GOP Should Stand for Opportunity

photo credit: gage skidmore

Since Election Day, much energy has been spent analyzing why Republicans did so poorly. Many have urged that Republicans must “moderate their views,” by which they mean we should adopt more policies of Democrats.

That advice misdiagnoses the problem. The 2012 election did not reflect popular approval of the Obama policies of out-of-control spending, taxes, deficits and debt. To the contrary, 51 percent of voters on Election Day agreed that “government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals.”

Nor did the election reflect satisfaction with the paltry economic growth that President Obama’s abusive regulatory approach has produced. Voters are rightly unhappy with the anemic growth in gross domestic product the past four years; the average, just 1.5 percent, is less than half of our historic average since World War II, but 53 percent of voters believed the economy was George W. Bush’s fault.

Why did voters believe that? Obama repeated it relentlessly, and Republicans never responded.

First you win the argument, then you win the vote, Margaret Thatcher famously admonished. Republicans did neither.

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  • 1jam

    The GOP should change their symbol from an elephant, to a jellyfish.

  • Bruce Feher

    Good idea but it will never work, the GOP has no balls! They proved it again when they re-elected Bonehead as “speaker.”

  • John McIntyre

    Boehnor betrayed the platform of the Republican Party assisted by Senators Cornyn and Hutchison of Texas. Respectfully;John McIntyre,GOP delegate to Ft.Worth 2012. Louie Gohmert or Ted Poe for USSenate in Texas to replace Cornyn.

  • Not enough votes to unelect Bonehead, alas. But the message is all important and Cruz has a great message. The GOP needs to becoming the party that will usher in prosperity–and it MUST fight every morsel of pork inserted into every bill if it is going to do so.

    Our role is to discover and expose all the pork and hold politicians to their pledges. We are crossing the Delaware at night in the cold in an open boat. We have to win the fight by rallying the troops and not turning our backs and running for home.