China and North Korea Assisting Egypt in Modernization of Missile Systems

China is covertly working with North Koreans to modernize Egypt’s short-range missile systems, raising new concerns among United States intelligence officials about the arms programs of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated government in Egypt.

A group of technicians from China’s premier missile manufacturer that was previously sanctioned by the U.S. government for illicit arms transfers are working in Egypt with North Koreans to modernize Cairo’s Scud missile force.

According to U.S. intelligence officials, reports of the missile technicians from the Beijing-based China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corp. (CPMIEC) are raising new concerns about U.S. plans to sell arms to the government of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

The missile activities were detected in connection with Egypt’s Sakr Factory, the main missile production facility that makes Egypt’s Scud-Bs and extended-range Scud Cs.

An Egyptian military official had no immediate comment on the missile support from China and North Korea. A State Department spokesman declined to comment.

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  • CaptTurbo

    Good grief, as we give Egypt 200 modern battle tanks and 20 F-16 fighters.

  • fourr

    STOP THE MADNESS,,,,,,Egypt, China, North Korea,Russia,Iran, They all hate the USA and we send our enemy our jobs,,,,,STOP THE MADNESS.
    YES we do want protectionism,,YES for the USA,,,