Merry Christmas! Here’s a List of Some of Your New Obamacare Taxes and Fees

Starting in 2014, President Barack Obama’s health care law will expand coverage to some 30 million uninsured people. At the same time, insurers no longer will be allowed to turn away those in poor health, and virtually every American will be required to have health insurance — through an employer or a government program or by buying it on their own.

For the vast majority of people, the health care law won’t mean sending more money to the Internal Revenue Service. But the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans will take the biggest hit, starting next year.

And roughly 20 million people eventually will benefit from tax credits that start in 2014 to help them pay insurance premiums.

A look at some of the major taxes and fees, estimated to total nearly $700 billion over 10 years.

— Upper-income households. Starting Jan. 1, individuals making more than $200,000 per year, and couples making more than $250,000 will face a 0.9 percent Medicare tax increase on wages above those threshold amounts. They’ll also face an additional 3.8 percent tax on investment income. Together these are the biggest tax increase in the health care law.

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  • US Citizen

    Obama has no clue on how to run a country.

  • Rev. Irving Goldfarb

    That Bastard knows exactly what he is doing.

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    The majority of Americans do not want Obamacare. So why do we have Obamacare: it is the health care industry bailout. The tipping point has been reached. There are too few people with good policies to over charge ( cost shift) to pay the bills of those without. Proof: when America was prosperous there were uninsured but it was never an issue!

  • Obamacare is a tax, not ‘health’ care. Tax. The Dems tax. The money goes to special interests and supportive perps. There will never be any money to address health care. This is a tax. The Supreme Court says it is a tax. The tax will hit 100% of American citizens. It is a tax. No health care. Tax.

  • Joe1938

    There is a limit or threshold where taxes become so burdensome on an economy that the economy is destroyed. Many times throughout history, this has been proven by those great nations and societies who have passed the threshold and tumbled into the dustbowl of history. Our great Republic is on the tumble and due to the lack of courage and intelligence on the part of those who put us on the tumble, we will crash land into that dustbowl.

  • azsequaya

    Taxation WITH OUT Representation,,, TIME FOR ANOTHER Revolution…Come “AMERICA”,,, WAKE UP!!!! It`s time to overthrow the POLITICIANS,,, Remember “WE THE PEOPLE” ARE The Government !!!!!!