Obama’s Money Plans Backed by Communists

The Communist Party USA is backing Barack Obama’s position on the coming fiscal cliff, and claims its economic program “will unfold in the coming year” with the reelection of Obama and continued Democrat control of the U.S. Senate.

The statement came from Joelle Fishman, chairwoman of the Connecticut Communist Party, during a recent conference call on the upcoming fiscal cliff.

The conference call titled, “Don’t Bargain with People’s Lives” featured an economic report by CPUSA national vice-chair Jarvis Tanner, who said Obama’s demands in the fiscal cliff debate are exactly what the country needs.

Republicans have said any revenue increases must be accompanied by spending cuts. However, Obama has countered by saying he wants Congress to raise taxes more, extend unemployment benefits beyond the current 99 week limit, pass an additional $50 billion in stimulus spending, and grant him authority to raise the debt limit whenever he wants.

Tanner says the president’s position shows that unlike the Republicans, he is making a “serious proposal” and he is backing Obama’s proposals.

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  • Paul In Orlando

    No, it can’t be! A US president supported by ALL radical Muslims, Socialist and repressive government in our world. Not possible! This IS the great US of A, right? We are SSSOOOO screwed and the people are blinded to it!

    What is the people going to do when all of this collapses and nobody left to give them their free crap? Never mind; that is tomorrow’s problem.

    • Don’t look at me I voted for the other guy!!

    • when it all collapses, we’ll be “saved” by a (fascist) New World Order. That’s been o’bama’s (Soros’) plan all along.

  • Aitor

    When I went to a link you provided I was taken to a Soros backed network. They are very clever and often hide behind conservative sounding names. Your staff should screen these links more carefully.