CAIR Chief Claims Muslims Discovered America First

Muslims discovered the Americas long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, the head of a D.C.-based jihad-linked Islamic lobbying group told a Saudi TV station Dec. 27.

“There are historical accounts according to which the Muslims preceded Columbus, who is said to have discovered the U.S.,” claimed Nihad Awad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

“Some documents and accounts indicate that Muslim seafarers were the first to reach the U.S., [so] the bottom line is that Islam played a part in the establishment and development of the U.S.,” Awad told the Saudi interviewer, in an interview in a New York studio.

CAIR did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for an explanation of Awad’s comments, which were recorded by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Awad’s group bills itself as a “civil rights” group, but five of its former employees have been jailed or deported for terror offenses, and FBI officials refuse to meet Awad because of his ties to jihadi groups, such as Hamas.

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  • SammysDad

    Seems Impossible! They would have to know the direction to Mecca to pray 5 times a day in an ever shifting ocean, and with their heads down, how would they know which direction to face?

    • JeromefromLayton

      Well, they did have the math and star skills (inherited from India), but even around 670-700 CE, they would still be late comers and, most importantly, left no marks. The viking remains have been found as far west as Minnesota but even that doesn’t matter because people have been here as far back as Clovis Man.

      • Dondi Cook

        It has been discovered that Clovis was built on top of an older settlement which research has determined to have been built by blue eyed blonde people… I’m really starting to wonder if that massive worldwide flood might have something to do with much of this confusion, After all, Stuff moves in floods and there is no way to determine with any great accuracy the amounts of flooding throughout the ages… especially regional flooding…

  • jb80538

    Right! And I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d love to sell you.

  • currituck

    HEY CAIR chief Awad..You just dumped a wad of [email protected]

  • Jeffrey

    Don’t you think Allah would have told Muhammad first?

  • CSN

    No, actually it was a Catholic Monk by the name of Brendan, who they believe may have discovered the America’s before Columbus, who also was Catholic, but Muslims will have their say…..just keep wishing Muslims.

    • cherokee_warrior

      Going to wikipedia, I looked up the name, lief ericson, and early Norse viking, born around 970c AD, who founded a settlement in the area of Newfoundland, this about 500 years before Columbus arrived in the islands south of Florida.

      • Darrell Lynch

        Who the hell cares? As long as we all know the Muslims are lying. Again. As in always.

        • Kent2012

          they are just following the korany, that guide book from old moe

      • CSN

        Here is the information on Saint Brendan….he was in the 6th Century….and a group of Irish Sailors made a ship exactly as he had described in his notes, and sailed it to the New Land, and found it could have been done….see this link. The reason I know about this, is I bought the book “The Brendan Voyage” for my brother many, many years ago, and it is well worth reading if you have a love for adventure and travel. These were very tough sailors who ventured out on this small boat in the middle of the ocean.

    • Kent2012

      I thought that the migrating Indians from Siberia first discovered north America

  • liberty76

    Is there nothing Muslims won’t lie about?

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Yes, there IS nothing!

  • fastgramma

    nothing surprises me with a “closet Muslim” in the WH!

    • fatman45

      Since when has he been in the closet?

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Only if they were with the Vikings, or Native American immigrants who first came here from Asia! Just for the record, they did influence early American development though; they initiated and participated in the slave trade, first with Europe and then America, and they caused a fracas known as the Barbary Coast wars {see Marines’ Hymn, “to the shores of Tripoli”}, over pirating our ships that were trading with nations in the European Mediterranean area. Any other claims are bogus!

    • Kent2012

      oh how could you say that, oh no. that will screw up the negotiations between the black caucus and kenyan boy to steal more taxpayer money and redistribute it among the descendents of the slaves…

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Tsk, tsk, tsk… Quel domage! It’s the truth of history, which I realize they don’t like; but “frankly, my dear, I DON’T give a damn” to paraphrase Rhett Butler, slightly. It applies in this instance!

  • The Koran tell’s Muslams it’s OK lie to non Muslams ! Maybe that’s why we are lied to so much !!!!!

  • Wow! So, the Vikings were really Muslims?

  • v steve

    Not really, Eskimos that were in Alaska did when they migrated south.

  • And to think. Obama has Muslim Brotherhood guys penetrating the White House. He bows down to anything foreign.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    The Islamics remind me of low intellect idiots who don’t know delusion from reality. They seem to function on the same intellectual level as the average 10 year old kid. One of their “leaders” will make a stupid statement, and the rest of them will accept that as fact. That’s what their dangerous cult “religion” demands of them.

    • Kent2012

      sounds like stalin or better yet mao

  • Darrell Lynch

    Join ACT! for America, and help us defeat these seventh-century barbarian savages. Oh, did I forget lying scum?

  • Retiree 2005

    Lyin’ Muslims. Everybody knows DeSoto got here first. Tried to sell his cars to the Indians, they would have none of it and ran him off. Seriously,, they cant even bogus up an acceptable birth certificate,, how could they POSSIBLY have built a sailing ship and reach another continent, then return? The DID provide us with two items of mention: the zero. There is the numeral “zero” which is before the number “one”, and then there is “ZeroBama”.

    • JeromefromLayton

      There is some evidence that their math (including “zero”) came from India. They do have some “bragging rights” about spreading the ideas to the Europeans who actually put them to use.

  • dlzimbelman

    How idiotic can a person be?

  • CaptTurbo

    This from people that wipe their butts with their hand. Funny, it might come down to the Mexicans fighting with a towel heads over who will steal this country from us.

    • Kent2012

      paper is holy in the middle east, they needed it to write the murdering, raping, lying, thieving, pedophile’s words down for others to follow old moe’s lifestyle

  • Justie

    If the Muslims want America, they will have to fight Mexico for it.

  • Dondi Cook

    Idiot, Lief Erikson traveled to Novascotia before Islam existed!