Many Freed Illegal Alien Criminals Avoid Deportation, Strike Again

Qian Wu thought the man who brutally attacked her was gone forever. She was sure that Huang Chen, a Chinese citizen who slipped into America on a ship and stayed in the country illegally, would be deported as soon as he got out of jail for choking, punching, and pointing a knife at her in 2006.

But China refused to take Chen back. So, after jailing Chen on and off for three years in Texas, immigration officials believed they were out of options and did what they have done with thousands of criminals like him.

They quietly let him go.

Nobody warned Wu, or prosecutors, or the public. The petite, 46-year-old woman learned Chen was still here when he stormed into her unlocked apartment one day in January 2010 and announced, “I bet you didn’t expect to see me.” Terrified, she called the police, and he fled. But for two weeks, Chen was free to stalk her and finally, to catch her as she hurried home with milk and bread one afternoon.

Chen then finished what he had started earlier, bashing Wu on the head with a hammer and slashing her with a knife. As she lay crumpled in a grimy stairwell, he ripped out her heart and a lung and fled with his macabre trophies…

Wu is just one casualty of an immigration system cloaked in a blanket of secrecy that the Founding Fathers could not have imagined, a blanket that isn’t lifted even when life is at risk. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and its sister agencies have emerged as the largest law enforcement network in the United States since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and they are increasingly dealing with criminals, but they play by very different rules than the local police, prosecutors, or even the FBI.

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  • Dempseycoleman

    This is why our stupid Ass Republican Jerks need to wake the Hell UP.
    As long as we have RINO’s like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell in charge in house & Senate and puppy dogs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham for example and plenty more in house & Senate. No wonder Jim DeMint is going to the Heritage Foundation where he can try and teach a younger bunch of hopeful Conservative Republican’s to take UP the fight WE have Lost. Another wish I have is Bill Whittle can team UP with Jim DeMint and teach the UP and Coming Conservative Republican’s how to deliver a Winning Message that will Deliver US a Federal Government
    we can finally Tame and put back in It’s Place where It Belongs

  • sandraleesmith46

    THIS is what “amnesty for illegals” BREEDS! How do you even rationally expect people who BROKE the law to come here in the first place to “become law-abiding American citizens”??? That’s not even a rational expectation; what they’ve learned is that there are NO CONSEQUENCES to BREAKING our laws; so why should they obey ANY of them???

    • DonMann

      Sandra, WE know who the treasonous RINO Are, please start contacting them and let them know where we as Americans stand on this important subject.. Join NumbersUSA and FAIR to put a stop to this madness..

      • sandraleesmith46

        Been a member of Numbers for about 3 years now, thanks. I don’t need redundant groups mailing me; my inbox is full enough trying to keep abreast of the many important issues out there besides this one.

  • DonMann

    I am a long time supporter of FAIR and NumbersUSA.. I am against any form of amnesty or continued leniency for those who deliberately flaunt our laws and receive rewards instead of severe consequences for the illegal actions.. I have NO use for the traitors in our Govt that support the 3rfd world trash and who refuse to address the 14th Amendment (Birthright Citizenship) for fear of offending la raza and it’s supporters.. I want them to strictly enforce the laws, not circumvent them for votes and a set at the la raza table after the colonization is completed. As a registered Independent, I find the Republicans who are supporting this lunacy very short sited and treasonous. Just look at the facts shouting out. Look to the once great state of California for the model of the country should these damn fools fall all over themselves, for what.. 14% of the country and more than have are illegal aliens..