Trump Blasts GOP For Being ‘Worst Negotiators in History’ Following Fiscal Cliff Deal

Donald Trump had a few choice words for his fellow Republicans following the compromise over the so-called fiscal cliff. The real estate billionaire tweeted his disgust at the deal agreed upon by the Senate, which now has to pass in the House of Representatives in order to go into effect.

‘I am a Republican… but the Republicans may be the worst negotiators in history!’ he wrote to his nearly 2 million followers.

‘Obama and the Democrats are laughing at the deal they just made… the Republicans got nothing!

‘What is Mitch McConnell thinking?…make the big deal,’ he said of the Senate minority leader.

‘Maybe Boehner will stop this one sided deal in the House…I hope so!’

Politicians open hours negotiating on New Year’s Eve to try to put together a deal so that a rash of harsh spending cuts were not implemented at the beginning of the year.

The compromise that was finally reached included increased taxes on those making more than $400,000 annually- which is expected to bring in $620billion over ten years- and a continuation of the Bush-era tax cuts for middle class Americans.

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  • Carol

    Its simple Donald. Theres no one left in Washington that isnt bought off and corrupt. Why is it that evil men are just soooooo ambitious and have to have control of others. Youd think money would be good enough, obviously not.

  • Perhaps Mr Trump if you would prime yourself to run in the next
    election then perhaps and god willing you could bring this country
    back to a decent and honorable country to live in, So far we have
    more and more politicans whom are promoting more attention and
    concern for their own benifit than taking care of the office which
    they were elected or assigned too and neglecting to represent the
    people as a whole by making the federal government a source of
    a profitable business other than a source of non profit organization
    to promote justice, peace and opportunity for the tax paying citizens
    of this country.

    • He may be decent as a businessman, but his social issues are not good, such as gun control.
      Never ceases to amaze me that a Fortune 500 company will spend an exhaustive amount of time looking for the best person to become CEO of their country. But when it comes to finding a leader for the most powerful country in the world, it’s about as goofy as TV’s, “The Dating Game.,” but with worse choices.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    my question for the last 20 years–

    “Just what is the difference between those who run the D party and those who run the R party?-One offers an avalanche to tyranny and the other a slow “Froggy Boil” “”

    “I’ll take the avalanche– at least I can see it coming!”


  • Lizelot

    And for this “deal” we were kept in suspense by means of seemingly endless negotiations, even behind closed doors between Boehner & Obama? What a sham. The rabbit was DOA.

    Thanks McConnell et al! Sleep well.

  • Here is the creatively brilliant man who understands fantasy and media and politics enough to put together the most amazing third party in the history of America. For his grandkids’ sakes I pray he will do so. Bravo Trump!