Biden, NRA to Meet on Guns

photo credit: donkeyhotey

Vice President Biden will meet with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a range of other groups this week as President Obama’s gun violence task force shifts into high gear.

A flurry of meetings with Biden and other Cabinet members were announced on Tuesday that will include gun-safety and sportsmen’s groups as well as Hollywood and video-game interests.

The pace and scope of Biden’s work — the task force he is leading is said to be considering significant changes to gun laws and is scheduled to deliver recommendations to Obama by the end of the month — have left groups scrambling over who can attend.

Movie studios, for example, were at press time still mulling whether to send their local representatives in Washington or corporate executives to meet with Biden.

The powerful NRA, which had warned that Obama, if reelected, would push for tighter gun laws, said it had accepted an invitation to attend a meeting.

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  • Larry B.

    I want my NRA leadership to assume the role of Michael Corleone when he met with the corrupt senator in Michael’s den in Nevada, Michael said to the snickering disrespectful demanding senator: “…. here’s my offer: “NOTHING.”

    When you sit down to negotiate something you already have, you lose.

  • CSN

    NRA vs. Darth Vader…..keep your eyes and ears open and don’t give up our 2nd Amendment Rights for anything.

  • Meeting with Psycho Joe is like having an audience with the Wizard of Oz. He is frightened every time he is asked to do something so he says crazy stuff and laughs when it shocks people. Impeach him for dereliction of duty.