Palin, Fox News Part Ways

NEW YORK – Fox News Channel is parting ways with former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, ending her three-year tenure as a contributor on the network.

While Palin’s time at Fox was occasionally rocky, the network’s news executive, Bill Shine, said Friday that “we have thoroughly enjoyed our association” with her.

“We wish her the best in her future endeavors,” said Shine, Fox’s executive vice president for programming.

A person familiar with discussions between Fox and Palin described the parting as amicable, saying that Fox and Palin had discussed renewing her contract but she decided to do other things. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record.

Palin’s lawyer in Alaska, John Tiemessen, had no immediate comment on her exit. Palin’s last appearance on Fox News was Dec. 19 on Greta Van Susteren’s show.

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  • gwedem5995

    I will miss her.

  • jben

    I’m sick of ‘fair and balanced’! If I want to hear liberal nonsense I can turn on ANY other cable news, documentary, or so called entertainment shows. Now they have Denis (The menace) Kusenich (sp?)….. WTF! Get rid of Beckel and Williams if you want to improve your value as a news agency!

    • GoBlaze

      Yep! I’m with you! FoxNews is worrying too much about f/b and not enough about “fair”! All of the other channels are liberal! Why can’t Fox be the only channel for the smart conservatives?! I LOVE “TheBlaze”!! It has the best shows ever! It doesn’t worry about having uber liberals take the lead like Fox does. I’m only watching Fox about 10% of the time now that Glenn Beck has his channel. Looking for more channels to step up to the plate!!

      • whenever colmes geraldo beckel or williams is on fox I change channels and watch a movie or anything not ultra left.

    • Poppo

      Please ask Rivera and Colmes to join the exodus. I’m sick of all of their over and over utterly stupid comments.

    • Cris A Wise

      Agreed! Fox is sliding leftward quickly.

    • RocktheBenz

      Since the demise of Beck & Judge Napolitano fox has gone down the toilet with the likes of juan what’s his name, fatboy beckel, racist dr. lamont hill, and the female equvilants there is a great need for an ALL CONSERVATIVE NETWORK. Get rid of the fair and balanced crap and tell America what is best for America. Politically correct is killing this country. I have told Hannity, oreilly, etc. that conservatives change the channel when they put these left-wing hacks on their programs but it is to no avail…I wish them well.

  • Engineer313

    Thanks Sarah, You are great.

  • Bruce Feher

    Good for her! FOX seems to be moving more and more into the world of CNN, MSNBC et al anyway.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Really hate to see her Go but Fox is no Longer
    a Credabile or Real NewsSorce. Will still follow
    her wherever she turns up. If Hillary Runs Sara
    is the only one We have to Counter with!!!!!

  • m123s

    Fox is worse than the other state run media, because it has deceive viewers into believing that it is Conservitive and honest; they are neither.

  • RocktheBenz

    Fox has now proven that real conservatives have no place on their network. After Beck, Napalitano, now Palin can Hannity be far behind? oreilly is hanging on by his fingernails too. Looks like SOMEONE should establish what I have been advocating for a long time; an ALL Conservative network. Beck tried it but was repulsed by mr. repulsive himself. I hope gore goes to the middle east and jazeera can cheera for him before they de-nut him. (Oh, yeah, I forgot he doesn’t have any nuts)…

  • RocktheBenz

    Oh, yeah, I notice when juan williams, kucinich, beckel come on these shows I change the channel. No conservative wants to watch these slobbering sleazeball liberals. Can you believe it! dennis kucinich???

  • gracentruth

    We are with you, Sarah, where ever you are. I never watched Fox news anyway. Peace,

  • Fox Watcher

    I’m saddened that Sarah Palin is leaving Fox. She was always a breath of fresh air. I watch Fox, but when Bob Beckel and Juan Williams are on, I leave the room as I will not listen or watch either of them. Too bad their contracts were renewed. They are both idiots!!!

  • Wayright2

    I’d watch for her on Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” channel. I’d like to see her hosting a gun show.

  • Jeff

    Another step in Fox joining the “lame stream” media that their owner admires.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    FOX is not more–so – SP is right to move on!!

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    and the fact that FOX has re-hired Rove- proves that FOX is not the Channel of those who love the Constitution and Constitutional government —

  • Rod

    I am very glad to find that Sarah found FOX to be the fraud that it has turned out to be. She deserves better than to be humiliated by Bill O. and others on FOX. Hannity was friendly and honestly so but Bill O. fell right in with the RNC and is terrified of the power that Sarah has with real Americans. The RNC should be disbanded and replaced by the Tea Party and America would once again lead the whole world as the best example of good living. Sarah could win the Presidency in a well-run campaign and would make the good of America her only ambition. I hope it happens!