LA Times: Why Did the FBI Have an Informant in Joe Miller Campaign?

fultonThe Los Angeles Times reported today that, “Now that the mole who helped bring down the leadership of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia has talked publicly, the big question on some minds in Alaska is: Why was federal FBI informant William Fulton involved in political campaigns?”

The LA Times interviewed not only Fulton, but also Joe Miller and 2010 Lieutenant Governor Candidate Eddie Burke who hired Fulton as his campaign manager. Fulton’s FBI handler also commented for the article.

During Joe Miller’s interview, he was asked about the impact of the handcuffing and what he thought about an FBI informant working in Alaska politics:

The widely reported arrest of a journalist at a town hall meeting “absolutely” was detrimental to his campaign, Miller said Monday in an interview with The Times.

“I’m a strong supporter of the 1st Amendment, and I had close friends that had been supporters of my campaign question, ‘Why would Joe Miller handcuff a journalist?’ For crying out loud, I wasn’t even in the building,” Miller said. “It was utilized as a political weapon against us in the state.”

Miller said he is now troubled that Fulton, whose personal politics turn out to be not at all aligned with the far right, was injecting controversy into his campaign and was also working on the campaign of Burke, another right-wing candidate who lost — all during 2010, when he was a paid informant for the FBI.

Miller recalled the well-publicized election of 2008, when longtime U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens lost his bid for reelection after being convicted of failing to report gifts from an oil industry lobbyist at the end of a long investigation waged by the FBI in Anchorage. The charges were dismissed in 2009 on the U.S. Justice Department’s own motion when it was learned that potentially exculpatory evidence had not been turned over to the defense. But by then, Democrat Mark Begich had won Stevens’ seat.

“This is the second U.S. Senate race in Alaska that the FBI has had some involvement in,” Miller said. “I’m certainly not expressing any type of conspiracy theory about the FBI causing any kind of trouble to my campaign, but it’s conceptually troubling to me that you have a paid informant working on multiple campaigns answering to the FBI, being debriefed by the FBI, and I really think it’s incumbent on that agency to come clean about the scope of this individual’s employment and the level of involvement the FBI had in that.”

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  • stevenlehar

    Joe Miller we are following your story! The ‘other side’ has abandoned all pretense at playing by the rules — their rules are openly lying, cheating, and stealing their way to election. With Michael Moore and that fraud Jesse Jackson Jr, and with Acorn in full steam, we have lost our election process to cheats and scoundrels! It is time to stop pretending that they were fairly elected.

    • LTCRWIce

      This cheating and the action of scoundrels is not limited to the Democrats.. Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts.. The RINOs in Alaska are working against good order and the Constitution. Stay strong Joe!!

  • gracentruth

    There is more election fraud than we knew. The “unelected” senators from Alaska are in DC to destroy our state. Peace,

  • Folks liston,
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    What we need is a million or two millian march on the capital in DC.

    • stevenlehar

      Tom — right instinct, wrong tactic. We are working stiffs, we can’t take days off to march in Washington! But we CAN show our collective strength with our automobiles! On some unannounced day, millions of us, on our way to work, pick out the biggest traffic choke-point in our daily commute, and STOP OUR CARS DEAD, bringing traffic to a standstill! We can even get out and shake hands and party for a while, then we get back into our cars and continue on to work, point made. If we can bring traffic to a standstill on demand, the media will be FORCED to pay attention. It only takes 3 cars stopped abreast to shut the WHOLE interstate down. I’ve got more ideas like this one … I’ll set up a web site some day. Who-all is in with me?

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  • What is remarkable in light of Joe Fulton’s admission he is a Democrat is the failure of the Alaska press to apologize to Joe branding him as an enemy of reporters weeks before the election. And now we know the rest of the story. The guy who did the arresting was a Democrat and the reporter was working for Alice Rubinstein whose billionaire husband wants to cash in on her Alaska connections when the Artic development starts in ernest. Shame on Tony Hopfinger.