Syria’s Civil War a Cover for Killing Christians?

A pair of car bombs that killed 38 people and reportedly injured 83 more in the mostly Christian and Druze town of Jaramana, Syria, has led some to allege the rebels are using the civil war to cover a more sinister campaign of slaughtering Christians.

In a statement issued by Open Doors, USA, the human rights group reports that the Syrian government is placing the blame for the attack on “terrorists.” Yet the statement also says the residents of the Damascus suburb haven’t joined the fighting on either side.

Although the rebels have denied involvement in the attacks on Christian neighborhoods, Open Doors believes the attacks are aimed at Christians, rather than supporters of Assad’s government.

For some, however, this attack was personal. A Syrian-American who has asked not to be named to protect relatives still living in Syria says the twin car bombings claimed the lives of family members.

“The explosions in Jaramana killed my uncle’s father in-law and another uncle’s wife’s cousin,” the Syrian-American said. He says the intended targets of the attacks are obvious.

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  • CSN

    Holy War! Now you know why they were doing that many centuries ago. Christians had to fight to keep their countries from being invaded in droves by Muslims.

  • TrueGrit

    This is typical of the dirty underhanded muslims who are so damn sickening to the rest of the civilized world that they are hated with a passion by the many decent and rational citizens. These uncivilized barbarians really need to be routed and put in their places .

  • Blogengeezer

    Umm, isn’t this the Ultimate Goal today? Africa is a ‘proving ground’ for this behavior. The next wave of US troops is being prepared for ‘Africa Duty’. From past history, THAT is a Quagmire. Oh well, if the desire to destroy the US Military (a ‘for hire’ taxpayer funded UN merc), while ”Changing’ it (and the USA) is the Goal, just follow the Elected Leaders. BTW…PRAY. It is the last chance for Salvation…Yours.