Call to Arms: Sandy Hook May Foreshadow Unimaginable Horrors for the US

The horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre almost immediately led to calls across the nation for stricter gun control, from President Obama to CNN’s Piers Morgan. Protests against the NRA and disparaging remarks against other pro-Second Amendment groups seemed to dominate the mainstream and social media. Some newspapers are actually pushing online petitions to ban assault rifles.

But the reactions aren’t limited to these petitions and public statements; anti-gun laws are being planned, too. In fact, Democratic leaders have announced that they will introduce comprehensive gun control legislation in the 113th Congress. They, as well as Obama, believe the only answer to gun violence is to take away guns.

The GOP House may prove incapable of stopping this effort. As the Reagan coalition continues to implode due to spineless leadership in Congress, many believe that RINO’s will partner with Democrats and enact more restrictive gun control.

In my opinion, this could be a catastrophic mistake. In fact, I’ll go a step further: instead of making our schools safer, banning guns may actually lead to more Sandy Hooks.

First, no law is going to stop a madman from a massacre. Before he started his evil rampage, Lanza was already in violation of all sorts of laws including the prohibition on his possession of handguns (he was under 21 years of age) and the possession of guns on school property.

But more importantly, the whole world now knows that a single lunatic, with apparently little firearms training, can pretty much break into any school and massacre children at will until law enforcement arrives. There’s little risk of anyone interfering, as the vast majority of U.S. schools have no armed guards.

What are our enemies thinking? The radical Islamists, who have perpetuated mass suicide attacks in the US and abroad, are likely salivating over the possibilities in the U.S., opportunities that are certain to expand with even more gun restrictions.

They’ve already tried it in schools abroad. Remember the horrific Beslan School massacre in Russia eight years ago? 334 were slaughtered – over half, children – in an attack by Islamists from Chechnya.

Could you imagine if just 100 of these fundamentalists, split into two-man teams, decided to attack fifty elementary schools across our nation? If a scrawny lunatic 20 year old can single-handedly murder dozens, think what trained terrorists could do. And think about the impact of such a coordinated attack.

These fanatics are likely already operating in the U.S., as they did immediately prior to 9-11. Close to home, we know Iran is exporting terror to Mexico and to drug cartels operating in Latin America. Additionally, increasing numbers of illegal aliens from the Middle East are crossing our southern border.

Coordinated Beslan-like attacks in the United States would be absolutely devastating. Due to misguided gun-free zones, the United States would be looking at a slaughter on an unimaginable scale.

So how is additional gun control legislation going to help protect against that? Rather than enhancing safety, further restricting guns from private ownership in the U.S. will only serve to embolden such aggressors, ensuring that their murderous plans are not impeded.

As Larry Pratt noted in his skewering of Piers Morgan on CNN last week, the only reasonable answer to prevent aggression is to arm potential victims, not disarm them. Schools across the nation should recognize that they are targets and prepare accordingly.

  • Its not about kids, its about control of the Masses thats what it is really about! communism! right here in the good ole usa !

    • MsSgt3

      Well one of us is thinking!!! You are so smart, Terry. That’s what this is all about. Anyone who does their research knows this to be true.

    • tgsherman


    • pupster40

      Exactly right Terry. All people need to do is read Stalin’s manifesto on “how to overthrow the USA”, the progressive/communists are following it to the letter.

    • Blogengeezer

      The liberal left obsessed USA, already has plenty of Stalin/Lenin endorsed “Useful Idiots”, so well programmed by ‘the academy’ and media.

      No such problems existed in the USA, until “The Great Society” redistributed wealth in the name of ‘fairness and equality’, to encourage free time and financial resources, to a segment of society that took up mind altering ‘Drugs’… as a Recreation.

      Only 25% of US children are now raised in a ‘Traditional Family’. ‘Feral’ associations now run amok across the USA. Moral teachings are now attacked as too ‘restrictive’? Career Repeat Offenders are now encouraged to cycle throughout law abiding society? Why?

      USA is now a willing Victim of rampant ‘Pharmacia’, while blaming and attempting to irrationally ‘ban’ the ‘Tools’ used in it’s predictable mind altered mayhem. Psychotropic substances do alter thought processes, as Sandy Hook and Gabrial Gifford etc etc etc, have so well demonstrated.

      Ban Drugs to Stop crime. Ban federal ‘subsidies’ (educational subsistence) that Bought and paid for the weaponry used in the Aurora incident? Oh wait, that’s not ‘Fair nor Equal’. Much easier to ban ‘Everyone’s weapons of self defense. An impossible deed, historically proven deadly.

  • jon

    you can tighten laws, but if you want war, you can bet it will come with trying to take guns

  • EBlake

    Alright we need to wake up and remember 9/11 what did we get DHS and TSA, well now they are using this tragedy and the NRA is helpping them.

    Do we really want the goverment to come up with the solution to protect our kids???

    • Joe1938

      How about Texas and…
      The Guardian Plan
      Texas school where teachers carry guns prepared to protect students
      Posted Friday, Dec. 14, 2012113
      Is arming schoolteachers and staff a good idea?
      Yes. Our children must be safe and protected.

      Also Israel. Their teachers pack “assault weapons”! Have there been mass killings in any of the Israeli schools?

  • CSN

    Piers Morgan ought to go back to judging talent (America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent), as he has no talent for common sense in the Political arena…just a stupid Old Brit with a Socialist background.

  • CSN

    I looked up some Statistics to make a point….Each year approximately 13,846 people die from alcohol related automobile accidents in the United States. 40,000 people die per year in automobile accidents in general. Fatal gun deaths account for approximately 31,224 death, but out of that number 17,352 are from suicides. So if we want to ban guns, then lets ban alcohol and automobiles….wouldn’t that make sense????

  • tgsherman

    When they take away the guns I would not to be living on any border states! The drug cartels are not going to check their guns at the border crossing! You will be dead!! If you give up your gun then don’t come to my house asking for help! Once again if Obama & Congress & the Cops can go home at night & protect their family then why can’t YOU!

  • rimpy


  • rimpy

    the SAFEST anyone CAN BE is Able to Defend if Attacked.

  • Homer

    Behind every communist takeover and covt control scheme is: you guessed it…”Gun Control” Hitler and Karl marx and Fidel castro and Communist red China and Venezuala…EVERY one of these Govt takeovers were procedded w/gun control!!

  • Homer

    SEE NO ONE is going to make me believe that guns kill people anymore than lead pencils make mistakes…Cars do not speed and get tickets, drugs do not overdose, and missles do not explode etc etc UNLESS: PEOPLE do w/these items, and many more, just what they were designed to do! PEOPLE…that is who gets the ticket and who get drunk and who speed and make the mistakes etc This argument is NOT about anyone getting killed or a poor child getting shot at school, it is about some govt using this situation to their advantage to get “CONTROL” of the populace! When guns go, then the govt gets total and utter control!! History proves it and so does “COMMON SENSE” ! Ronald Reagan said it best…”PEACE thru STRENGTH” That’s what it is all about!!!

  • William

    The easiest way to gain control of the population is to carry out acts of terror. The public will clamor for such laws if the personal security is threatened. – Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

    “Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.
    – Adolph Hitler

  • Lizelot

    Murderers are by definition lawbreakers. In fact, how effective have gun control laws been so far in preventing murder, any kind of murder by means of guns? All these mass murders have taken place in gun free areas, be it a university, Fort Hood (1 armed man vs trained but unarmed military!), a high school, a political public meeting with no armed police in sight, a movie theater that was posted as gun free, and now an elementary school, mostly with handguns not assault rifles.

    Two factors jump out: gun free zones and a person who was earlier flagged as mentally disturbed, who used this well-known fact to his advantage.

    Joe Miller is spot on, but let’s hope not prophetic, in that this will sooner or later give ideas to those who hate us, say, Jihadists, who seem tb well-organized and capable of heinous crimes. But do we focus on either of these three factors–gun free zones, mental aberration, and Jihadists? Of course not. We focus on more gun control because that is working so well, and it gives mouthers like Piers Morgan et al a chance to mouth off in spite of their glaring ignorance.

  • nemnem

    I just don’t think people get how vulnerable we are to attack, how unprepared we are. Most people in America have their head in the sand and cannot imagine something bad happening. When things do, they are in denial, unequipped and need counseling. So they let the Gov. take away our rights, propose idiotic controls over our freedoms.

  • Joe1938

    Every adult who is present at a massacre of children and who is not prepared with the tools to protect those children, should be charged with accessory to all the crimes committed by the killer. The same goes for those who pass laws that prevent teachers having the tools to protect the helpless innocent children in their charge. The reason helpless innocent children are massacred is because people will not allow them proper protection. How these people can live with themselves is a mystery.