Video: Conservative Commentator’s Top 10 Facts Proving Election Was Rigged

Massive vote fraud throughout the United States? This commentator believes the evidence is overwhelming.

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  • stevenlehar

    Wow! Kind of says it all in a nutshell! Thanks Joe Miller for sending this along! For a more direct link in case you want to pass it on, use this:

  • Paul

    WOW!! If half of what he is saying is true, we are screwed as a nation. If we can’t trust our right to vote, the only thing left to protect ourselves from government is our right to bear arms. When they take that away (eventually) there is nothing left to protect us from them. The Bible predictions are right and this world is screwed! The worse part about it is neither the left or right media is covering this; it should be headlines accross this nation! Unreal!

  • Larry Garlington

    The basis problem is equal universal franchise.
    Thus all elections are biased toward the uneducated, immature and propertyless.

  • And the solution is? Destroying the sacred right to representation, to no taxation without representation, to the Bill of Rights means electronic slavery. Yes, the Republican Party of Stupid let it happen and now wears blinders to any proof of such. Dissent among true Americans is growing.

  • CSN

    So Dick Morris and Karl Rove might have been right after all….Romney would have won by a landslide if it wasn’t for fraud. Get out the Imposter!

  • IMHO fraud on this level couldn’t get past without help from both sides. Someone somewhere has a plan up their sleeve. Whether or not it comes to fruition is another story.

  • SmithWinston6478

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Josef Stalin
    “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.” – George (György Schwartz) Soros

  • This is by both sides. JFK would not play, he got wacked. Same with the brother. MLK was teaching Blacks to follow a dream and he got whacked. Ronald Regan did not sighn on to the NWO so they tried to whack him. Bush Sr. Clinton, Little Bush were all in on it! We are sold. The firesale of America has gone down without a whimper. Wake up to reality!

  • con_c_kwense

    Nothing to see here…just coincidences…like three of obama’s
    homosexual lovers just happened to end up dead weeks prior to his first theft…sorry I mean election…to the White house…just
    like the oil rig blowing up in the Gulf – first and only one – when
    the thug was pushing his “green” BS…just like guns finding their way
    into the hands of mexican drug-lords when the thug was pushing his
    ant-2nd amendment BS…and on and on…just all coincidences, obama is
    the greatest, most honest, wonderful human being that ever forged a

  • The elections? It was rigged in the primaries. All I heard from all over the nation was reports of masses of people voting for Ron Paul and Romney being declared the winner anyway. It was a bad joke from the beginning. The GOP destroyed all chances of a conservative win.

  • bobmann101

    Does not make any difference. Nothing will be done!
    In fact the next election for Congress voter fraud will get the Democrats in control of both houses.

  • LAM

    You are totally full of it!! State of Massachusetts has picture ID’s and guess what…Obama won the election in this state:

  • Mitchie

    Did the same things happen when Bush vrs Kerry election?