Did CIA Pick Sanitize Obama’s Passport Records?

photo credit: nrcgov

NEW YORK – John Brennan, the Obama counter-terrorism adviser nominated this week to head the CIA, played a controversial role in what many suspect was an effort to sanitize Obama’s passport records.

On March 21, 2008, amid Obama’s first presidential campaign, two unnamed contract employees for the State Department were fired and a third was disciplined for breaching the passport file of Democratic presidential candidate and then-Sen. Barack Obama.

Breaking the story, the Washington Times on March 20, 2008, noted that all three had used their authorized computer network access to look up and read Obama’s records within the State Department consular affairs section that “possesses and stores passport information.”

Contacted by the newspaper, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack attributed the violations to non-political motivations, stressing that the three individuals involved “did not appear to be seeking information on behalf of any political candidate or party.”

“As far as we can tell, in each of the three cases, it was imprudent curiosity,” McCormack told the Washington Times.

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  • liberty49

    I have no doubt that Brennan had a hand in ‘scrubbing’ Obama’s passport records. Will we EVER know how many people are involved in the efforts to protect this illegal POTUS and the damage he is doing to this once great nation?

    • Charles

      You said a mouthful. I totally agree with you.

  • No doubt here either.

  • Every person associated with B.O. is dirty, amoral and immoral. Corruption is s.o.p. Think of rats swimming in the filth of sewage to visualize what is running this country.

  • Nellie CA

    Why wasn’t this brought before Congress and Senate before the first election? I felt a very bad feeling about Obama the first time I saw him on TV.

    • liberty49

      You may have noticed that HE HAS NO SOUL when you look into his eyes.

  • Archie

    Brennan is an Islamofascist mole. Obama was linked to Brennan’s friends in Pakistan and the Middle East. Of course he scrubbed the file.

  • LostPatriots

    Okay, What we all have to realize is where the current occupier of the White House came from in the first place (AKA : Dictator with his Executive Orders and Czar appointments and all that etc) . No, I’m not talking of Kenya or Hawaii (where ever it is he came from)…..it is his last political position I speak of, in the Senate. Chicago, Illinois is a political cesspool with the Blagovich mess, and the crooked Mayors getting caught with their hands all red and all the other candidates that later had to resign for being shady and a little too well connected. This whole American government thing that we have is only working for the “inside” people such as the politicians, the lobbyists, and those few elite rich bastards who throw the money into Washington, D.C.
    So, in closing….I am not at all surprised to read this article and it is a prime example of how they scratch each other’s backs in those smoke filled back rooms we hear so much about in our nation’s capitol. Just more of the same old news.