Former Clinton, Obama Officials Call For Halt to Arctic Drilling

Former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and former EPA administrator and Obama climate policy director Carol Browner officials have changed their tune and are now opposed to oil and gas drilling in the arctic. They argue that a “series of mishaps and errors” have them convinced it can’t be done safely and responsibly.

“We were open to offshore oil and gas development in the Arctic provided oil companies and the government could impose adequate safeguards, ensure sufficient response capacity and develop a deeper understanding of how oil behaves in ice and freezing water,” write Podesta and Browner, both now working at the liberal Center for American Progress.

“Now, following a series of mishaps and errors, as well as overwhelming weather conditions, it has become clear that there is no safe and responsible way to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean,” they added.

Podesta and Browner argue that despite reports warning about potential hazards of arctic drilling and advances in technology and expertise, Royal Dutch Shell has shown it is ill-prepared for arctic drilling. The two go farther to argue that arctic drilling should be stopped altogether.

“The Obama administration shouldn’t issue any new permits to Shell this year and should suspend all action on other companies’ applications to drill in this remote and unpredictable region,” write Podesta and Browner.

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  • Barry_Suxx

    Oh that’s right!,,, we certainly wouldn’t want to upset the relentless uncontrolled BLEEDING of Americans Cash into the pockets of OPEC Members now would we?

  • Disgusted

    Drill Baby Drill. In Alaska. Thank you very much. WHY aren’t we using our own resources?

    • Joe1938

      Re “WHY aren’t we using our own resources?”; The reason is that there is a large population of cretins who want the continued flow of American dollars into the middle east.

  • Kent2012

    typical when you hate America like kenyan boy does, hoping the someone exterminates podesta and anyone he knows that agrees with him, Real Americans would benefit….

  • CaptTurbo

    The citizens call for an end of White House usurpation.

  • Joe1938

    Cretin Podesta wants to keep American dollars flowing to the middle east. Again, follow the money into Swiss bank accounts.