Cops’ Seattle Gun Buyback Transformed Into Gun Show By Eager Private Buyers With Wads of Cash

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, cities across the United States are funding gun-buybacks in a stated effort to get “guns off the street.” In reality, these efforts are just for show, typically bringing in just a few dozen to a few hundred weapons, many of which are old and inoperable.

Given the enormous number of guns in the U.S., the minuscule number of buyback guns will likely have no statistical impact on gun crime rates. Moreover, many of the folk turning in the guns and collecting gift cards or other trackable means of payment, are unlikely to have criminal records and/or a propensity for violence.

Nevertheless, the photo-op buybacks are providing communities with at least one tangible benefit: the opportunity for 2nd Amendment afficionados to attend the buybacks and bid against the police for seized guns.

This happened at a Tuscon buyback earlier this month as well as the recent Seattle buyback this past Saturday. With respect to Seattle, gun buyers were especially active:

Officers stood by as makeshift gun shows sprang up on the sidewalks, just steps away from the buyback tents, as gun enthusiasts and collectors waved wads of cash for the guns being held by those standing in line.

“I’d prefer they wouldn’t sell them,” [Seattle Police Chief] Diaz said of the people in line making deals with the gun buyers.

Some people saw the event as a way to make some money while others came in the spirit of a gun-buyback program, he said.

Albert Coburn, of Seattle, was standing in line with two rifles from his father, weapons that he had no use for. “Instead of selling them, I’d like to see them get out of circulation.”

Some in the long lines lost patience and gave in to the people who surrounded the parking lot with signs saying “Cash for guns.”

One man jumped out of his vehicle as he was waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic at the buyback and asked how much the gun enthusiasts and collectors were willing to pay for his three guns. He pocketed $500.

Some might argue that these gun-buybacks are not for show but are instead being used to normalize the American people to the concept of the government taking their guns for payment. Whether you believe that or not, there is no denying that the buybacks have – so far – been utter failures from the government’s perspective, less so from the private buyer’s perspective.

  • FLChristyB

    Do people honestly believe that selling their old guns to the State is going to make some kind of difference? How silly. I guess that guy who wanted to ‘help’ by selling his fathers guns may wish he still had them should his home ever get broken into…
    Just went to a Gun Show this weekend, if nothing else Obama and all the other idiots like him, have turned these shows into BOOMING businesses!! It took over an hour to walk through it was so crowded, people lined up all day to get in! I was able to get most of the ammo I was looking for…but had to wait another hour for my sister-in-law to get all the paperwork done for the gun she purchased…LOTS of people purchasing weapons and attending the gun safety course.

    • David in MA

      But, remember, a tyrant/dictator always has it in mind that whenever he/she wants they will just march into your home (another constitutional violation), shoot you without a thought and steal whatever firearms you may have. America is under seige and most Americans have not a clue.
      Like the useful idiots, they will be used to disrupt society for as long as people like obama want them to and when they begin to be a problem for people like obama, they will simply be shot, hung, beheaded or whatever the dictator desires, and without concience.

      • JMerklin

        And if that happens, then the armed American citizens along with the police, militia guards, sheriff, the oath keepers, many other patriots and ousted high ranking military leaders will shoot back and there will be the beginnings of a civil war which will be won by the people. And then Obama and all the others will be publicly exectuted.

        • guest99

          Have you not read ab out the military being selectively discharging officers that wil not fire on US citizens?

          • JMerklin

            Yup. That’s why I included “ousted high ranking military leaders”. They will be on our side and they will be a huge asset with the knowledge they have of the inner workings and secrets of the military. Hehehehe. Not so bright of Obama to release them to our side…. LOL.

          • James Vetzel

            There’s going to be a whole lot of “Fraging” going on!

  • Re distribution of arms.

  • jb80538

    I’d do the same thing if I had any extra money. The gun owner gets more and a possible collectable gun doesn’t get destroyed.

  • Trust Americans to find some way of making money, and “sticking it to the man” as well!
    More of these impromptu sidewalk sales of guns should make the government realize we are NOT giving up our guns!
    In fact, one day, the government is going to be very glad we private citizens are armed!

    • Thomas

      Lee , not the one we have now !

  • Irishslave MC

    Nice – wiser than the serpent!

  • Thomas

    I did not see one gang-banger in that crowd , This was a joke ! Some more tax dollars down the tube ! Way to go Seattle !

    • Harold

      What do you expect from extreme anti-American socialists? Like those in(Seatattle)?

  • Watchmanonwall

    Hey Joe! Keep us posted on any other city or county that wants to have a gun buy (it is not “buying back”. No one bought it from the gov to begin with) program. If it is close enough to me, I want to go, with my sign and some cash. Cool Idea. Gets around craigslist’s stupid rules. It brings all the sellers and buyers together in one place. It is neither buyers or sellers market. Easy to shop around. No outragous admission fee like gun shows are now.

  • Harold

    For the cash buyers; GOODY;GOODY;GOODY!

  • h5mind

    The one nice thing about our inept government is whenever they purport to do anything, they usually manage to accomplish precisely the opposite.

  • Outcountry

    And of course what’s the ultimate insult is the govt agencies finance these schemes with our own money forced out of us at the point of a gun (see who comes to your door if you don’t pay your taxes). Wouldn’t you like to see the city use your money to get the potholes out of the road instead?

  • Capt.America

    Tip for those buying at gun shows,buy from private collections at gun shows,no paper work.

  • Paul Hoffmann

    The reason you saw no gangbangers in line to turn their guns in was because the demographic targeted by the police administrators are the law abiding. Those are who they want disarmed.

  • exile

    i think the possibility a “rebate” mentality can not be excluded, since $1.00
    will get you $10.00, a $100.00-$200.00 “buyback” is a nifty way to upgrade your arsenal.

  • Alaskamommy

    For those who think our soldiers won’t fire on our citizens, think again. The younger soldiers out there are a totally different breed of person. Not all, of course, but many – maybe most. Try driving through the parking lot of your local base commissary or BX and see how many Obama stickers you can count.