Rand Paul Promotes Bill To ‘End Abortion On Demand Once And For All’

Republican Senator Rand Paul says he wants to pass a Life at Conception Act to “end abortion on demand once and for all.”

Senator Paul, R-KY, recently recorded a message for the National Pro-Life Alliance (NPLA), talking about the legislation, which would declare unborn babies legal persons from the moment of conception and give them Constitutional protections.

The senator says Congress can legislatively overturn the Supreme Court‘s Roe v. Wade decision by passing a “personhood” law called the Life at Conception Act.

The law would establish that human life begins at conception, and extend 14th Amendment protection to babies in the womb.

Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in the 1973 ruling that if a fetus can be defined as a person, the “right” to abortion “collapses, for the fetus’s right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”

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  • CSN

    This man (Rand Paul) is the most ethical senator in the USA as of now. I can’t see this passing with a majority of Senators who are Democrats, but Rand Paul can be persuasive. This country will not see a day of peace until this issue is laid to rest once and for all. Rand Paul for President 2016.

  • Elegy

    God bless the Pauls’

  • Ray Downen

    It’s possible that the Congress will enact this proposed law. That it would pass in the Senate is most unlikely. That it would be signed by Obama is impossible. It’s good to try. But we can only pray for that which is unlikely.

  • While I agree with and applaud the effort, and can see the value of giving people one more standard to show they are blatantly violating what they already know in their core being to be true – it is offset by the reality that our Constitution is mostly ignored by our electorate and with few exceptions we have 545 elected small ‘g’ gods doing as they please with no rule of law. We would be extending hurricane protection with a paper fort.

  • CSN

    Rand Paul is truly a God Send to the American people….Black African Slaves were considered “non-persons” which is why they were classified as Slaves and not fit for protection under the law. Unborn infants…doesn’t matter what stage of life they are in, as they are a human person with all the dignity of a human person, because they consist of body, mind and soul, are classified as “non-persons” to be destroyed, disemboweled, ripped to pieces, burned alive, or head punctured with a scissors, whatever they have in mind to end their precious lives, because they have no protection under the Law. The Laws of God and of Nature should be protected no matter what Religion you are or whether or not you are an atheist or a believer….this has to end. It is the most heinous atrocity this country has been guilty of since the enslavement of Black Africans and the Jim Crow and KKK lynchings. We are as evil as China, Russia, Viet Nam or Cambodia when we allow this atrocity to continue under the name of “freedom” with a small “f”. We are a nation without a Heart or a Soul, so we continue to destroy “Life” in it’s most precious and fragile state. Rand Paul is a “True Statesman” and we should thank the day and the hour he came into office and woke up America as to what they are lacking and what they need to become, so that once again, America will continue to be the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth.

    • Rand Paul is God sent and he is a True Statesman and we should be so happy to have him and Cruz and Mike Lee, but it is unfortunate that no one listened to Ron Paul who is still A True Statesman.