China Mysteriously Quadruples Rice Imports, Continues to Stockpile Commodities

Yesterday, it was reported that China – not currently suffering from any food shortages – is amassing rice stockpiles. This past year, the country mysteriously imported four times the rice over 2011 purchases:

United Nations agricultural experts are reporting confusion, after figures show that China imported 2.6 million tons of rice in 2012, substantially more than a four-fold increase over the 575,000 tons imported in 2011. The confusion stems from the fact that there is no obvious reason for vastly increased imports, since there has been no rice shortage in China. The speculation is that Chinese importers are taking advantage of low international prices, but all that means is that China’s own vast supplies of domestically grown rice are being stockpiled. Why would China suddenly be stockpiling millions of tons of rice for no apparent reason? Perhaps it’s related to China’s aggressive military buildup and war preparations in the Pacific and in central Asia.

Yesterday’s revelation follows reports over the past several years of the Chinese amassing commodities in warehouses through out the nation.

For example, Reuters reported last year that

At Qingdao Port, home to one of China’s largest iron ore terminals, hundreds of mounds of iron ore, each as tall as a three-storey building, spill over into an area signposted “grains storage” and almost to the street.

Further south, some bonded warehouses in Shanghai are using carparks to store swollen copper stockpiles – another unusual phenomenon that bodes ill for global metal prices and raises questions about China’s ability to sustain its economic growth as the rest of the world falters.

Several months ago, at least one analyst speculated that a commodities buying spree involving 300,000 tons of metals in another Chinese province was motivated by an attempt to keep local smelters running, thereby ensuring continued tax revenues to government. But that doesn’t explain the rice-buying.

What we do know is that the world may be headed – led by the United States – toward a period of significant inflation if sovereign debt crises lead to additional “quantitative easing” and other expansions of the monetary supply.

In other words, China may be hedging its bets. Better to buy commodities than U.S. Treasuries that may ultimately be worth pennies on the dollar.

  • CSN

    You can buy rice, lentils, beans in bulk at Bob’s Red Mill online. If you think you need to stockpile too, then that would be my advice.

  • Napoleon noted that “an army moves on its stomach.”

  • Its quite simple. China is getting ready to declare war on the Pacific Basin nations that have been objecting to its attempted takeover of the area.
    Stockpiling rice, metals and so forth is only a prelude to what could about within the next several months!

  • Obama train

    As China prepares for war, Americans talk on their Obama phones and watch Kim Kardashian on their flat screen T.V.’s Wake up America, Obama is driving our nation into the abyss!

    • Nellie CA

      The same way Hitler did to Germany

      • zombiekiller117

        You mean when the government repealed restictive firearms legislation introduced by the communist Wiemar government, kicked out the private central banks and through the use of public central banking created millions of jobs ?
        Hitler saved Germany from the abyss and Germany sacrificed itself trying to save 1/3 of humanity from Communism.
        You come across as Anti-White, are you ?

        • Kampf für die Wahrheit

          Ah, the repeal of 1933.

          Not to be confused with the new ordinance of 1938 — the one designed to make sitting ducks of, ah, certain portions of the populace.

  • fourr

    STOP the outsourcing madness that has caused the current decline of the USA,,,,,,Comi RED CHINA is are enemy…..Conservatives for American industry LLC STOP FREE TRADE its not free it cost us National Sovereighnty

  • fourr

    BUY AMERICAN and STOP the decline of the USA

    • Nellie CA

      For years I have been on top of trying to buy American products. The produce from Mexico is putting our farmers out of business in CA and the water is being sold to San Diego. It is very hard to find American grown produce in my area. CA government is paying the farmers not to farm. How much money has China invested in farms in Mexico? How will this affect our food supply?

      Why is these 13 GM plants in China? 7 plants in Brazil and 30 foreign countries have GM plants. What has the UNION been doing besides paying off Obama.

  • fourr

    We must fight back against Comi Red China STOP the free trade madness.

  • fourr

    We are at war for the future of the USA,,STOP the RED CHINESE ripping off our future,,,,,,YES we do want trade protections,,,,We are at economic war,,,,Have you all noticed the transfer of wealth from the USA to Red China,,,WE MUST PRODUCE OUR OWN GOODS……BUY AMERICAN.
    Conservatives against Free Trade LLC.

  • Well, eating rice won’t help them if a significant new plague strikes which is altogether likely based on historical models. Evidence suggests that it was only meat eaters who survived.

  • All anxious teeth-grinding about war aside, did it occur to anyone that China’s scientists may be taking much more seriously the possible outcome of a massive “Carrington Event”-sized CME this solar maximum than… as yet… the U.S. has? The UK and NZ beefed up their grids to withstand such an event, but China, Russia & the U.S. (for different reasons) have the most vulnerable electric transmission grids in the world – and if/when they go down, those countries will be without grid power (according to their own professional engineers) from 10 months to 4 years.

    China’s state pragmatism can move faster than the U.S. to set aside for such a disaster, whereas in the U.S. FEMA and DHS have only partnered with NorthCOM to implement martial law nationwide (at least as long as their own food lasts). The Chinese are just ahead of us in planning, that’s all.

  • gordonehil

    According to a documentary on CCTV2 last April, China is preparing for a ‘Carrington event’ or ‘kill shot’ in April when a massive solar storm is expected to knock out the world’s electrical supply; The Chinese reckon this will cause chaos for more than three years. In the west, the bankers reckon this will be a major opportunity for culling the indebted population and making trillions. Ed Dames and Jesse Ventura have done documentaries on this event. Here in the UK, Prime Minister Cameron has overseen the murder of 130,000 hospital patients as a depopulation measure. This was mainstream news, but the British public are too brainwashed to take it in. Britain is unprepared for the Carrington event.

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