Boy Scouts Likely to Approve Gay Leaders in Major Policy Reversal

The Boy Scouts of America announced today, under pressure from questions raised by The Christian Post, that the organization is likely to allow professed homosexuals to become scout leaders and that a vote on the matter is scheduled at the group’s executive meeting in Irving, Texas, the first week of February.

When asked about the change by The Christian Post, BSA officials confirmed the major policy reversal just days before Scout Sunday, February 3, an annual event held in many churches around the country to promote and encourage participation in scouting. The organization originally planned to make the announcement at the Boy Scouts of America Annual Meeting in May.

A source who has knowledge of the situation told The Christian Post last week that the BSA’s top executives had met with top leaders at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention, among others, over the last few weeks to inform them of the possibility of this policy shift.

Early Monday morning, the BSA responded to CP’s inquiry and released the following statement via email:

“For more than 100 years, Scouting’s focus has been on working together to deliver the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. Scouting has always been in an ongoing dialogue with the Scouting family to determine what is in the best interest of the organization and the young people we serve,” wrote Deron Smith, BSA’s Director of Public Relations.

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  • 1_Eddie_1

    Pull your boys out of The Boy Scouts of America before some man pulls out of them.

  • Bruce Feher

    This is a VERY bad idea! However since the lunatics ARE running this now I offer this suggestion; Once the perverts are allowed to “join” should they molest a child they should be shot not tried!!!!!

  • Dempseycoleman

    I certainly hope not Ollie

  • Barry_Suxx

    Well,,,,, (sigh). There goes another large piece of American Pie, down the faggin toilet.

    I’ve seen enough… The Progressive DemoRats warping this country into the USSA (at the whims); a demonic pres, rampant taxes & runaway spending, Globalization, Green-Taxes, and now this. Somebody please just Shoot Me, I’ve had enough.

  • reggiec

    Another “sellout” to the left. The BSA is now defunct if they do this.

  • PatriotDiva

    There will be mass exodus from the Boy Scouts if they allow gays to be scout leaders. The left’s policies are always one of forced acceptance.

  • When the Boy Scouts except homosexual Scout leaders and members, that will spell the end of more than 100 years of incredible teaching and value for boys of America. Truly a very sad day I never ever imagined would happen.

    • JaniceSix

      You are exactly right, Amy.

  • MudEngineer

    This move would be the end of the Boy Scouts as no parent in their right mind would subject their male children to a openly gay boy scout leader. This would leave their young children open to sexual abuse and that is not acceptable.

  • C-CS

    The Dark Side openly wrote and stated its purpose to subvert the Boy Scouts waaaay back in the late 1990s–

    We had better start waking up – the Dark Side always follows through –a little at a time—

    As a Mother of an Eagle Scout – I am sad that the big corporations (follow the $$$) that supported the Boy Scouts put the pressure on—to change the Scout’s honor commitment–

    Who put the pressure on the corporations and 501 C3 groups that purported the Boy Scouts….Hmmmm

  • Outcountry

    It’s another tragedy for our country. The future bodes ill for us. All under the guise of tolerance. Of course, they can’t tolerate any other viewpoint that isn’t in lockstep with the looney left. Good solid, God-fearing Americans must now step up and form an alternative organization where our young men can still learn positive values while growing up.

  • skikruse

    Will gay scout leaders be as big of an asset as gay priests were to the Catholic Church?

  • This opens the topic of lawsuits similar to those the Catholic Church has faced.The BSA may or may not be able to afford such suits, but thousands of such would destroy any institution. Bible believing churches cannot go against God’s word that is very clear about homosexuality.

  • As the BSA board meets next week, it is crucial that they hear from those who stand with them and their current policy regarding homosexuality. Take Action! Save the Scouts for our boys. And save our boys from more indoctrination! Please call the Boy Scouts of America at 972-580-2000 and tell them that you want to see the organization stand firm in its moral values and respect the right of parents to discuss these sexual topics with their children.

  • Capt.America

    How sick can these Bastards get? this is like the fox guarding the hen house. “wrong will become right and right will become wrong” K.J.V. Is there any doubt that B.O. is a homosexual?