Report: $91 Million Spent On Secret NSA Tests Probing Domestic Computer Systems

The National Security Agency is conducting secret tests on the computer systems of U.S. private sector entities, including public utilities, a CNET report revealed this week.

The secret program, dubbed Perfect Citizen, is part of an effort by the government to improve security systems in the private sector and test offensive operations against enemies’ computer systems.

Targets reportedly include power grids and gas pipelines. The NSA’s operation reportedly probes their computer systems for vulnerabilities as part of a larger cybersecurity and cyberwarfare initiative.

Details about the program were revealed through documents obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a Washington, D.C.-based research nonprofit.

Of the 190 pages obtained by EPIC about the program, 98 were heavily redacted for a number of reasons, including portions labeled “classified top secret.”

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  • Joe1938

    Bottom line is that if telecommunication is involved, good guys and bad guys are going to be looking at the data and the systems involved. This has always been the case with communications throughout history. The only difference is that today gathering the info is a helluva lot faster and billions of times more data.

  • Dumb Rock

    God Bless Ya’ Joe.

    Hummm… I must be on the “5h1t” list.
    I opened up my web browser the other day and the DHS’s (the full http: bla-bla; yyy. address) was the first thing that popped up in the menu bar… rebooted my browser… and then it was gone..?
    Streaming talk radio and emailing your congressmen.? probably not a good idea these daze.

    as for the commies that might have their nose up my a55 and reading this…
    I’ll make it easy for you.., just look for my American flag, it’ll be upside down…


    • If they get close enough to see my flag, I will blow their dam heads off!! f…k’em

  • What a waste of time and effort. Everybody has an opinion and those opinions change with the circumstances. Why bother gathering data when the present vogue is to make up everything, anyway?

  • Lizelot

    Any signs that there is the slightest hope our government is actually investigating hostiles, and known Jihadist orgs, of which there are an astounding number in this country? Or are they actually targeting Joe Blow citizens, who refuse to walk in lock step? What kind of country have we become to tolerate this kind of intrusiveness!

    Instead of leadership & a constitutional balance of powers, all we get is “negotiations” between the Speaker & the President, often in secret, and guaranteed to lead to concessions aka compromises by the Party of No, never by the Party of Yes.

    In the meantime, all manner of underground activities are taking place that need to be addressed, while we are entertained by above named diversionary tactics. To name a few, various “hotels” for alien pregnant women are springing up all over (3 in Chino Hills, S. CA alone) in order to abuse our present policy of “instant citizenship.” Our borders are still porous and indefensible, while illegals are protected & mollycoddled, even by so-called conservatives. Open reverse racism is rife and ignored, or even becoming government policy. Oh, forgot, we have an historically high national debt and rising, as well as an historically high dependent sector of our citizenry, also rising. All unimportant it seems.

  • bob

    The NSA can take a flying cluster phuck over the White House Rose Garden and charge it to Bear Stearns….so can the CIA. Hate both of them…hate their guts. They don’t serve nor “protect” us from a solitary damned thing. They are 80% of the problem not the solution.