support is, and will ALWAYS be for israel..Israel has one thing no other nation has, and that is the support and leadership of Jesus Christ! So NO nation had better go against them, because they will have toi contend w/HIM!! Isral will never be rooted out of israel…NO matter what they think! GO Israel!!

  • Robert Hauser

    My support is and always will be for those with the courage to defy the Rat State of Israel….and this isn’t “war”, it is no more than out and out carnage for the sheer sociopathic thrill of it—Israel has all the weapons, the Palestinians have none but a few rocks to throw at Israel “Defense” Force tanks—you dignify that with the name of “war”? I dare say that Bruce Sims believes that Jonathan Pollard should have been given the congressional medal of honor, too, for selling our navy code secrets to the soviets—-and I would likewise venture that he thinks the jewish attack on the unarmed USS Liberty was some kind of “divine act” too.

  • Barry_Suxx

    “Palestinians have only a few rocks to throw at Israeli Tanks” ? There are none so blind as those who will not see; such as the likes of R. Hauser.
    Hasn’t the World noticed BY NOW that these so-called peaceful-Palestinians are all equipped with RPGs, Rockets, Assault Rifles, Explosives, Ammunition and Bombs? And the FACT that the primary supplier is Iran, with lesser amounts coming from Syria, and Egypt… Hauser, you’re clearly waaaay out of touch with reality. You sound like another one of those Commie-KoolAid Drink’n Leftists, who’s had their grey-matter dissolved by listening to all that Commie propaganda. Perhaps you could find closer mindset friends and more tranquility by relocating in the Bekaa Valley. You’d definitely ‘fit right in’.
    In a nutshell: The Palestinians do NOT want peace; never did; never will.
    Every time Peace Agreements become real and certain, their rabble begins Bombing/Killing Israelis, just to keep the fires of hatred fanned.