University Hosts Former Most-Wanted Criminal Suspect/Communist/Black Panther for “Great Conversations” Series

Angela Davis, a retired professor, political activist and the third woman ever named to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, will be in Grand Forks Feb. 6 as a diversity speaker selected by the UND University Program Council.

Davis will be part of UND’s “Great Conversations” program; a faculty member will interview her at 7 p.m. at Chester Fritz Auditorium. The event will be free and open to the public.

Davis, 68, a distinguished professor emerita in the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, became a nationally recognized activist in the 1960s as a leader of the Communist Party with close relations to the Black Panther Party.

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  • “Davis, 68, a distinguished professor emerita in the HISTORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND FEMINIST STUDIES DEPARTMENT at the University of California, Santa Cruz”.

    Just think, there are people putting themselves in debt to pay their children’s tuition at institutions like these, and young people with degrees in this toxic stew wondering why they’re unemployed.

  • RIpete

    Can’t believe the prople of North Dakota really want to support this criminal anarchist who wants to destroy their wat of life.

  • Same old WOODSTOCK LIVESTOCK in the barn. They finally are reaching their acid-induced utopian Bullcrap

  • Kent2012

    They should have been executed, instead they are paid stolen taxpayer funds to infect more young minds…

  • LTCRWIce

    These evil people have been Laying low for years… working to remove GOD from society…they successfully removed Him from Schools, and most public squares, NOTE here what Retired Adm. James A. Lyons who was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S.
    military representative to the United Nations says OBAMA will do to the US Army:
    Draft of new U.S. Army handbook must be scrappedAfter the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the erosion of our military’s moral principles,
    regretfully, continues.
    A recent Wall Street Journal article described the U.S. Army’s final-draft handbook, which indoctrinates our military personnel heading to Afghanistan in how to be sensitive to and accept Muslim and Afghan 7th-century customs and values — or possibly be killed by our Afghan partners. Unbelievable. This is being done to prevent the so-called “green-on-blue” attacks, which have cost 63 American lives this year.
    According to the Army’s Combined Arms Center at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., it is our military’s ignorance and lack of empathy for Muslim and Afghan cultural norms that is the basic cause for our Afghan military partners to react violently and kill our troops.
    For example, if our military personnel hear or witness an Afghan soldier sodomizing a young boy, the handbook tells U.S. service members to voice no objection, accept it or ignore it, or they could be killed. If an Afghan beats, rapes or kills a woman in the presence of a U.S. serviceman, they are not to interfere or stand up for women’s rights or
    else they might be killed.
    What the Army is saying, in effect, is that if Afghan partners conduct violence against U.S. service personnel, it is the serviceman’s fault. This is mind-boggling. We know, according to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, that nine out of 10 Afghan military personnel are illiterate and cannot be counted on in combat. Endemic
    corruption is embedded in Afghan culture and certainly extends to their military. They cannot be trusted.
    Other cultural norms our professional U.S. military must accept without reservation by our Afghan partners is desertion, drug use, thievery, dog torture and collusion with the enemy, the Taliban. Also, U.S. military members must not discuss Islam in any form.
    All of this guidance is un-American. It is totally against our core principles and everything we stand for as Americans. It threatens to further diminish our military principles,LYONS: Draft of new U.S. Army handbook must be scrapped – Washington Times 12/31/12 12:48 PM Page 2 of 3stature and fighting spirit. As columnist Diana West stated in a recent article, if this
    handbook directive is implemented, we will be forcing our military to submit to Islam and its governing Shariah law or die — exactly the choice offered to infidels who have been vanquished by jihad. Our military’s silence and acquiescence would be the humiliating
    price for their existence. This should be seen as another attempt to undercut our professional military and our warrior reputation that has guaranteed our freedom and way of life for the past 236 years.
    None of this humiliating guidance should come as a surprise. The Obama administration has had a massive purge under way to remove all training manuals, lectures and instructors who link Islamic doctrine and its governing Shariah law in a factual way to Islamic terrorism. These manuals are being removed from all government agencies, including
    the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies. All our training manuals have been purged of the true nature of the threat from Islam and Shariah. The degrading of our military’s fundamental principles should be viewed in a much broader perspective. We cannot overlook the fact that with or without sequestration, we are unilaterally disarming our military force. This is happening in spite of an uncertain world situation with the Mideast still in a state of turmoil and evolving threats posed by China, Russia and Iran.
    Separately, we see our First Amendment rights being trashed by our secretary of state through her participation in the Istanbul Process championed by the 57-member-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC is sponsoring a United Nations
    mandate that would make it a crime to express anything they consider blasphemous against Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. This same theme was expressed by President Obama in his September speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York.
    If these attacks on America’s exceptionalism and core principles are collectively analyzed, it appears that there is an insidious agenda at work to fundamentally change America. All of these negative factors must be challenged and defeated. As a first step, the Army’s draft handbook should be trashed.LYONS: Draft of new U.S. Army handbook must be scrapped – Washington Times 12/31/12 12:48 PM Page 3 of 3Second, Congress must take positive action to protect our First Amendment rights and
    force the Obama administration to withdraw from any further participation in the Istanbul Process. Third, the unilateral disarmament of our military must be reversed. It’s time for members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to take a position that supports the oath they took to protect and defend our Constitution.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    the Dark Side est. a plan-and followed through-=Take the education system first–then all will ‘fall’ into place–
    Thus we have the Professor Seidmans of the world-
    A Davis- B Ayers- anti- US terrorists being invited to speak to & teach to our youth–
    Remember when our soldiers Bibles were burned by the DoD?
    now the esteemed DAR has removed all references to Christ from its handbook :
    Glad this daughter of Danish/Irish immigrants -who loved this country- didn’t ‘make the cut’ to get into the DAR!

  • Harold

    Who in their right mind would even go to hear this communist anti-American sorry piece of humanity?

  • Maybe North Dakota has a hard time finding speakers.

  • Poppo

    Of course they welcome her. The only reason they would not welcome her opinion is if she were Christian.

  • Isn’t there still a Warrant out for her arrest?

  • Thanks to this bitch and others like her that this country is in
    the shape that it is, Then ya have obama to complicate matters
    even more and compounded by idiots like Al Sharpton an all
    out muslem atheist activest in conspiracy to create an anatmosphere
    of hate and violence under the camouflage of pure racial prejudices promoting hate, violence and travesties, then along comes Jesse
    Jackson jumping up and down like a monkey in heat getting himself
    into the lime light once again which only creates a mass amount of
    spontanious reactions from others who have been riled up and
    primed to react in crime and violence.

  • Her and Billy Boy Ayers are good friends (and you thought Obama was just a Muslim who liked bad company)…and poor Angie never could do anything with that hair of hers..its been that way since she returned from Russia in the late 60’s. Both gained their degrees during serving time in Federal prisons…Billy Ayers got his masters and PHd got out and was hired by Illinois University to teach our Children..who now vote for the likes of Obama.