Time For a Yard Sale? Selling Excess Property Could Net Government Billions (+video)

When families face a budget crunch, they have but a few options — spend less, make more or starting selling stuff.

So why doesn’t the federal government do the same?

Given the current state of the country’s finances, many are wondering if it is time for the federal government to sell what it doesn’t need — basically, hold a yard sale.

The federal government is sitting on billions in assets that are either sluggish or just dead weight. That includes federal land, buildings and other structures. Two years ago, President Obama’s deficit commission identified 64,000 buildings and structures that it deemed excessive, underutilized or vacant and recommended should be sold.

“So instead of raising taxes, which takes money out of the economy and lowers economic activity, we ought to be looking at selling federal assets,” said Myron Ebell, with the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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  • Douglas

    We sell everything to the Chinese and after everything is said and done…we have just paid the interest…it is an old loan shark trick. So O and the boys sell off all of America, get rid of that old foolish piece of paper call the Constitution of the United States of America…and we all must learn Chinese (because the Chinese will not spend money to translate Government documents…that was an American flaw! What a sad situation to leave our Children and Grand children…and we don’t know why they hate us!!

  • 1_Eddie_1

    Government is not the solution, government is the problem. It just makes too much sense to sell these government assets to Americans. It just is not part of the plan to rape America. The enemy is inside the perimeter.