Mother Releases Horrendous Autopsy Photos of Daughter Killed in Botched Abortion

A pro-life group has released the graphic images today of a woman who was killed in a botched legal abortion. The group says they are some of the first images ever seen publicly of a woman who was brutalized by an abortion that claimed her life.

[Editor’s Note: These photographs are very graphic, so caution is highly advised. Click HERE for the images]

When 18-year-old Marla Cardamone was killed having an abortion at a Pennsylvania hospital, her mother, Deborah, vowed that she would never let her daughter be forgotten. Then, late last year, she approached the pro-life group Life Dynamics and asked the group’s president Mark Crutcher to help her show the public the risks women face when they submit to abortions.

Today, Life Dynamics is releasing a new brochure revealing what happened to Marla and her unborn son, including ghastly photos from Marla’s autopsy. The organization has also created a new website that features the images and more information on how botched legal abortions kill and injure women.

“The pro-life movement has never had images to illustrate the unimaginable brutality and ugliness of women being killed in America’s “Safe and Legal” abortion clinics. But those days are over,” Crutcher told LifeNews. “We are going to show America what it looks like when women climb onto a table in one of these places and end up on an autopsy table a few hours later.”

“These images are a powerful new weapon unlike anything the pro-life movement has ever had before. Because of Deborah’s courage, we finally have the ability to expose one of the pro-choice lobby’s dirtiest little secrets,” Crutcher continued. “And that is exactly what Life Dynamics is committed to doing. Starting today, we are sending a clear and unmistakable message to Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry that they will no longer be allowed to kill the Marla Cardamones of this world and then just walk away from them like they never existed.

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  • CSN

    How horrible….I hope Maria was sorry for her sin, before she died from these murderous animals.

  • Glen C

    How sad is that? But GUNS ARE BAD… Right? ONE LITTLE AMERICAN DIES BY ABORTION EVERY 96 SECONDS! and GUNS are bad?????? I don’t get the logic???

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      That’s likely because there ISN’T logic at all, only an insane desire to control us!

  • Doc

    Glenn you don’t get the logic because your thinking is warped. Guns DO NOT KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE..The gun dun does not have any ability to discharge itself so anything the gun does is controled by a person. It is so sad that so many humans can not make that connection.

  • feedback

    I am pro life, but would like a little more info about what happened, who was responsible for these pictures. I cannot imagine the doctors took them so if not the doctors was it the person performing the autopsy. if so why does she still have devices(probably breathing) in her mouth.What happened did she hemorrhage during the procedure? I hope this is not just a picture used to promote hatred towards abortion clinics. Although I have much disdain for them I find that many things are used against us by the left to make us sound and look stupid that is why I try to verify as much as I can when I come across information that is either political in nature or something that most would find disgusting and vile.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      This appears to be the “abortion chamber” and to have been post resuscitation efforts, but that large discolored area along her right groin and thigh area shouldn’t be there. Sadly, this sort of thing is much more common than many will admit. I don’t know who took the photos either, possibly a member of the staff who was disgusted by this needless loss of life that goes on all too often, and wanted to make it known!

    • CSN

      This information was produced by a Priest who might have been called to give this girl the last rites of the church. He may have taken the pictures or had the family take the pictures. Horrid to say the least. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. It happens more than they release.

  • El

    God bless Marla’s mother. That poor woman. The public needs to know this and they also need to be aware of the psychological damage a normal abortion causes most women, some for the rest of their lives. I’m glad they are doing this. I would, however, like them to explain a little about what we are seeing. I’m not even going to post these on my page, because the pro-life crowd will say “it’s not true, why would she have bruises all over her arms, etc.,” and I can’t answer. As always, not enough explanation for a skeptic (not me, but the abortion-lovers of America).

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      That huge one in her groin area is the MOST troubling of them; it looks as if a large artery was nicked to cause that much pooling of blood! Like maybe the femoral artery!

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    These and others LIKE them need to be REQUIRED to be prominently displayed in EVERY Planned Parenthood and other “abortion mill’ facility, so the women can SEE how “safe” this really IS!

  • gizmo

    what words can describe this horror? Not only these women duped into “safe” procedures, but, of course, each of these “safe” procedures snuffed out the innocent life of at least 1 other…

  • Ryan

    I am prolife, but statistically, having an abortion is safer than childbirth. This type of rhetoric wont help the prolife cause that much (though I am not saying it will hurt it).

    • frawgeyz

      Dear God ! “Abortion is safer than childbirth”. Yeah right you are prolife.

    • CSN

      It isn’t safer than childbirth, and that is just plain false. A woman’s hormones are geared to bringing a baby into full term. Anyone who invades that domain, when everything is set and ready to proceed normally, goes into Post Abortion Trauma, and it also causes them to suffer physically from excessive bleeding, etc, and it is very painful. Ask any woman who has had a miscarriage, and she’ll tell you it is worse than delivering a live baby. You’re not Pro-Life.

  • Dumb Rock

    How many abortions take place a day in the USA..? 3,700… check it
    no guns required

    • Kent2012

      damn, sounds like mass murder to me

  • Vette66

    What is so sad, beside being killed in a botched abortion, was that she became pregnant in the first place. I am not blaming her, but if she wanted to have sex she should have had proper birth control instruction. I feel very sorry for her and her mother.

    • kevin Golike

      in the 70s where i grew up there was a condom machine in every bathroom,for 25 cents. we where taught in school how to use them and yet did we? no,because kids are just stupid and think it will never happen to them. more education about birth control is not needed,what is needed is to show these pictures of what could happen to you if you abort a child. boys you want your girl friend to go thru this? i think most would not if shown what it involves.

  • gwen

    This doesn’t look at all like an autopsy. What gives? And I just find it inconceivable that if an abortion was done in a hospital or clinic that someone would take a photo like this. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am truly sorry for the mother of this young woman, but something is amiss here.

    • kevin Golike

      anytime a person dies police and investigation teams take a crap load of pictures. to much stuff gets overlooked and will be seen later in photos. SOP

  • Kent2012

    not only that the taxpayer is supposed to pay for this abomination or the birth control either way something is wrong in DC and around the country

  • Make no mistake….I am entirely ZPG….but THIS? The planet is dying from excess human population but there are numerous far more sane and humane ways to keep it down than meat axing the unborn to death. Why wasn’t the butcher who did this arrested for manslaughter?—-aggravated manslaughter for hire with special circumstances if there be such an offense? Oh wait, these knife-happy pieces of dreck are part of the billionaire club AMA who with their deep pockets can always get the case thrown out of court in our current JU$T U$ system….guess i forgot.

  • kevin Golike

    so much for the argument that making it legal makes it safe!