Obama’s Orwellian Double-Speak: I’ve Made the US ‘Safer, Stronger and More Respected in the World’

At yesterday’s nomination of Senator John Kerry as the United States’ next Secretary of State, Obama made the ridiculous statement that he’d made the US “safer, stronger and more respected in the world.”

How any American could possibly believe this crazy talk is beyond me.

Anyone who spends more than a minute or two each day reviewing the news can see that Obama’s entire Middle East policy has completely unraveled, leaving the world deeply destabilized.

Obama thinks things are safer? How about Iran’s ever-advancing nuclear program, with its weapons manufacturing now buried so deep underground that it’s immune from our bombs. Iran has been so emboldened by Obama that, according to Hillary Clinton, the Persians are now spreading terrorism to our next door neighbor, Mexico, and creating new alliances with drug cartels.

And respect? Is that how our ambassador in Benghazi was treated?

Things aren’t much better in Iraq. There, fatwas have issued, encouraging the killing of Christians. Much of the vibrant Christian Iraqi community has fled the country. Similarly, in Syria, US-backed rebels are suspected of using the cover of civil war to murder minority Christians. Minority religious groups are literally under the gun in Egypt now, too.

Obama’s fingerprints are all over this growing Egyptian problem, where we exchanged one pro-American dictator for an anti-American, anti-Semitic dictator. According to an Egyptian opposition leader with whom I spoke with this week, the Obama administration actually pressured the Egyptian military to “fix” the vote to ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won.

Now that Obama helped this radical into office, President Morsi has attempted to seize broad, unconstitutional powers. His supporters have used torture, rape and sexual assault to stifle dissent. And the media refuses to provide fair coverage.

The globalist Henry Kissinger seems to recognize where Obama is headed with these pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies, suggesting that Israel will cease to exist in ten years.

It can’t help that Syria has likely gained ballistic missiles as a result of our meddling there.

How about China, thumbing its nose at the US and threatening our Japanese ally over its long held control of several remote islands in the Pacific Ocean? And this is not the only place in the Pacific where the Chinese are flexing their muscle and threatening massive global disorder.

There’s no doubt that Obama’s full-body embrace with the Muslim Brotherhood has been one of the most catastrophic foreign policy blunders of recent history. That, combined with Obama’s coddling of Chavez, refusal to stand up to China, passivity to Russian aggression (submarines off the US coast, bombers near Alaska airspace), social experimentation in the US military, and other apparent missteps, make it clear that Obama has not given us a safer world. His actions have encouraged derision, instability, and a far more insecure future.

  • RonMar

    Obama is delusional, deliberately lying or both. Those are his only choices. He is the greatest threat to the US and all Americans, even the world since WWII.

    • KurtofLA

      The day of reckoning is coming. Freedom is not free. Make a list of enemies with address etc

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      No, he IS lying, deliberately, but he’s not the greatest threat; the ones pulling HIS strings ARE! He’s a puppet front, for them, doing their bidding!

      • RonMar

        Ah, but the puppetmasters would be hampered if they had not found the perfect puppet.
        Some years ago I was trying to get a woman of his ethnicity to take an important, high-level job in the Federal government.
        Tough as nails she said she would take the job, but she wasn’t going to be a “G-D NUF.” It had to be a real job with real challenges and responsibilities or she would not have it.
        Her career zoomed after she took the job and did extremely well in it.
        Obama is the NUF. His career needs to be ended sooner rather than later by legal means, of course.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          They GROOMED this particular puppet, but they’ve been around for centuries. As for your friend, I’m not familiar with that particular phrase, with or without God in front of it, and I doubt it’s especially pertinent to what’s going on in this nation or the world, and this is a global thing!

          • RonMar

            That’s not God in front of it. It is “G-D” the way Jeremiah Wright said it about America from the pulpit of the so-called church Obama attended in Chicago for 20 or so years.
            Now that you know that, maybe you can figure out what NUF means. Hint: Think ethnicity.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Yes, well, I’m not afraid to use His name in public, any of them,in fact, and since I haven’t been hit by any bolts from the blue, I will continue to do so.  It’s not disrespect to address a person by name or title. That said, I don’t generally apply names to others that are undeserved or inappropriate.  That most often only displays the ignorance of the user!

            Fair winds and following seas

          • RonMar

            Your writing is so vague in the above post I am not sure what you are trying to say. I’ll take a stab at it though.
            I don’t hesitate to use the names of Barack Hussein Obama Barry Soetoro Davis in public or private. I would add the name of the person whose SSAN he has if I could remember that name.
            I cannot think of any disparaging name for BHOBSD that is undeserved or inappropriate. Also it is not ignorant to call a spade a spade.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            I was referring to God, Elohim, El Shaddai, Adonai, that God, aka Yahweh.

          • RonMar

            Of course. I overlooked the capital H in His. I guess you have not figured out yet the meaning of “G-D NUF” or how pertinent it is to our situation today and this thread forum chat.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            No sorry, the black folks I know don’t speak that either. But don’t let it worry you; it’s not a vocabulary I wish to pick up.

          • RonMar

            I don’t worry, and you are welcome to try shielding yourself from the real world as much as you want.
            I have heard that “ignorance is bliss.”

          • Homer

            And you are IGNORANT Ron…you still do NOT KNOW “The LORD Jesus Christ” 1 Peter 3:18 KJV

          • RonMar

            Homer, rude, buttinski, shouting online in all caps, last I heard from the Holy Spirit, the Lord, God, Jesus the Christ is alive and well, and you are not needed to judge me. You are wasting your time. I serve only one Master and you are not Him.
            Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year, sinner.

      • SmithWinston6478

        “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.” – George (György Schwartz) Soros

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          Another puppet; higher up the chain, but still a puppet none the less!

  • CaptTurbo

    Safer for illegal aliens (such as himself) perhaps.

  • toomuchsense

    While Obama’s statements are jaw dropping. The mass of delusion by our fellow citizens is beyond comprehension. The utter ignorance and depravity by a considerable portion of our neighbors is disheartenly. But the truths of the bible are made clearer and beyond dispute with each and every action of its human participants.

  • Everything he has done has been deliberate, planned and executed. He isn’t stupid, but he is a maniac. He is following an agenda, whether it is his own or not – it is a shari’a version of socialism. The people are his victims and nobody can stop him. I hear over and over, that the people will not allow him to become a dictator, the people will not allow him to have complete power – has nobody noticed? He already has all this and more. The people have not stopped him, and the moment for that is past. You have a dictator already, and he can do anything he wants.

  • We are not stronger and safer since Barry moved into the WH! We are also not well respected in the world since our Thief in chief bows to leaders from other countries.

  • Obama is RIGHT! He DID make the USA safer. But you need to read between the lines. He didn’t say WHO he made the US safer for but we all know, he’s referring to the idiot Islamic MUSLIMS….. not for us American citizens… It’s up to US citizens to make the US safer for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren. The first thing we need to do is get rid of Obama and the Democrats….. that’s 90% of the solution right there.

  • Gungho

    The JANE FONDA GANG At work.

  • SammysDad

    “Psychotic” is more in keeping with this type of thinking. Should anyone read about narcissism, he would now understand how this Manchurian candidate thinks. He definitely is in his own reality, a sick and demented self-centered place not mirroring the reality we all exist in.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      And you should delve into what and how the ones pulling HIS strings are thinking; what their goals are; that’d really curl your hair!

  • CSN

    Obama is a Pandora’s Box, and it has been utilized to be so in the future as well….you ain’t seen nothing yet. Our gun rights will be eroded, then taken away, and you’ll see a different Amerika Soviet Style.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    IN HIS DREAMS maybe, but nowhere in REALITY!

  • and I have a bridge for sale in NYC…

  • Bruce Feher

    In a rats butt!

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    The fact that Obama can make such an idiotic statement and have his supporters believing what he said says speaks volumes about the “education” system in the country. Anybody with a functioning brain (so-called Liberals exempted) understands that Obama is only spewing propaganda for the consumption of his stupid followers. If an IQ test with a passing score of 80 was required to be allowed to vote, the Democrat Party would go out of existance.

  • Linor

    I think Obama is delusional if he thinks he make the US safer, stronger and more respected by the World. Either that or he is smoking what he used to smoke when he was young man.

  • gwedem5995

    I just wonder if O really believes all he says. If he believes it, then he needs a mental checkup. I was just out with 4 other women for lunch today and we all say we are afraid to go out much anymore. We feel better when when are behind locked doors in our homes. Did O already forget about Newtown. Even some of our closest allies do not respect us anymore, like Mexico, Israel, Canada and England. I go to Florida for the winter and even our canadian friends think he is a joke.

  • He is a natural narcissist! Enough said!

  • mrbp

    I thought it was illegal for him to still be doing drugs. I’ll bet the “Blue Room” at the whitehouse really smells of MJ.

  • Rcorley38

    That my friend is a lie we are more accessible to danger from all parts of the world, he lets our Ambassador die without support, and covers it up until after the election, He lies to the public in everything he has done.

  • Gungho

    Either he lost all his marbles or he proves AGAIN he is the worlds greatest LIAR!!!!!

  • Engineer313

    It is far past time to impeach this fake.

  • Homer

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL the man never lies unless he opens his mouth! He ought to be on saturday Night live!! How could this be true…every since this man came on the scene, I am ashamed of this nation and hIM as who he represents! He has disgusted me and made me sick of what this govt is doing!!

  • Gungho

    Obama is a total disgrace to all Americans. A real serial liar and an illegal also.

  • unwillingvictime

    ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME??? This from that POS who spent half his first year in office going around the world apologizing for us previously kicking asses and taking names? We have not looked this weak in Europe since before the war, Revolutionary! Has he not one bit of shame or intelligence? How sad it is that not that long ago, good ol Slick Willy wimped out on challenging Bin Laden and that caused thousands of lives to be lost. That scared little musician refused to go after him even after he killed many Americans and called Willy out. Afraid someone might get hurt when the opportunity to get Bin Laden appeared, he chose to run to his office to be “cumforted” by his intern. I could never see the logic when people use “it might” as a legitimate reason for not doing something. Then again, if it was Obonehead it may have been a male intern!

  • gwedem5995

    This man is delusional. We are not safer from foreign or domestic nuts, stronger in what way as you cannot have a strong country when you are broke and more respected. I would really like to know who likes or respects us other than Castro, Chavez and Achmadinajad. Half of the world is laughing at us right now.

  • Mcd53

    Just about the time I think he can’t possibly get any goofier…..there he goes. And it has nothing to do with his being black. Can’t stand a narcissist no matter what color they are. Especially one that has destroyed our country. Let’s just let him golf the next 2 years and then pray he finally goes away.