After Destroying the Country, the RINO-Establishment Now Fixes its Sights on the GOP

According to a story from Politico this weekend, the 2012 election cycle has convinced establishment RINOs that, more than ever before, they have a “primary problem.”

Apparently, the post-election topic for these RINOs is how to influence primaries to get rid of those pesky constitutional conservatives who are mysteriously winning primaries but losing general elections. They’ve concluded that they’re going to return to their 2010 playbook of openly being involved in GOP primaries.

In other words, active intervention “in selected 2014 races to ensure preferred candidates win.” The RINO leaders intend to “clear fields” through “aggressive” primary involvement.

They intend to use “big-money establishment Republican super PACs like [Karl Rove’s] American Crossroads” to attack conservative candidates backed by groups like Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund and the Club for Growth.

Senator John Cornyn, the last National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman who helped orchestrate the NRSC’s hit on Joe Miller in Alaska’s 2010 general election battle against liberal Lisa Murkowski, agreed that establishment PACs would be taking a more active role in GOP primaries. He predicted the involvement of multiple super PACs: “This is too important to leave to [just Karl Rove’s] organization. You’re going to see other super PACs getting involved.”

Unfortunately for these disconnected ruling elites, the grassroots of the GOP is no longer playing along. Constitutional conservatives recognize that the RINO-establishment is responsible right along with the Democrats for the growth and bankruptcy of the federal government. They also see the establishment’s fingerprint on attacks against their candidates in multiple general election races.

So knock yourself out, RINO’s. The more you mettle, the sooner your unholy, big government alliance with the Democrats is forced out of the closet.

  • hmmathis

    That should be “sights”, not “sites” in your title.

  • Field clearing occurs at all levels.
    Two years ago, a Tea party activist became chairman of the NHGOP.
    The establishment money sources closed their wallets.
    The national party closed its wallet.
    The long knives came out, and the chairman was forced out after 6 months.
    Time for the next state party convention:
    The current vice chair is widely popular, sufficiently conservative, and a uniter – what could go wrong if he ran for chairman?
    Kelly Ayotte’s enforcer informed the candidate that he would get no help, and no money if he won – they’d destroy the party to knock him out.
    The current chair, who got the job during the prior debacle, wanted to run and win the chairmanship on his own merits – he was strongly discouraged.
    A pretender backed by the state establishment announced that she was running – unupposed – for state chair. The grassroots has erupted.
    This time we have an even better candidate – a savvy young campaigner with his own DC connections, and a favorite of the activists. There will be a battle royale at the state convention this month.
    BTW – love your choice of Cornyn as poster boy for this. He is the singular reason why i will never again contribute to the National RINO Support Committee (NRSC) – my money goes to the organizations nthat they hate 🙂

  • hmmathis

    I’m hoping that Texans will get rid of John Cornyn when he next comes up for reelection. His is the turkey who picked and funneled $100,000+ to RINO (now Democrat) Charlie Crist in 2010 and fought to prevent Tea Party-backed Marco Rubio from running here in Florida.

  • Who will primary Cornyn?

    • Vennoye

      I don’t know, but we will find somebody. This should be a big concern to him…….if you go to his facebook page and read the comments after the “fiscal cliff” vote…….they were all vicious. Many of us realized it was time for him to go after the 2010 campaign…he just was not up for election.

      • My epiphany for Cornyn and the National RINO Support Committee was the early 2009 move to pass ex post facto legislation / bills of attainder, clawing back the bonuses of AIG workers. Regardless of what you think of AIG and crony capitalism, many of the people in question had volunteered to work for no salary, but for a bonus if the company was turned around. Cornyn sent out an NRSC fundraising appeal asking for support to steal those bonuses.
        The icing on the cake was the endorsement of Crist over Rubio in the early phase of the senate primary. I don’t live in Florida, but I’d heard of Rubio, and I was offended that the NRSC would support a crooked opportunist over a conservative.
        Also, neither the NRSC nor Cornyn’s office would answer my emails on those subjects. He is dead to me, and I hope his career is dead to Texans.

  • idagney

    The reason the solid conservative candidates have trouble winning is because the RINO’s actively support liberal Demonrats rather than the conservative GOP candidate. These neocons MUST LEAVE OUR PARTY! As of now, there is NO opposition to the big govt, big spending liberals

    • Geo

      Idagney, I have to disagree with you. The neocons are deeply inbeded in the GOP. I believe the answer is we go to the Constition Party and start over. This way we can see who crosses over and reject the rinos. I think it will take a while but once the country is on the rocks from the dems and rinos people will understand.

  • Bruce Feher

    The GOP establishment? You are kidding, right? The GOP establishment in Democrat Lite! They are useless and they have to be “dealt” with in the most brutal way!
    Time for REAL Conservatives to take off the gloves!

  • nobodysfool

    I hope we can “primary” Cornyn in 2014or 2016, whenever he is up again. He has disappointed me so badly and I am ashamed to call him a fellow Texan. Not even to mention that he is supposed to be a Christian, and to see him acting like a mafia godfather just makes me sick.

  • dempseycoleman

    Wow here we go again More RINO’s and Karl Rove will he repeat his famous If you find him Dead don’t come looking for Me? We do not need more Karl Rove and Bush in the Shadows Obama and the DemocRATS will have another Field Day! Tennis Everyone.

    • Geo

      I would rather have Bush than what we have now.

  • Good article. RINO’s need to realize that they are their own worst enemy. GOP can adapt or die. Those clowns would rather die

    Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Jeb Hensarling, Jason Chaffetz. Thomas Massie and the like are the future of the GOP and the path to success.

  • Hank

    The RINOs have led us to defeat after defeat at the ballot box as well as in Congress. Why, then, should we continue to support them with our efforts and our contributions? I refuse to make contributions to a party which champions candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney who are afraid to take the gloves off in a fight with a gutter-dog such as Obama. If they don’t have the guts to even bring up those points on which their opponents are most vulnerable, I can’t imagine how they figure to win or to lead even if they do somehow manage to win. If the party “elites” are so damned smart, why can’t they stand on the conservative principles they claim to hold and learn to express those principles in a manner conducive to winning the hearts and minds of people who obviously believe in those ideas? The problem is that elites believe only in other elites, and those who are actually capable of effective leadership rarely come from their ranks. We need to clean house if we are ever to represent a winning party again.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    we also have Di Feinstein because of the betrayal of the R elites-in the NRSC-CRP-et al-

    look up Congressman (R-CA) Dannemeyer- (hint-Huffington was thrown into the race and backed by the elites)

  • Tim

    Yes, Indeed, in fact I have left the republican party because of moss backed hypocrites , You know like anyone that has been up there for more than 10 years, sleeps during meetings, needs more in medical care than your average nursing home patient, now those are the people that need to go, the only way that happens is to get these jerks out of office, that includes John McCain, he is little more than a liberal with an umbrella, its time for these that have been up in washington for too long to get out of the way. That is why I no longer support the Republican Party, I used to give every year, but not in the last five, I am tired of pretenders, posers, and liars…

  • Super-PACs? Duh! Stop beating a dead horse, already! The GOP’s
    approach to politics is antebellum! Get a snazzy PR firm think-tank to sell ideas and candidates in the 21st Century! Conservatives will not fund super-Pacs at this point. My money goes only to TEA Party candidates, and trust me, I just run with the rest of the herd.

  • Cornyn was a lame sack of shit from the get go. Like slick Rick in the closet Perry. And that lame old bitch Kay Bailey. Texans are some of the most retarded voters in the USA, just look at their track record… oh yea, don’t forget GWBush, that DWI coke snortin special son of that coke dealing gun running congress dodging old man of his.

  • RightWinger

    The Repuke establishment is delusional. There will be no money coming from Conservatives into Rebuke coffers — especially now that the Repuke establishment has shown it’s hand. The dimwits RINO’s are so incompetant — little wonder that the leftists like der Furhrer Obama are always eating their lunch. The RINO’s may as well join the leftists because if they don’t we conservative will start a 3rd party.

  • Jim Chambers

    Not much good said here about RINOs. I guess conservatives are finally getting the message. They use us then when we need them the most they disrespect us and actively subvert our cause.

    Isn’t it time that conservatives (read: Tea Party) take over the Republican party and send these RINOs to their political graves? It can be done and has been done over and over again in this country. Let’s do it again.

    Join your local Tea Party, actively campaign for the Tea Party candidate and support them with your political donations.

    Actions such as those would be the political tar and feathers that will tell the RINOs where to go.

  • Barry_Suxx

    Vote these Treasonous RINO Basturds OUT!!!

  • 1972patriot

    In true RINO fashion, @richardmourdock said, “See, if you let the Tea Party and the conservatives handle this, they’re gonna nominate losers in the primaries. They don’t have any prayer of winning. We had a seat there, the Lugar seat, we lost it because the Tea Party conservatives are a bunch of neophytes and idiots, plus they’re conservative.”

    The way I see it dear Richard… Had the GOP allowed a fair primary run-off and not pumped millions of dollars into destroying the candidates being funded by their Republican voter base then we would have gained more seats.

    The Republican incumbents lost to Tea Party candidates in the primaries because the base HATES the representation they receive from these career politicians. Lugar, whom you are defending, is a perfect example. Our voters see them as part of the cancer that must be removed in order to move towards healthy policy. Had the GOP not been so hell bent on destroying our best chances at gaining seats, the Tea Party candidates, we would have.

    The contest in this last round of elections was not Republicans vs Democrats, rather the contest was between the Republican base vs career establishment RINOs.

    The reason I had chosen to vote straight Republican in almost every election I have ever voted in is because I was led to believe that the Republican party was the party of conservative values. After reading your nasty remarks, I stand corrected and I am ashamed of my voting record.

    Our Constitution grants American citizens the right to elect their representation through fair elections. Your suggesting “if you let the Tea Party and the conservatives handle this, they’re gonna nominate losers in the primaries” proves that your views are not aligned with our Constitutional rights or the will of a free people.

    If career Republican RINO representatives continue to assault the Tea Party, the Grand Old Party will soon die a death deserving of traitors.

    I now wish I had voted for #RonPaul.

    http://www.rushlimbaugh. com/daily/2013/01/14/obama_and_moderate_republicans_see_conservatives_as_common_enemy