Army Drill Frightens Houston, TX Residents

HOUSTON (KTRK) — The sight of Army helicopters and the sound of gunfire created a lot of concern Monday afternoon in one Houston neighborhood.

We received a lot of phones calls, Tweets and Facebook posts from worried neighbors, wondering what was going on.

SkyEye 13 HD was over the south side where at first look, it appeared there was a massive SWAT scene happening.

With military helicopters flying above her southeast Houston neighborhood, Frances Jerrals didn’t know what to think.

“When you see this, you think the worst. When you hear this, you think the worst,” Jerrals said.

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  • Dempseycoleman

    Sounds like Military getting ready for Obama’s
    “will You Fire on the Civilan Population”
    Just Practiceing Mam

  • TruthWFree

    Someone needs to answer for this. What was the reason? Who ordered it?
    Get Congressman Ted Poe into this.

  • Cutenu2

    Well, well, well. Of course, they chose a black neighborhood to carry out this “exercise”. If anyone thinks this is just a test, it is! It’s a test on how to take over the civilian population.

  • Debra

    USArmy-InternmentResettlement.pfd Just practicing for the round em up and brainwash them into submission practice.Really not funny when you read their plans.

  • CSN

    Texas people are patriots…..don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes, from what I can remember about history. Send them to the Mexican border for starters, and then direct them to the White House. Listen my children and you shall hear the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Sound the alarms.

  • Capt.America

    They have the guns,media,and the printing presses. We are a conquered nation.

    • Toscano

      Speak for yourself!!!

  • Is the Government amping up for their launching of Comrade Obama’s crackdown on American Citizens.

  • whisperatnight

    This is the administration’s SHOW OF FORCE. They MEAN to scare Americans. They want folks to feel helpless, confused and scared. I think that it pure hot wash and cowardice to use the military this way.

  • whisperatnight

    The Feds have no right to use civilian areas for this so call TRAINING. Where is the GOVERNOR(kiss Bush’s arse) while Texans are being used for this sort of **it!!

  • CSN


  • Capt.America

    It’s coming!

  • Getting ready for Red Dawn for real. Wonder how many Russian troops were there?

  • 4USA2

    These type drills are NOT about protecting us or our schools… these are about militarily showing us power to take over people and places that resist complying with Government rules. These malicia exercises have been happening as “search drills” for the past couple of years, airports, businesses, and roadside stops where your car, and yourself, is searced. In case you haven’t been following this: Government has been stockpiling bullets for HomeLand Security (not fo our military) and they have over one and a half BILLION bulles; over 750,000 of those are hollow points and several hundred thousand more are bullets that can penetrate walls. The white house responded once to why the need… with some story about “target pactice” bullets but hollow points are NOT used for target practice…. hollow points are “kill bullets” that mushroom inside the target. I’ve been writing the press and many Congressmen/women for the last year or so wanting to know why our government has made such huge ammunition purchases and no one in the media seems it’s worth reporting on and elected officials maybe do know, but don’t want to talk about it. Seriously folks, contact your state representatives and demand some answers. You can verify for yourselves the huge ammunition orders by just looking on the Internet. This alleged fake raid in Houston was in reality, a power warning.

  • Me

    Sounds like continued ‘MOUT’ military exercises carried out around America that began years ago.