Group-Home Staff Took Illiterate, Developmentally Disabled Resident to Vote

Cecil Pearson is “shocked” his daughter voted for Barack Obama in November, but not for a typical reason: Darlene, Pearson’s daughter, is intellectually disabled and functionally illiterate, and lives with five other women in a group home operated by Easter Seals.

“We are here to support the individual’s rights and we help them exercise their rights as adults,” Jeff Smith, Easter Seals chief communication officer, told The Daily Caller.

“We we were providing the support for those individuals based on their community involvement and desires, and in this case their desire was to vote.”

In the state of North Carolina, Darlene can vote, marry and enter into contracts, despite a court ruling in 1995 declaring her incompetent.

“Its not my role to refute law or otherwise,” Smith told TheDC, “They are individuals and they have the same rights. … They were fully in their right to vote.”

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  • Linda Ray

    As long as the republicans cow down, what difference does it make. They are the party of weakness. They show no fight. We new a new speaker with guts.

    • As long as you even think of questioning a person’s absolute right to vote, you are the evil racist hate-monger, waging war on the middle class.

      The problem is that too many people back down immediately instead of questioning possible or obvious voter fraud

      • Shame we can’t mandate voters being at least somewhat educated on the issues and candidates.

    • Does anyone know if a new speaker is scheduled to be elected? If not, do we need to motivate our elected officials to do so? (with e-mails to our reps)

  • vaquerobob

    What’s so surprising??? A lot of intellectually disabled and functionally illiterate people voted for Obama… they’re called Democrats.

  • Gizmo

    Joe, this happens ALL the time!!! I’ve worked polls for years, many more than I wish to count, and EACH election, at least at MY precinct, we have a troop of incapacitated people wheeled, carried & cajoled through the process. That’s here in INDIANA, I can’t imagine what it’s like in Chicago, Philly or ‘Frisco! We are told to “tolerate” them coming into the plooing area with stickers, shirts, etc. advertising “their” candidate & to “allow” someone to “help” them sign their name, on the voter roll & to go into the booth with them! These guys, yes, are human, are NOT “pets” & have souls, etc. but most of them have NO cognition, NO mental capability, to read even a comic book or the stickers they wear let alone understand & know who & why they are voting.
    Of course, since the common everyday guy on the street – loose – can function barely above these guys! They drool & slobber & make inarticulate noises just as well as these guys, yet they are allowed to vote, too.
    I’m not sure how to do it, but it would sure be nice to have a studied, reasoned voting bloc instead of all the sheeple!

  • Wayright2

    Why not go and ask these individuals who they voted for. You will probably get a blank stare. Enough said?

  • Easter Seals is, once again, showing their true colors, which is why I’ve dropped them from my list of choice nonprofits. (Shame, I know, that they’ve forced this on us.) I’d love to hear more from Cecil Pearson on this! Having worked with developmentally disabled people of all ages, I’m VERY sure that, if given all of the facts, Darlene would’ve followed her conscientious sense of right and wrong and either: voted very differently or completely declined to vote altogether. How pathetic that Easter Seals would exploit both the staffer and the victim! However, this is what they do (instead of sticking to genuine humanitarianism).

  • This is the first electronic coup d’etat in American history. This story is just more proof that our system of electing officials need to RADICALLY change.

  • Everyone who was involved in this travesty should be arrested and sent to jail for voter fraud. If a judge declares someone incompetent, they are not eligible to vote. If it was their desire to vote, Why was it necessary for the caretakers to tell them who to vote for? Someone needs to bring these scumbags to justice, They should not be allowed to care for those who are intellectually disabled and or functionally illiterate. Just how low can the Democrats go? This is a new low, even for them.

  • I witnessed a woman and her disabled companion voting. The woman said “Obama looks so nice in his suit and he seems nice” Her companion was no-verbal and unable to sign or mark the ballot. It became a duplicate of the first.

    Voter registration laws need to be in place and a return to paper ballots. Too much cheating is going on.

  • dmbatten

    All as a results of Bev Perdue’s liberal agenda; thank God she will be out of the picture soon.