White House Petition Frenzy: New Petition to Strip Citizenship of Secession Signers Gains Steam (+video)

On President Barack Hussein Obama’s WhiteHouse.gov petition website, a new petition has been posted that seeks to strip the citizenship of all citizens who have signed secession petitions. Created on November 12, the petition now has 7,917 signatures.

To meet the White House’s 25,000 signature threshold for consideration, the petition requires – at the time of this posting, an additional 17,083 by December 12, 2012. At the current rate of over 4,000 signatures per day, it seems pretty apparent that this petition will reach its signature goal.

The creator of this most recent petition is “Douglas H.” from Escondido, California.

This new petition – as well as the secession petitions that have been filed since last week’s election – stand little chance of going anywhere despite the Obama administration’s attempt to create false expectations by citing to successful petitions relating to the women’s right to vote, slavery, and civil rights under the link, “History of Petitions.” The White House conveniently leaves out that such “petitions” required constitutional amendments and/or congressional action as well.

Other disappointing features of the WhiteHouse.gov petition site include the “We the People” wording on the headers of each page as well as the shaded “TAX CUTS” phrase immediately above “We the People.” The Obama administration likely got some real humor out of the inclusion of both phrases, given its antipathy to both Tea Party “We the People” ideals as well as tax cuts.

Here’s what the White House itself says about its petition process:

  • sreynolds

    What we need to do is strip citizenship from ANY lawmaker that did not hold true to their oath………

    • dustyvet

      don’t forget he didn’t prove his citizenship yet,and nothing will be done about it or anything else the dictator decides to do.

    • OldArmy67

      Can I have a AMEN!

      • frawgeyz

        How about two! Amen and Amen!!!!!

  • Stan Williams

    Bring on the papers to sign so i can leave to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia ! Taxes are 1 thing, etc. but to give for the P.O.S.POTUS to throw away, and his and her’s junket vacations……Get me out of here ! On Secession…according to the Confederate States of America, We are still in Secession. This was Never Nullified in 1865, and all We need to do is to Restore the Original Declaration ! Semper Fidelis

    • sandraleesmith46

      Semper Fi, Marine; The trouble with moving is that all the REST of the world has already gone socialist too; there’s NOWHERE to escape it, only CHANGE it within a separate nation. As you say, the original secession, which WAS Constitutionally legitimate, was never nullified; you were dragged, kicking and screaming, back into the “union”. Our biggest problem is that most of the states are also “divided” within themselves; urbanites WANTING the socialist agendas while the rest DON’T! Nor do they even comprehend that it’s WE, who stand with and on the Constitution who ARE the true Americans; that it’s a SPIRIT you don’t get born with, but either have or DON’T, and they DON’T, whether you’re a first generation immigrant {legal}, or a 10th or more generation descendent thereof. Those don’t want us here either, so the sensible thing would be to set aside an area where we can establish our own nation, and live in PEACE with our capitalism and religion and guns without their interference!

      • Rachel

        Get up a good army of Vets, invade Mexico and take it over. Kind of like the Mexicans did here.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Hon, the DRUG cartels own and run Mexico, including governorships of more than half their states, since a year ago last August! We vets aren’t stupid enough to take them on!

          • DG

            And the only reason there is a ‘war on drugs’ with Mexico is because The the Feds and the CIA does not like the Competition with the drugs they get from Afghanistan

      • Lets do it.

    • frawgeyz

      Semper Fidelis to you sir!

    • Yeah think i will go along with you. This i feel is no longer my America where i can stand up, salute my flag, carry a cross, pray, or even say in God we Trust without some a–hole threatening to sue or shoot me.

  • Saint

    “We the People” must stop all money flowing into those who have control! Hurt them in pocketbook! “We ther People” have a choice!. Stop Christmas buying, focus on GOD. Turn off all TV’s, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and all associated medias! They have made the division, do not give them your money! If you pay them, you support them! The people must stand strong! We can turn the banks too. Only when “We the People” are united can we effect change. And change we must do for America the Republic.

    • Rachel

      YES…our only power left is the power of the wallet. And once hyperinflation kicks in we won’t even have that.

      • Only if we have our guns and lots of ammo… bury extra guns and ammo and prepare for the day of reckoning. America now has a gun behind every blade of grass.. Lets make it two guns behind every blade of grass, with lots of ammo.

  • Until the state actually seceedes from the broken usa they cannot remove your citizenship.

    • Rachel

      We have a dictator now. He can and will do whatever he wants. He’s violated the Constitution and law for 4 yrs. You see anyone stopping him so far?

      • Not the worthless bunch of Congressmen we have. And when i say worthless, i mean worthless. Poor excuses for people that are supposed to be our leaders.. I would never teach my children to look up to any of them.

        • Rachel

          They are truly a disgrace.

        • Ray Downen

          We have good Senators and excellent Representatives in Washington, D.C. But Obama manages to ignore them and continues on his merry way to destroy the nation. At least I want the Congress to impeach the man. It’s obvious that the Senate won’t go along, but at the least we can look with pride to our Congress IF they go on record with stating that the man is a fraud and our enemy.

  • joan

    The Citizenship Petition is a joke! Does anyone remember what a Republic is? I live in the Nation State of Colorado. I have never been a US Citizen because I do not live or work for the Federal Corporation their possessions, territory’s or outlying islands!

    • David in MA

      It is a joke because sending it to the white house is not the way to do it.
      Each state legislature has to place it on a ballot for the people to vote on and then these legislatures have to vote to adopt it and then notify the federal congress……signing this petition is only a feel good thingy, OR, it is a plant petition for the socialict marxists to make a list from identifying those who will be going to the FEMA Camps….
      WHERE ARE THE PATRIOTS? (and don’t say in Boston)

      • sandraleesmith46

        In the Veteran Defenders’ Union and Patriots for America groups, and others like that.

        • Rachel

          Join the OathKeepers

      • Rachel

        I agree…why are they asking permission? States just need to exercise their rights…and be willing to fight for liberty.

    • sandraleesmith46

      We haven’t actually had a Republic since 1871, when DC did incorporate; but we COULD reform one; given the opportunity, based on that Constitution as our Founding Fathers wrote and ratified it, again, and build a nation such as they intended for us to have! I would rather sacrifice my social security and VA pensions for that than for the way they WILL be sacrificed under this communist regime anyway!

  • Just FIRE the Federal Government. Their extent of their legal responsibility was to represent these United States in the matter of foreign affairs and to provide a common defense, THAT IS ALL they were contracted to do. All else is frivolousness.

    • sandraleesmith46

      I wouldn’t call it frivolous; but definitely extraneous; and illegal as well!

    • Rachel

      Fire them? LOL…..we have no power and no representation anymore. We can’t even throw stones at them Palestinian style. But eventually if secession isn’t allowed, I imagine there is going to be a real insurgency going on here just like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Busko

    We ae living in a communist country now those on the left are hell bent on removing the constitution fromwhat is left of our nation. We have seen our better days.

  • Barry_Suxx

    As a Law-Abiding, Civil-Minded, Tax-Paying American Citizen, who honors our Laws AND respects our Constitution, I expect Nothing-LESS than our Congress COUNTER this particular petition, with their own move to Impeach our Phony Usurper-n-Chief for his Breach-of-Oath, and for All the Federal Laws that HE has purposely broken.

    • pferrell

      I would be satisfied if they all, from both parties, show some patriotic backbone and get to the bottom of ALL this KNOWN voter fraud and for once do something SERIOUS about it. I protest my vote and others that are legal being made useless by a bunch of lawless idiots.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Not going to happen. Remember in about September, when Obama told Medvedev to relay to Putin {incoming President of Russia} he’d have more flexibility after he was re-elected? He DIDN’T say IF he was re-elected; but stated it as fact; he KNEW then, the fix was in and this “election” was a complete fraud from the get-go. Even Romney’s concession so early was a JOKE, on US, the American citizens! It was all as choreographed as a “reality” television show is!

    • sandraleesmith46

      The House would have brought the articles last session, 2 years ago, except that the Senate, presided over by the Chief Justice has to hear and vote on the case; and they KNEW it would NEVER be heard even, with dingy Harry in charge in the Senate; just like the many budget and jobs bills have NOT been!

  • Edmund Ruffin

    The imperial federal government is welcome to strip my citizenship if they allow my state to secede.

    • Just let me know when that state secede’s and you will have another citizen there.

  • David in MA

    “On President Barack Hussein Obama’s WhiteHouse.gov petition website, a new petition has been posted that seeks to strip the citizenship of all citizens who have signed secession petitions.”
    Which would, in fact, accomplish the act of secession…..obozo would give away his :”kingdom” by “punishing the peasants.” and he and his islamic marxists would have to leave the new country he would be creating as he would no longer be a part of it, and the “new” country could just continue on under the present constitution, etc.,….go ahead idiot, Make Our Day!
    Because THAT will be THE DAY an arrest warrant will be posted for your azz.

  • bigdog137

    The Constitution guarantees citizens the right to secede from the Union. This cannot be stopped, if voters deem it the right course to follow, & with another term for the Boob in Charge, who can blame them?

  • pferrell

    What in the hell is going on? Is this country not only being run as a dictatorship of inexperienced idiots and are they being guided by the hordes of uncivilized leaches that only take and never give anything to this country. I dreadfully fear the future and what’s sure to come about.

    • sandraleesmith46

      That’s WHY there are about 40 petitions, from that many different states, seeking to secede from the “unions” running the rest!

    • Rachel

      Why do you think we want to secede? This isn’t America anymore. It’s just a big country run by Marxists and filled with idiots. Who wants to live here anymore? Cut the nation in half and each govern our own. And put up a wall, because once the leech’s side collapses in short order, they are going to want to come to our nation. NO VISAS.

      • No Visas and if you was not a citizen and you are caught living in a free America, You will be tarred and feathered and then sent back to your original place you once called home.

  • jb80538

    I doubt this will fly. It’s no crime in America to voice your opinion. At least not yet.

    Any senatorn congressman or POTUS that doesn’t uphold the constitution however should have their citizenship revoked and then they be sent to GITMO as an enemy combatant.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Like that’s going to happen, when it’s the MAJORITY of them???

  • Delores109

    I intend to try to convict Obama for ACTS OF TREASON. Please send me your name and address if you want to convict Obama of Treason. If you don’t, you will faced with his Dictatorship. God Bless America. Obama is unable to take away our citizenship by interferring with our e-mails. I need names for Court to convict him under the RULE OF LAW.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • pearla

    Great! That means that we won’t have to pay taxes and we can get free stuff since we will be illegal and of course they won’t deports us because they don’t inforce immigration laws.

    • Barry_Suxx

      Yes,,,, There ARE All Those ‘Fringe Benefits’ of NOT being a Legal Citizen here.
      Free Healthcare
      No Auto Insurance /Premiums
      No Income Taxes
      No Property Taxes
      Free Food Stamps

  • metoo

    Did anyone click on the site to see the video? It’s really funny since it gives you tips on how to start a petition, and in this case it tells you how to petition for “green jobs” and how the “green jobs” will benefit the nation and working people. GIVE ME A BREAK! Doesn’t “We the People” remember Solyndra? This site is a joke. For the Obama administration to cite Solyndra is clearly showing it’s rectal-cranial inversion status. Did they forget how that ended? Secession needs to start at the state level first.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Yes, and there was some comment about the format of the pages being a joke too; but the fact that there were 40 petitions from as many different states and 2 at least had already topped the requisite number of signatories to be heard in less than a week, and barely a week after the election, SHOULD tell Obama and his pals that this nation is FAR too divided to be ONE nation under his policies any longer!

  • reggiec

    One positive aspect of the secession petitions is that i numbers are high enough; it will force even the main stream media to report it.Even if they report it as having no chance; the numbers will send a message that there are many who do not like the direction our nation is heading under Obama.

    • sandraleesmith46

      It also TELLS him loud and clear that he DID NOT get a “mandate” from “the people”! The number of signatories was over 1/2 million already last night, in just a few days from the first appearance of the first petition; with TX and LA already over the requisite number of signatories to be heard!

  • vietnamvet1971

    I signed kentucky’s just to show how I feel about this MESS they have created. I guess I am marked as a Malcontent and need to be Deported, since they will not deport the ILLEGALS us Malcontents may have to GO, Laugh, Ha.

    • sandraleesmith46

      BUT if they strip us of citizenship: a}where can they send us if we’re NOT first generation immigrants, because THIS IS the nation from which we came; and b} as illegals we would then be supported BY THEM …

    • I signed the one for N.Y. I guess i will be deported also. Looks like i may be a Texan after all. SAVE THE ALAMO.

  • ltfbhh

    I’m sure the majority of those who signed that petition are also in favor of GIVING citizenship to the illegal alien moochers who are destroying this country. Liberalism is a disease of the mind. If not properly treated it leads to the destruction of the country.

  • It’s coming folks. I hate to be a “Chicken Little” but this gang of slugs running the White House has managed to split us all into different factions so that we will be at each others throats. Divide and conquer. The crap is about to hit the fan so we all must chose our sides and hope for the best. Good luck America, land that I love.

    • sandraleesmith46

      He didn’t divide us; the divide has been there since Wilson; it’s just gotten to the point of being beyond repair, or reuniting, and having become UNSUSTAINABLE!

  • CSN

    The real people who have seceded from the Union are the Democrats who are stripping people of their Religious Liberty, protected in the Bill of Rights, which just happens to be part of the Constitution. You’ve tread on me Obama, and all people of Faith by imposing a mandate which has no credence in a Free Country, which grants Religious Liberty to all people. To shut down institutions, businesses and places of learning, because their insurance policies will not give out Free Birth Control and Abortions is way over the top. How can anyone call this “Freedom” when one class of people imposes restrictions so adamantly against another class of people. James Madison said we are to self-Govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God, not the License of Satan. God Save America.

  • OldArmy67

    To all the A-H liberals who wish to strip citizenship from those singing petitions to secede you better have your guns ready…oh that’s right, you don’t like guns. Anyhow, you better pack your bags because we are going to deport you back to Europe and the liberal ideal you love so much. Get out now while the getting is good. We were here first and most of you idiots are Johnny Come Lately Post 1900. My ancestors came to this country in 1757 and fought for it’s freedom from King George III. Some came later in the 1840’sto escape what you love so well. They all worked very hard to give us what we have today and that which you wish to destroy. Not on my watch sucker.

  • Lets think about this for a minute. If we get stripped of citizenship then we are no longer legal in the nation. Then we become illegals. We can work anywhere we want under the table and done pay taxes…….Ok Im in.

  • PatriotDiva

    If they try this, they will have a civil war on their hands! It is the liberals in this country who should be stripped of their citizenship, starting with the usurper and manchurian candidate in the White House!

  • Barry_Suxx

    Fellow Patriots of Our U.S. Constitution:

    The whole point in Seceding from this perverted USSA is NOT for US to ‘Leave this Country’, it is ALL About US staying right where we’re AT, and Forming Our OWN Sovereign & Independent Government(s) AWAY from the reach and Grip-Control of the USSA. So forget about having to ‘Move’; make the USSA MOVE OUT!!! This is ALL About STATES RIGHTS! And as much as obozo has tried to paint&glorify himself as some kind of a Lincoln, he’s done everything possible to accomplish the Exact OPPOSITE; i.e. Divide and Destroy this once Great Nation. And the reason there are now 50-states asking for Secession from this Fiasco of his, is because the Conservative Majority is Sick&Tired of having NO Voice; as the ‘Makers’ are punished, while the ‘Takers’ are rewarded.

  • Rachel

    Is that supposed to be BAD! Illegals get more favors, attention and benefits than US citizens do.

  • SEE: If the law was applied EQUALLY to those that make it and those that are effected by it and they were BOTH applied to , then maybe the laws would be more thought out when they are written and drated! They are not now applied as to the politician and to the lay people we are! See the health care does not apply to politicians and niether does social security..When the battle over integration happened…lawmakers took their children out and ..well, you guessed it..apply the law to al and have all laws enact as per EVERY citizen…let all pay a FLAT tax based upon their income etc IF seccession is the answer to get this country ,so be it! IF the Feds aren’t doing right…make em or leave the union!! According to the constitution, the state is the dominant force, that is until Abe lincoln, changed that and gave the Feds the power and they are NOYT to have it but…stole it!! Choose the TRUTH or loose the nation!

  • IT is NOT the union that needs to be suceeded from, it’s the FEDS!! They have way to much power not given to them…they took what was NOT thiers!!

  • m123s

    We are advised to be as wise as the Serpent, and as meek as a dove. We are living in the “fig tree generation”; we must apply wisdom, and self control.

  • Robert Young

    Stripping true Americans of their Citizenship is just what you would expect from Obama supporters, many of whom are NOT American Citizens.

  • What? Are they crazy? Then the secessionists have nothing left to lose, right? They will qualify for all the social programs and goodies the current illegals do and won’t have to pay taxes! They won’t have to signs up for the draft and they don’t get to see their vote usurped by electronic voting fraud. Are those congressional idiots joking? Let people protest, I say. My tax burden is heavy enough.

  • farrightextreme

    Stupid, The 1st and 2nd Amendments will go but it will be another year or more.

  • bouboulina

    We all know which of the 2 petitions the current administration will honor–with the proviso that the secessionists will be stripped of all their worldly goods prior to being stripped of their citizenship. Perhaps their presence in the country in their new status as illegals will enable them to take advantage of the mass amnesty & qualify them for all the social services, including obamacare & a voter registration card, as Democrats, of course.

  • sandraleesmith46

    @DG: That statement MIGHT make sense IF the CIA wasn’t also getting them FROM Mexico; just like they are in Afghanistan, and did from the “golden triangle” during the Vietnam War!

  • 7Out7

    This is only the first installment of bHo’s “revenge” presidency. He will tolerate no criticism. Starting to sound a bit like Mussolini, isn’t he? Just wondering: how do you strip US citizens, born here, of citizenship? Where would you deport them to? Or will bHo sit in the Oval Office with a list of people who want secession and put a pen mark through each name, muttering “no citizenship for you” a la the Soup Nazi from the Jerry Seinfeld show?

  • Ray Downen

    I want only the best for this nation. Just now the best that we can hope for is for patriots to move into a new nation where we will be more safe from attacks by Obama. He rules this land. He hates liberty. He wants everyone to share poverty and is close to accomplishing it. If anyone with property wants to retain ownership, the wise course is to move it out of Obama’s reach.

  • Lizelot

    Is this another assault on free speech and freedom of opinion? Any lame excuse goes?

    Seceders are expressing their opinion of the state of affairs, and they are threatened with loss of citizenship when they ARE actually exercising citizenship rights. The violent and rowdy OWSers were not only allowed to break various local laws, they were applauded for their reckless actions, not only by the media but by this admistration. Exactly which laws have the petitioners for secession broken?

  • David in MA

    and, where would these “no longer citizens” go?
    might be worth the gamble…..
    just a thought: soddum and gommoria, almost like east of the mississippi and west of the mississippi—–and you think all these weather incidents are just a coincidance? WERE BEING WARNED BY YAHWEH, fools.