Conservative Group Targeting McConnell in Kentucky Over Fiscal-Cliff Deal

photo credit: gage skidmore

A conservative group has begun running online ads in Kentucky targeting Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), who is up for reelection in 2014, because of the “fiscal-cliff” deal he brokered.

Brent Bozell, the chairman of ForAmerica, which reports an online membership of 3 million, has launched one of the first ads of the 2014 cycle on conservative websites in Kentucky. The group says it is a five-figure buy.

The ad, titled “Whose Side Are You On,” asks conservatives to sign a petition letting Republican lawmakers know they will be held accountable if they vote for legislation to further increase taxes.

“As negotiations over the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ were intensifying, conservatives called on McConnell and congressional Republicans to hold the line on tax rates and demand cuts to spending, as they had promised,” the petition states. “But when the deadline was looming, McConnell called Vice President Joe Biden and signed off on a deal with the White House that included tax increases and virtually no spending cuts.”

Bozell said in an interview that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if McConnell faced a conservative challenger in the 2014 Kentucky Republican primary.

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    Where can I send money. McConnell’s time has long passed and he and Boehner are the consumate RINO elite that are destroying the party

  • Bruce Feher

    McConnell has to go! So does that puke, John Bonehead and the punk Chairman of the GOP! RINOs all!

  • ablecynic

    Ok, if the conservatives and Tea Party is so tough, why aren’t they starting a recall petition against every liberal member of congress and the Senate? Why do we just whine and talk about “the next election.” We did that after 2010 and we has our asses handed to us on a plate by the Left. Why don’t we fight an asymmetric war against the liberals (regardless of party affiliation) and force them into having to focus on protecting their seat against a recall election as well as doing their “job” in D.C. The Tea Party has turned into just another bunch of losers, just like Boehner and McConnel.