Public University Hires Pornographic Poet As English Prof [WARNING: Graphic Language]

The University of North Carolina-Wilmington has hired an English literature professor whose pornographic poetry verse include fantasies of sexual relations with freshmen female students, an education watchdog reported this week.

In Prof. Alessandro Porco’s poem “Hot Girl-Girl Action University” the fictional university president Jill Kelly offers a welcome to the freshman class.

“Who would say No to a gang-bang?
Who would say No to Prof. Poon-Tang?
Who would say No to my scholarly toungin’?
Thank you fathers for your daughters.”

That poem is part The Jill Kelly Poems, ranked 3,963,932 on Amazon, which chronicles the life of a porn star through poetry.

In an interview on, Porco describes it as “my book-length ode to the adult-film star affectionately referred to as ‘the anal queen.”

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  • Engineer313

    If you still wonder what is wrong with this country, Look no further. Stuff like this has taken over our schools and warped peoples mind until what this country was founded on is all gone.

  • JaniceSix


  • toomuchsense

    What you get when you put the education system on a pedestal. While there are great educators, the education culture itself reeks with self love and undo admiration for itself.

  • Joe

    There is noting wrong with this. He is teaching adults in college, not first graders!

    • Grelberforever

      You may consider 18 year old kids fully mature adults, but most thinking people don’t. In fact evidence indicates the brain isn’t matured until the age of 21 or 22. No, they’re not kindergarteners, but they don’t need to be taught by a possible sexual predator at taxpayer expense.

      • Christa

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • sreynolds

    Why anyone would want to attend an American college ( with the exception of very few ) is beyond me, the professors and teachers are ding bats, burned out acid heads from the 60’s

  • Christa

    This is utterly disgusting. This is where our tax dollars are going??? Funding crap like this makes me sick. Sure wish we had more control on where our tax monies go to… Whatever happened to English studies? Math studies? Science studies? Students are dumbing down with crap like this. They choose to take these stupid electives that do nothing other than fry your brain. Pointless classes that rather than educate, they are the force behind the dumbing down of America. If this is our future generation, then I’m scared to death.

  • pegasus99

    I know that some will disagree with me, but I’m telling you the only way to resolve this is to vote out EVERY ONE in office, and replace them with Constitutionally minded representatives, OR demand the US be split in two pieces, with one part being where Conservatives/Constitutionalists go, and the other part where Liberals/Progressives go. Choice of where to live is entirely up to each person, but Liberals that come to the Conservative side and start clamoring to liberalize, are warned on the first violation, and deported on the second.

  • Many Marxists now occupy the portion of N.C. close to Washington, D.C. Yet, if the rest of the taxpayers are horrified, is it perhaps time to cease to pay school taxes and to close the PUBLIC Universities until the State code of ethics for all teachers K-PhD programs has been reviewed closely? Garbage in, garbage out.

  • dmbatten

    It is time for the Citizens of N.C. to become aware of this misuse of their tax payer dollars.
    Write the UNC Board of Governors at:
    Write the Governor’s Office:

    Pay SPECIAL attention to members of the UNC Board of Governors and BOYCOTT their products/companies and spread NEGATIVE press:
    SAS Institute
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.
    SuddenLink Cable and Phone.
    Hickory Furniture
    Bell South

  • dmbatten

    Here is an email that I crafted to send to them and the distribution list. If you are so inclined, please follow suit. – David


    Dear Sirs and Madam:
    I and many others are alarmed at the university’s (University of North
    Carolina-Wilmington) recent hiring of a “pornographic poet” Alessandro
    Porco as an English Literature professor. Is it possible that you are
    so myopic that you cannot see the obvious implications of such a move.
    It is tantamount to hiring a registered child rapist to teach in an
    elementary school. What on earth are you thinking? This Porco is nothing
    more than a time bomb waiting to explode and you can absolutely be
    assured that the effects on your university and the
    Businesses/Institutions affiliated with your Board Of Governors will be
    ruinous to their reputation and financial standing.

    Let’s take a look at what this self purported degenerate has to say about his work:

    In an interview on, Porco describes it as “my book-length ode to the adult-film star affectionately referred to as ‘the anal queen.”

    In another collection, Augustine in Carthage, Porco included what he describes as the “21 of the filthiest limericks I could think to write.”

    And yet, your ‘fine’ school says they decided to hire him based on his
    ‘expertise’. Expertise in what? Anal sex? Filth? Incitement to Immoral

    While I am no proponent of prejudging a person (which I did not in this case,the above are HIS postings), neither am I proponent of taking chances that are obviously going to turn out badly. To cite an old adage, “It is better to err on the side of caution”. You personally, as will your
    institution, and your business affiliations will be held accountable
    when this sexual predator ruins the life or lives of one or more of your
    students. Further, do you have to ‘IMPORT’ a pornographic professor from Canada into our UNC School System; I am sure that there are sufficient U.S. Citizens with his ‘qualifications’ that could fit the bill for your agenda.

    Distribution List:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  • Lizelot

    OK, so they hired a man who would earlier never have been considered suitable to teach English. Is he the only English teacher on that campus? I doubt it. Students can still choose what courses or institution to take, so they can avoid him unless they want to feel “adult.”

    Students are notorious for picketing, sitting in, and in general rebelling. Do I hear a peep from horrified students? What about our easily upset feminists? No? That shows better than anything how deep in the mud we’ve slipped. We don’t know better anymore. And “leaders,” aka university administrators, no longer lead, they follow trends and wallow in the mud So “followers” are now educating our youngsters–progress!

    By the way, where are the parents, Regents, and endowners in this pityful set-up? In other words, who is watching the hen house?