Fox News Contributor Punched in Face at Pro-Union Protests in Michigan (+video)

A Fox News contributor was punched in the face during a pro-union protest Tuesday in Michigan, one of a series of confrontations between union demonstrators and opponents on the day the state Legislature approved so-called “right to work” legislation that unions oppose.

Steven Crowder, a conservative comedian and Fox News contributor, had spent the day questioning demonstrators, and video he posted on YouTube showed some of them becoming verbally aggressive, with one telling him, “get the f— out of my face!”

Another protester can be seen later in the video punching Crowder in the face before being restrained by another man.

Crowder later posted photos on his Twitter account showing a chipped tooth and “minor cut on forehead.” He told the website that the scuffle started when protesters tried to tear down a tent set up by conservative organization Americans for Prosperity.

“They were trying to tear down the tent and people were trying to pull them off. … And as they did that, a few people tripped,” he told the website. “This guy tripped over a tent peg and then got up and hit me.”

Watch video:

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  • Jim

    Calling the police or your congressman is not the answer here. The shady lawyers will always get them released. The answer is to do what the victims of KKK violence did. Sue them in Civil Court. The KKKhas virtually disappeared because their money and property were taken from them. You are much more likely to win there.
    If each one of the victims of this union violence could get a 20 million dollar judgement from these criminals, and the Union they represent, the unions would be bankrupt in 6 months. Nobody would want to be connected with (or appear to be connected with) the Unions and they would virtually disappear.
    Remember how OJ Simpson was found not guilty in his criminal case, and thought he was home free. He was then sued in Civil Court for his wife’s and her friend’s wrongful death. The families were given all of OJ’s property. It’s one thing to put someone in jail, but take every last cent from him and you get his attention quickly.