The Tyranny Before Us

At a recent dinner party I had the opportunity to ask an elderly acquaintance a question I thought she was uniquely qualified to answer. You see, she grew up in Germany in the 1930’s just as Adolph Hitler came to power. She was injured during the Allied bombing of her home and then married an American soldier whereupon she settled in America.

I asked her, “Katherine, do you see any similarities between Hitler’s Germany in the 1930’s and America today?” My question prompted a swift, if not indelicate, kick under the table from the hostess, a dear friend. Fortunately, Katherine is a bit hard of hearing so my gaffe went unanswered, or at least ignored. The hostess then pulled me aside and began to explain the ‘delicacies’ to me.

You see, to this day Katherine adores Adolph Hitler. Furthermore, many if not most Germans of her vintage do so as well. I was shocked! Didn’t Katherine and her fellow German octogenarians understand that everyone is supposed to hate Hitler… everyone?!

My hostess, now flanked by her husband, explained further. Hitler in the 1930’s, and even after his death, was extremely popular. He did many great and good things for a nation suffering terribly and needlessly under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. He built roads, bridges and hospitals. He put people back to work while he rebuilt the economy. In less than ten years he accomplished the miraculous … even while he began to commit the unspeakable.

With my indiscretion now mercifully behind me I realized I had just experienced a teachable moment. That is, a tyrant so universally reviled for committing such horrific acts could actually be revered by the kind, decent, and normal man or woman next door. But how could they be so fooled? How could they witness such evil and still admire the author of it? Especially with over sixty years of hindsight.

The answer is remarkably simple; Adolph Hitler was not always a tyrant. As he rose to political power his vision for a better Germany lifted his nation from the depths of a severe depression and the humiliation of defeat. But more importantly, he gave his countrymen hope for better future while he returned to them their pride in their homeland, the pride they so passionately desired.

Tyrants are not uniformly evil. They are capable of great good and small kindnesses. They smile, they laugh and they love their children. But eventually they embrace the evil which defines their tyranny, and then those who gave them their power begin to pay a terrible price.

First a tyrant tells you he cares for you, then he presumes to think for you, then he simply tells you what to do. This is the essence of tyranny.

Then, those who presume to question his methods are ridiculed and then silenced. Those who resist his usurpations are imprisoned and finally eliminated… and all for the expressed good of society. Mankind has witnessed this progression time and again since the beginning of time.

No nation, no people are immune to the temptations which empower a tyrant and blind them to his evils. When conditions are ripe the right man with the right image saying just the right things can sweep to power with surprisingly little effort… and even less scrutiny. Indeed, America itself is not immune to the Siren’s call of the ‘Great Man’ promising prosperity ahead in exchange for more power… his power. If Germany, which gave the world Luther, Bach and the most educated citizenry in the world can succumb to the wiles of a Hitler, so too can Americans relinquish just a bit more liberty for the mere promise of security and prosperity.

I believe the potential for tyranny lives in each of us, waiting for opportunity to beckon. That is why it is so necessary for each of us to remain vigilant for the tyrant-to-be walking amongst us. He won’t be sporting horns or a long red tail. He will be handsome to most and charming to the rest. He will be articulate in speech and well dressed. He will always be pleasant to the eye and ear.

And he will be recognized for what he truly is early on by only those few who are inclined to remember history so as not to relive it. Others, less wise, will be deceived immediately and perpetually. They will disregard the harsh lessons of history and cling to the vague promises of the here-and-now.

Now to the question before us. Do I believe President Obama has the capacity to be a tyrant? Most certainly. He is no more immune to the temptations of ultimate power than the rest of us. And as he seeks to find “reasonable” steps to address the ills of our nation, the concerns about his understanding of the Founder’s intent begin to pile up.

This brings me to my conclusion. I am not so concerned here with tyrants themselves but with how they come to be. How did China, with more centuries as an advanced civilization than any other, inflict upon itself, and the world, Chairman Mao? How did Russia permit Stalin as its brutal leader? And Germany… Hitler? Italy, Mussolini?

I believe that a tyrant must have four conditions extant for him to fulfill his ruinous destiny. One, a compliant and sympathetic press. Two, a supportive or subjugated legislative branch. Three, a powerful police force which swears fealty to the tyrant himself. And four, an unarmed or significantly under armed citizenry. Of course, it is critical to note that if the press were to operate unencumbered by its own biased ideology or by the tyrant himself, conditions two through four simply could not survive. Nonetheless, at the end of the the day the tyrant can, and will, permit no meaningful opposition. Thankfully, not all four of these conditions currently exist in America… not yet.

As America struggles through its current crisis the very human hope for a better future becomes overwhelming, sometimes clouding judgment. And it is in this hope that danger for our republic lurks. For when a nation puts its hope in nothing greater than a man that nation stands on the precipice, blind to the danger just one step ahead. That is why America was built not on the personality of men but on the principles good men and women ponder and articulate… principles free men and women cherish and contend for.

America has survived some 240 years through great tragedy and trauma but it has always rested on those principles. But today I worry whether those principles are even recognized let alone exercised, as we sacrifice our citizenship to the lust for cheap labor, our sovereignty on the altar of climate change and our prosperity to our own greed and ignorance.

So then, absent a return to the principles upon which the American experiment was founded, and by which it once flourished, it will continue to flounder and eventually fail, both as a nation and as a people. Then, we Americans will elect a tyrant who promises prosperity even while his tyranny consumes us… and we will have only ourselves to blame.

  • stevenlehar

    Interesting story! I knew a French girl years ago who absolutely idolized Napoleon. I was deeply puzzled. Now I begin to understand. Great article! Thanks!

    • a_browning

      The last time France was great was under Napoleon.

      • stevenlehar

        If you call that greatness, doing an “Adolf Hitler” and preemptively attacking all his neighbors to bring them under French dominion. Predictable but delayed-response consequences — the “allies” (everyone else) belatedly wakes up to the danger and unite, bringing an end to the invasion of “French Greatness”. Happens again and again. Not in America! (Not yet). Our greatness is NOT in our dominion over others. Our greatness is the spread of liberty through the world. Now that’s a greatness to die for!

        • a_browning

          Please let me clarify, the last time the French saw France as great was under Napoleon. In reality the French have only ever been great is in their own dilutions.

  • Rich T

    excellent article. It’s too bad everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to read this. I fear what is going to happen within the next four years with this president (king).

  • Belen Oller-Britton

    This is the MOST ACCURATE PROFILE of OBAMA anayone has written to date – He says that “fortunately NOT ALL of those principles have been covered yet by him – I would say, the first TWO are already in effect for sure, the third one (banning of guns to disarm the citizens is on its way & his devoted ARMY will come next – he can do ALL before his next term is over-for sure. Obama fits the FULL profile of a TYRANT and that has been intention since day one – He has indeed been successful in moving “forward” with his conspiracy thanks to ALL the IMBECILS that have voted for him–Us the wiser ones will unfortunately be DOOMED with all of them is what aggravates me to no end.

  • William

    Great article that shows the genius of the founding documents in that it’s expected that leaders like Obama will come around in their due time but as long as we adhere to the well thought out intentions of our founders we can avoid the extremes of both tyranny and anarchy.

  • Oh easily we are fooled and taken in by those kind hearted souls that made up the Germany of the 1930-40’s. I was in Germany immediately after the war had ended, and I found that a lot of the younger Germans did indeed worship Hitler, and some blamed the German people for letting him down. But don’t let ourselves be fooled once again by the German people, and begin to believe that Hitler was a great and good man. Many of those same Germans believed in him, followed his evil plan to make German the ruler of the world. They were quick to persecute those who did not go along with Hitler’s evil plans. They arrested, confined, and even killed dissidents for little or no reason. They allowed personal property to be taken from the rightful owner, so that they could take it over and prosper from someone else’s hard work. Those that adored and supported Hitler were just like him, and followed him in order to enjoy the fruits of his evilness. When it all fell apart, they did not blame Hitler, they blamed the honest Germans that did not support him in his evil plans.

    • I’m quite sure George Soros adored Hitler. Didn’t he admit as much, and didn’t he work for the German State to take gold fillings and other valuables away from the Jews who were being killed, even though he himself was a Jew?

      • Doug Wagner

        Gold teeth indeed. Yes and soap made from the Jews fat, and lampshades made from tattooed Jews skin, and shrunken heads of Jews. All complete rubbish. thou roughly debunked and disproved, even by courageous Jews who settle for nothing less than the truth

        It is demonetization on a cartoon level, intended for all the sheep lacking critical thinking capabilities.

    • James Vetzel

      Just remember what our “Fearless Leader” said. “You didn’t build that”.

      • In case you could not find the quote in full.

        ” If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet”.

    • Doug Wagner

      You observe history through the lens of the victors. In truth, a close scrutiny of what really happened exposes the “Allies” great intent on the utter destruction of Germany, and the fact that they would accept nothing less.

      At several critical junctures during the war Hitler offered many apparently sincere opportunities to cease and desist with England, but was ignored and rebuffed by Churchill, acting on behalf of the international bankers who wanted Hitler, and Germany, destroyed for their unpardonable sin of extricating themselves from the central bankers clutches, printing interest-free Deutschmarks, and offering up a path to financial freedom to other nations held in the clutches of the central bankers fiat currency with interest Ponzi scheme. Hitler was, and still is, adored by the people who understood him best, the people of Germany.

  • Susan Michigan

    This is why Term Limits is so Important !!! The power structure doesn’t get sooo out of control ! Now we need the same Term Limits for House and Senate…This craziness of being a Senator into their 80’s ..How stupid ! 8 years and OUT… most of us become almost brain dead by 80 years old…sorry… nobody can say they have wit and knowledge like a 50 year old !!!!

  • barbiecakes

    At least their dictator created bridges, roads, hospitals and put people back to work. Obama has done nothing but destroy our economy. SEIG HEIL!!

    • COTom

      But hasn’t O been preaching to rebuild roads and bridges?

  • HyacinthClare

    I agree with Belen below. This is the clearest, most cogent description of what faces us that I have yet read. I will do my best to get it read by others.

  • CSN

    Yes, the picture which has Obama representing Hitler is very accurate indeed! If you look up videos of Hitler on YouTube you’ll see an enormous amount of people, in the hundred thousands, lauding and hailing him, as though mesmerized by his very being. There is also an angle to this people are not noticing. Hitler made his SS Officers take an Oath to Satan. Obama is a Satanist, though many are not aware. When he was only in his early 20’s he told people, point blank, he was going to be President…PERIOD! People have sold their souls to Satan for less. Some can call me crazy, but there is a price to pay if one has done so, and it is… human sacrifice. Notice Hitler sacrificed the Jews, and Obama will most likely sacrifice Christians and Patriots and already sacrifices unborn babies and babies born alive. It’s time to rethink our strategy.

    • MrChicken

      I bet most of us who add comments here are already on Obama’s hit list. Even so, I am in the Lambs Book of LIfe, so I don’t fear Obama. All he can do is kill this body, but he will get his reward.

  • reggiec

    What is really frightening is that every tyrant and their followers devoutly believe they are doing the right thing. They do not believe their tyranny is evil. They believe they are combating evil. Such is the warped and corrupted way their minds work.

  • 63Marine

    What are Americans waiting for? This jerk IS Hitler reincarnate. The sooner he is taken out/down the better America will be. Where are all the patriots who will stand their ground and deal with this clown?

    • James Vetzel

      What ever someone does, DON’T USE A GUN! Maybe we can talk some nut case into using an Explosive vest. The Prez should know all about those things.

  • chesnut

    We need to realize principle 4 is already in place. The TSA is one force, ICE another , ATF also (think Waco TX) and most importantly the Governors Council of ten bipartisan governors specially chosen by Obama who are his acolytes and will do his bidding. The NDAA has consolidated power between the various States and the US Military through these governors so as to avoid “double leadership and improve ease of coordination”. So we see that for ease of using US troops for internal unrest, sold to the American people as FEMA or natural disaster issues, this consolidation of power which is effectively a massive power grab totally negates the balance of powers making the wishes of the Federal Government much more easily enforced with virtually no push back at the highest level that would have likely protected the several states and their citizenry from tyranny.

  • 63Marine

    This is what brain washing does to people of weak minds. Those who voted for him are of weak mind and his minions also cheated and “Loaded” the ballot boxes. This whole last vote was a sham…

  • Johnny Jones

    Geoge Soros is the worst kind of Jew. He collaborated with Nazi’s to exterminate his own people. He’s is a evil, wretched excuse for a human being.

  • oldranger68

    Rather than excoriate Hitler and the Germans, lookm at the travesty which was Stalin and the Russians. Perhaps you’re villifying the wrong person to too great of an extent. Considering what happened to Germany after the Great War, Hitloer was what Germany needed at that time.

  • trigon400

    Hitler is liked for this reason; his acts didn’t include “6 million Jews killed” as we’ve been told 6 million times by the professional Jewish guilt mongers.
    It was more like 200,000 as per the Red Cross camp visit estimates.

  • Lizelot

    Excellent analysis and reminder of how easy it is to be fooled by superficial impressions. Also, how quickly that web is spun and how difficult, sometimes almost impossible, it is to escape the trap.

    We have already been told to scrap the display of the Ten Commandments and to avoid all public displays of piety, and our judiciary has been complicit. Our women hb given the “right” to kill their unborn, actually their child, and they glory in that right. Our institutes of education are used to teach us the joys of sex instead of the serious study of the classics. EOs are used to bypass our Congress even though that body was meant to advise & consent. Our mainstream press has become an echo chamber of the dominant party, and our opposition is in disarray due to inside divisions. Oh, and we are again faced with far-reaching gun control even though it won’t prevent future mass murder by deranged individuals.

    At which point are we on the road to serfdom?

  • pearl87

    Mr. Bronson should not be so credulous. Unless he has proof of this absurd claim that “many if not most Germans of her vintage” “adore Hitler”, such as verifiable studies and/or polls, he shouldn’t try to pass off this entirely false statement as fact. How do I know it is hogwash? Because my mother happens to also be a German war-bride. I’ve known many Germans from this era and, while they may grudgingly concede that Hitler made the trains run on time, NONE of them even like Hitler, much less “adore” him. My mother’s family despised Hitler from the beginning for the same reasons most Americans can relate to: he was an authoritarian tyrant, who sought to destroy the rights of Germans to live their lives according to their own will. When someone mandates that all citizens must display a photo of the “Fuhrer” in their homes and all children must attend indoctrination camps (Hitler youth), you know the citizens are not going to approve.

    I don’t know if Dave Bronson is a rogue or a fool, but his claim here is simply wrong.

  • The indicators are unavoidable it you have your eyes open, dammit! We have a growing slave labor industry and corporations get a free ride at every opportunity. Slave labor? People are railroaded into prison for the most ridiculous “crimes”, and for insane lengths of time. What raises profits most quickly? Cheap labor. What’s the cheapest labor? People you don’t have to pay, or that you don’t have to pay much – say a dollar a day. No worries about workplace safety, medical coverages, etc. So prisoners are coerced into working at dangerous, formerly high-paying jobs for essentially NOTHING, and the corporations are happy. Common Law requires a victims, ALWAYS. If there is no victim, there is no crime. So they change over to another kind of “Law” in which simply breaking that law is a crime, and they can do anything to you and you have no defense. That’s why we have the largest prison population on earth.

    The populace is also being poisoned in every way possible, including mentally. That feeds the medical and pharmaceutical industries tons of money, and we have no say in the matter. Those who can no longer work due to being poisoned, and are unable to think well, are useless and fodder for Depopulation. The same goes for those who see the truth, and who love what America is supposed to be. Those would take away all that money and power. Every government agency, all of the appointees, Congress, you name it – are corrupt now, and We the People have NO legal access to our own government for redress. Patriots who still believe in our Oath of Service are now called “terrorists!” .DHS, local cops, SWAT, and now the military are ALL willing to attack, even kill, people who won’t go along with the program. And the Administration seems to be pushing as hard as possible to FORCE the population to rebel against the unconstitutional, illegal “laws” and the deliberate destruction of the economy and the illegal, Orwellian spying on us all. And the poisons – in the air by chemtrails, in the food by GMOs and additives, pesticides, herbicides, in the in the foods, and in the medicines from useless vaccines to deadly fluoride fracking chemicals in the water, the microwave ovens, cell phone and towers, and the list goes on and on. Anywhere you turn, it’s all denied to be dangerous. People who even disagree with the President’s policies are now being called traitors.

    We’re in deep, and about to hit bottom. The result will be a 90% population reduction, and a toxic ecosystem for a long, long time, and a handful of super-rich who will then have to play the Game against each other – King of the Hill for real – until just one is left standing. the cops and soldiers they use will then be used to kill each other off until there are just enough left to be useful against the remaining citizens, but not enough to be dangerous to “the Owners”. That will be their reward: the same treatment they subjected us to. The lies we’ve been manipulated with are so many, and they’ve been SOP for so very long, it’s almost impossible to hold all of those incidents in your mind. To them we’re domestic animals; property to be used and disposed of as they wish. And that’s exactly what they’re doing!


  • Germans were starving to death until Hitler did something to alieviate the situation. Americans were prosperous until B.O. did something to alieviate the situation.

  • Zardoz

    “Tyrants are not uniformly evil.”
    Yes they are.
    To suggest otherwise indicates that you do not understand either the meaning of “tyranny” or the meaning of “evil”

  • bodica

    Oh Joe – tyrants don’t just happen! They’re selected for their similarity to the target group, eg, Corsican Napoleon sicced on France; Austrian Hitler sicced on Germany; Georgian Shaliaskvili (Stalin) sicced against Russia – to punish Tsar Nicholai for defying the rots-childs and opening their ports to the blockaded US Navy.

    The imperialist banksters financed all the tyrants and wars of the last three centuries. They are determined to reclaim the USA by whatever foul means possible, and if you examine more closely the strategies that put hitler in power, you will see strong parallels to obama. One difference is that Germany’s media was bullied, beaten, murdered; (they bought out Reuters after intense criticism following the slaughter of WWI) America’s media? Brainwashed? Blackmailed? Emotionally blackmailed (by the ‘racist’ word?) Bullied? Threatened? Murdered?

    Good article, however…

  • … for great justice.

    I used to live in both Germany and Austria, and spent some time in Switzerland.

    There is some truth in the older generation who lived under the Nazis. But that mileage varies widely with how that individual experienced Hitlers’ rise, how they suffered or prospered during the war, and in its aftermath.

    I have spoken to Wehrmacht veterans who had pursued the Red Army across the steppes of the Ukraine and considered themselves undefeated. Housewives, who, as young girls, participated in the feminine version of the Hitler Youth, the BDM. Many don’t recognize that Hitler and the Party were creatures of the Left, nor understand that the NSDAP leadership were stealth perverts and pagans, not patriotic soldiers (see THE PINK SWASTIKA).

    The younger kids, however, have been heavily indoctrinated with a Leftist guilt complex and any nationalism, however slight, is browbeaten and punished. As a result, you have a sullen, nihilistic youth. Others, reject this browbeating out of hand and go to extremes, because there seems to be no middle ground.

    Perhaps it’s a national trait, but the Germans never seem to be middle of the road about anything, except for perhaps the engineers, who hid in their science and technology and let the politicians decide their lives outside their workshops and laboratories.

    Not a happy place, as I experienced it.